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    Sorry for this being late, all. Our writers were unavailable to cover this over the weekend, but better late than never!
    The 2017 Pokémon World Championships concluded this weekend, with Pokkén's Top 16 concluding this past Saturday. The Pokémon Company often likes to make announcements during this annual event, and this year one of the announcements was that Pokkén Tournament DX will receive a free downloadable demo soon™!
    Read on for the results of the 2017 Pokkén Tournament World Championships Top 16.
    1. Tonosama (JP)
    2. Mikukey_Homura (JP)
    3. Azazel (JP)
    4. Elm (JP)
    5. Apollo (JP)
    5. Thulius (NA)
    7. Xabsoluted (EU)
    7. SlippingBug (NA)
    9. Messa (JP)
    9. Goreson (EU)
    9. Wzurds (NA)
    9. Fabilous (EU)
    13. Ito (JP)
    13. Rasenryu (NA)
    13. S-Ki (JP)
    13. Suicune Master (NA)
    Be sure to check back for more news regarding the Pokkén Tournament DX downloadable demo.
    The 2017 Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifiers has just completed, and we now know the final 4 players that will be competing in the World Championships tomorrow: S-Ki, Azazel, Tonosama, and Wzurds!
    You can find the full results for the 130-person bracket below. Make sure to tune in to twitch.tv/PokkenTournament tomorrow, starting at 9 a.m. Pacific, to watch the 2017 Pokkén Tournament World Championships unfold!
    TOP 4 QUALIFIER #2 (WINNERS): RPG | Azazel (JP)
    TOP 4 QUALIFIER #3 (LOSERS): Tonosama (JP)
    TOP 4 QUALIFIER #4 (LOSERS): Wzurds (US)
    5. Uho (JP)
    5. STDx | ALLISTER (US)
    7. BadIntent (US)
    7. ThankSwalot (US)
    9. Abyss | Nightshade (US)
    9. HZRDS | Ouroboro (US)
    9. sasahune (JP)
    9. Yusuke Kato (JP)
    13. Bolimar (US)
    13. eM | SuperTurboRyan (US)
    13. Kamaal (US)
    13. ONBS (US)
    17. CGL Cidfox (US)
    17. Char (US)
    17. Cooljake (US)
    17. Fang (US)
    17. LAGr | Beto D. (MX)
    17. NFK (US)
    17. NinjaFalcon2 (US)
    17. WonderChef (US)
    25. Junipero (US)
    25. Mofugami (US)
    25. Peachy (US)
    25. Pentao (US)
    25. TLE | JiMing (US)
    25. Valei (US)
    25. VuVHo (US)
    25. Waffle (US)
    33. donny (US)
    33. Eiganjo (NL)
    33. Forest (US)
    33. Ghost (US)
    33. IAmMarti (UK)
    33. King Meeko (US)
    33. Louis T. (UK)
    33. MIDIMIDIBangBang (US)
    33. oolbert (US)
    33. PML | Sir Salty (US)
    33. Tecmo (US)
    33. Tga•INIGO (MX)
    33. Tsukichu (JP)
    33. Tyler S. (US)
    33. Utah (US)
    33. William (US)
    49. Broknblade (US)
    49. Bubby9804 (US)
    49. Fosh (US)
    49. Kobvra (MX)
    49. Malocide (US)
    49. Quiet (US)
    49. RBK (US)
    49. Santi (EC)
    49. Sunder (US)
    49. TAHK0 (US)
    49. Terry00 (IT)
    49. The Chez (US)
    49. The Mikie (US)
    49. The Vanguard (US)
    49. Yawningshark60 (US)
    49. Zander (US)
    65. Ablaze (US)
    65. BlindOne230 (US)
    65. Botanist (US)
    65. Carlososhawott (US)
    65. Chaos (US)
    65. Dayala9881 (US)
    65. Everestkid (US)
    65. EZ$Jaxob (US)
    65. Garbled_leopard (AU)
    65. Gully (US)
    65. jblink (US)
    65. JeeJee128 (US)
    65. jlegs (US)
    65. Jobeh (US)
    65. Kaibu (US)
    65. Katie (US)
    65. ko-taro- (JP
    65. LiteTheIronMan (US)
    65. Mattic (US)
    65. Nathaen Wood (US)
    65. NikkiMoon (US)
    65. Pink Ink (US)
    65. Purpleknight (US)
    65. Regigod (US)
    65. SailorMoon (US)
    65. Slugger (US)
    65. SupremeKing (US)
    65. TDD25 (US)
    65. Thagador (US)
    65. Thomas17 (US)
    65. Volttekka (US)
    65. ziqi92 (US)
    97. 1413303 (BR)
    97. Angbad (US)
    97. AthenaCykes (US)
    97. Bdarka (US)
    97. Blackgyver (JP)
    97. Chalkey (US)
    97. Charizard2006 (US)
    97. Cindachella (US)
    97. D (US)
    97. D-Rock (US)
    97. Ej (US)
    97. Figment494 (US)
    97. Hayhay7689 (US)
    97. Hiratoshi (JP)
    97. Joeybeta (US)
    97. Kikismudkip (US)
    97. MegaSchutte (US)
    97. Mux (US)
    97. NessieWolffx19 (US)
    97. Ninjacupcake (US)
    97. Playerdandy (US)
    97. PocketBoy (US)
