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  • Translated Official Patch Notes for Version 1.3.1


    As was reported in our original update post, Japan received official patch notes for Version 1.3.1 earlier today. This patch made a lot of bug fixes, as well as some balance changes to various Battle and Support Pokémon.


    kaloncpu57 - someone who helped lab a lot of the changes that were listed in the unofficial Community Patch Notes - has graciously translated and written out the official Patch Notes in English for us.


    Without further ado, here are the official Patch Notes for Pokkén Tournament DX Version 1.3.1, translated by kaloncpu57.



    • Buffs
    • Nerfs
    • Adjustments
    • Bug Fixes



    • Aerodynamics: The tech that allowed players to use grounded moves in the air was an unintended bug and has been removed.
    • Restand Glitch: The glitch involving certain Pokémon, such as Pikachu Libre and Yveltal, has been removed.




    LUCARIO :Lucario:

    • Burst Attack: Fixed an issue where hits before the cutscene would not KO the opponent.


    GARCHOMP :Garchomp:

    • Running Stance: Fixed an issue where Garchomp would run along the Z-axis, turning away from the opponent.

    SHADOW MEWTWO :ShadowMewtwo:

    • Homing Attack: Fixed an issue where hitting the opponent from the side or from behind would not combo into the final hit of Shadow Mewtwo's Homing Attack.


    DARKRAI :Darkrai:

    • Burst Attack: Fixed an issue where hits before the cutscene would not KO the opponent.


    SCIZOR :Scizor:

    • Aerial Ace: Fixed an issue where Aerial Ace would auto correct in the middle of the animation.


    CROAGUNK :Croagunk:

    • Gunk Shot: Fixed an issue where cancelling into Gunk Shot from certain other moves with precise timing would always yield the boulder or tornado variations.


    AEGISLASH :Aegislash:

    • Forward Dash: Projectile armor duration increased from 9 frames to 13 frames.
    • 6Y: Now low profiles on frame 5 instead of frame 17.
    • Parry: Scaling increased from 0% to 20%.


    BLASTOISE :Blastoise:

    • 2Y: Increased clash priority.
    • 2Y: Increased hitstun on hit from +8 to +12. 
    • 6Y: Now causes a crumple state on hit.
    • 4Y: Increased pushback on block and on hit.




    ROTOM :Rotom:

    • Thunder Shock: Fixed an issue where Rotom's attack would begin sooner if used by Player 2 (Local Play).


    MEGA RAYQUAZA :MegaRayquaza:

    • Dragon Ascent: Charge time reduced from 40 seconds to 10 seconds.


    CELEBI :Celebi:

    • Time Travel: Now launches on a successful hit in Field Phase.

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    2 hours ago, xzx said:

    Wasn't there a Braixen change as well?

    Apparently, the Braixen change that was discovered earlier this week has actually been present since before 1.3.1, so it's not a Patch Note for this specific update.

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