    97. Pokemon Kombat (US)
    97. Pressuredhero (US)
    97. Rush562 (US)
    97. Sci (US)
    97. SmeargleKid (US)
    97. Son_Dula (US)
    97. Splatboi (US)
    97. ThatGuyTraviiS (US)
    97. V (US)
    97. Vic (US)
    129. bam1991dbz (US)
    129. Triforce (MX)
    The 2017 Pokémon World Championships will be taking place this weekend in Anaheim, California. Some of the world's best Pokkén competitors will be in attendance, competing for their share of the $20,000 prize pool as well as the title of 2017's Pokkén Tournament World Champion.
    The tournament will be a Double Elimination bracket, with players being required to bring their own Hori Pro Pad. All matches will be best-of-3 games until Top 16, at which point all matches will be best-of-5. Every match in Top 16 will be streamed!
    Qualified Players
    (From the official Pokémon website)
    Last Chance Qualifiers
    Players and spectators can pick up their badges (required to be in the venue) at the following times and locations (From the official Pokémon website):
    In addition, all players planning to compete in the Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifiers must attend a pre-event meeting Friday, August 18, at 9:45 a.m.
    Players to Watch
    Below are just a few players you will want to be watching during tomorrow's LCQ event:
    Cooljake (Pikachu) H2 (Gardevoir) StDx | ALLISTER (Suicune, Mewtwo) BadIntent (Blaziken, Shadow Mewtwo) Bolimar (Lucario) S-Ki (Blaziken) Uho (Pikachu Libre) Sasafune (Gengar) RPG | Azazel (Machamp) Tonosama (Braixen) SuperTurboRyan (Pikachu Libre, Blaziken) Wzurdss (Lucario, Braixen, Sceptile)  
    A full list of players to watch can be found here, thanks to Pentao.
    Pokkén Tournament World Championships
    (From the official Pokémon website)
    How, When, and Where to Watch
    You can find all of this weekend's Pokkén Tournament action on the official Pokkén Tournament Twitch channel at the following times:
    Friday, August 18, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifier Saturday, August 19, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Pokkén Tournament 2017 World Championships 9 a.m. – Winners Round 1
    11 a.m. – Winners Round 2
    Noon – Losers Round 1
    1 p.m. – Losers Round 2
    2 p.m. – Winners Semi-finals
    2:30 p.m. - Losers Round 3
    3 p.m. – Losers Round 4
    3:30 p.m. – Winners Finals
    3:50 p.m. – Losers Semi-finals
    4:10 p.m. – Losers Finals
    4:30 p.m. – Grand Finals
    The /r/Pokemon Subreddit is currently hosting an AMA with multiple prominent figures from the Pokkén Tournament community. Readers can ask any Pokkén-related questions and receive answers from various top players, streamers, and content creators.
    The AMA hosts are as follows, taken from the Reddit post:
    Got any questions of your own? Join the discussion here. The AMA will be ending at 9:00 PM EST.
    While Pokkén was not one of Evo's main games this year, Pokkén Arena and AnimEVO did team up to bring a 53-player Pokkén Tournament bracket. Here are the full results!
    1 on 1 Results
    1. Fable Suicune Master  
    2. eM SuperTurboRyan 
    3. STDx ALLISTER    
    4. kojiKOG
    5. EGP Wonder_Chef    
    5. CGL CidFox  
    7. RoyIsOurBoy    
    7. Edax NG-Obscure  
    9. H2   
    9. T-Loc 
    9. Son_Dula  
    9. Sir Salty  
    13. Sola
    13. Ashikabi  
    13. Abyss Nightshade  
    13. Andydemon
    17. Tokamiwind 
    17. MIDIMIDIBangBang
    17. Kaelis  
    17. Swiftie
    17. 8BR Brodavid
    17. JEMDS   
    17. Abyss Tronzilla  
    17. Steve
    25. ReynOfWords  
    25. Tecmo 
    25. TSG AnotherOne 
    25. Toad King
    25. Athanacia
    25. ONBS
    25. doctorbattle   
    25. Hero
    33. GnaRStaRGG  
    33. Superjuryau 
    33. Ragman  
    33. this game is aseome
    33. Tamn Son!  
    33. iantothemax 
    33. MIR
    33. Android17Inches 
    33. Chron
    33. Thomakaze 
    33. Mdog
    33. Foolish Genius
    33. Melonz
    33. Orca609
    33. Zoljinx 
    33. ALvl2Cpu
    49. Gokuski777
    49. InC Sketchy Smeargle    
    49. Swamp
    49. HLG Braicario  
    49. Spookflix 
    Be sure to congratulate your favorite players on their performance, and tune in to the Evo Finals on Twitch, ESPN, or Disney XD!
    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Pokken Arena is proud to announce the Awards of Excellence for Q1!
    These are awards given to players who excelled in 8 different categories, based on results from their locals!
    Most Points
    1st: HBA|Rokso - 820 points
    2nd: Suicune Master - 604 points
    3rd: Slippingbug - 522 points
    4th: Forest - 438 points
    Most Active Player (# of tournaments)
    1st: Fumu - 24 tournaments
    2nd: Bebop - 23 tournaments
    3rd: TIE at 21 tournaments- HBA|Rokso, SkyRasen
    4th: TIE at 20 tournaments- Forest, Tronzilla, Wonderchef
    Well-Versed (Highest # of Unique Player MUs)
    1st: HBA|Rokso - 35 different players in bracket
    2nd: Bebop - 33 different players in bracket
    3rd: TIE at 32 different players in bracket - Fumu, DeadlyShoc
    4th: TIE at 31 different players in bracket - HBA|WhiteyWhite, sq1|slippingbug
    Active Match Battler (Highest number of total matches)
    1st: HBA|Rokso - 285 Matches
    2nd: Fumu - 263 Matches
    3rd: WonderChef - 252
    Matches 4th: SkyRasen - 246 Matches
    Active Set Battler (Highest number of total sets)
    1st: HBA|Rokso - 106 Sets
    2nd: Fumu - 102 Sets
    3rd: SkyRasen - 95 Sets
    4th: Forest - 86 Sets
    Highest match win rate
    1st: Kukkii - 83.93%
    2nd: sq1|slippingbug - 80.00%
    3rd: CoolJake - 79.13%
    4th: Thulius - 77.33%
    Highest Set win rate
    1st: CoolJake - 92.31%
    2nd: sq1|slippingbug - 90.67%
    3rd: Kukkii - 90.00%
    4th: TIE at 85.71% - Suicune Master and meLo
    Biggest Rivalries:
    1st: eM|SuperTurboRyan v Rox - 60 Matches
    2nd: SorryTag vs Fumu - 43 Matches
    3rd: Abyss|Tronzilla vs Wonderchef - 40 Matches
    4th: HBA|Rokso vs Madluk
    Help support your locals, and you might see yourself on this list!
    Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I actually got to sleep in, which hasn't happened recently, so that was nice. Let me know what you did this weekend in the comments!
    There wasn't a Roundup yesterday, so this Roundup will be covering the entire weekend. We have another engagement, tournament results, lots of streams and more! Read on to find out what's happened in the community this weekend, and remember to submit content of your own here!
    Community News
    BIG News for Rox!
    Not long after Sheer proposed to his partner on Friday, Rox also asked the question this weekend! The Braixen player from SoCal's partner happily said yes, but the news didn't stop there.
    During the engagement party, Rox and his partner made another big announcement. Due to a number of circumstances, the couple will be moving to Nashville in a few months. We wish you both the best, Rox!
    If you wish to do so, you can congratulate Rox and wish him luck on his Twitter.
    Mitchel Starts His Own YouTube Channel
    The Master of Memes, Mitchel, got a capture card this weekend, and immediately started uploading videos to his new YouTube channel.
    In just 24 hours, Mitchel has uploaded 5 interesting and informative Pokkén videos. You can find those in the YouTube Videos section below!
    Send us a link to your past broadcast if you streamed Pokkén and we'll share it, helping you get more viewers for future streams!
    Ranked / Viewer Battles! - by McDareth CASUAL D3 Ranked Pikachu Play!! - by NickVenditta Twitch Affiliated! - by KandiSAI Pokkén Friendlies With HORI Pad! - by Erdeia #1 Gengar on Pokkén DX - by SuperLuigi150942 Pokkén Viewer Battles Come and Chill :D - by NYCLupo I'm Sick and Kinda Bored - by CHAOS_TV_ Remembering, Labbing, Goofing Around - by madluk_ A1 Lucario | Buffing Up My Alt - by JinByaShaRinSAGE Braixen Newbie D1 - by Kiwistalker Sub Button Hype! Pikachu Main! Day 12/60 - by Kirbstersw  
    If you're a TO, be sure to send in your tournament bracket link so we can share the results and celebrate players improving and having fun together!
    Pokkén EX Circuit Season 5: Playoffs | Stream | Bracket

    Pokkén Weekly Returns #52 | Stream | Bracket
    Inferno 2 | Stream | Bracket
    Sunday Siege | Stream | Bracket
    Pokkén Meetups
    Post-Siege Korean BBQ Hangout
    YouTube Videos
    Understanding Pokkén Notations

    New to Pokkén, or just need a refresher? Mitchel goes over Pokkén's notation system in this video!
    Increasing Duel Phase Size

    Mitchel explains how you can increase the size of Duel Phase in this video!
    Field Phase Future Sight Setup

    Mitchel explains how you can set Gardevoir's Future Sight up in Field Phase!
    Fennekin Double Debuff Hex Setup

    Mitchel shows off an awesome setup using Chandelure and Fennekin!
    Friendlies: Zyflair (Braixen) VS Pentao (Lucario/Pikachu)

    Watch some friendly matches between two high level players!
    Rank Ups
    MajoraZ: A5 -> A4
    That's all for tonight! Hope you all have a great week. And remember, submit content!
    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Pokken Arena is proud to announce the Awards of Excellence for Q2!
    These are awards given to players who excelled in 8 different categories, based on results from their locals!
    Congratulations to the following!

    Most Points
    1st: HBA|Rokso - 957pts
    2nd: HBA|Oreo - 766 pts
    3rd: Fable|Suicune Master - 661 pts
    4th: SQ1|slippingbug - 606 pts
    Most Active Player
    (# of tournaments)
    1st: HBA|EveryDamnDay - 21 tournaments
    2nd: TIE at 20 tournaments - HBA|WhiteyWhite and TheSandyDragon64
    3rd: TIE at 19 tournaments - HBA|Rokso, HBA|Oreo, Fumu
    4th: SkyRasen - 17 tournaments
    (Highest # of Unique Player MUs)
    1st: HBA|Rokso - 41 different players in bracket
    2nd: HBA|WhiteyWhite - 39 different players in bracket
    3rd: HBA|Oreo - 35 different players in bracket
    4th: TIE at 31 different players in bracket - TheSandyDragon64, Mezza
    Active Match Battler
    (Highest number of total matches)
    1st: HBA|Oreo - 280 matches
    2nd: HBA|Rokso - 271 matches
    3rd: SkyRasen - 209 matches
    4th: HBA|Whiteywhite - 205 matches
    Active Set Battler
    (Highest number of total sets)
    1st: HBA|Oreo - 100 sets
    2nd: HBA|Rokso - 94 sets
    3rd: HBA|WhiteyWhite - 88 sets
    4th: TheSandyDragon64 - 78 sets
    Highest match win rate
    1st: Ghav - 79.17%
    2nd: BadIntent - 76.47%
    3rd: SirSpudd - 74.44%
    4th: SQ1|slippingbug - 73.68%
    Highest Set win rate
    1st: Ghav - 86.67%
    2nd: SQ1|slippingbug - 84.62%
    3rd: CoolJake - 84.00%
    4th: SirSpudd - 83.78%
    Biggest Rivalry
    1st: SkyRasen v Fumu - 48 Matches
    2nd: SkyRasen vs SKDale - 42 Matches
    3rd: HBA|Oreo vs Shippo - 37 Matches
    4th: HBA|Rokso vs HBA|Oreo - 36 Matches
    (There was a three way tie for 35 matches: Wonderchef vs Forest, MFG|Utah vs StormStriker, and CoolJake vs Syn)
    Help support your locals, and perhaps you can find yourself on this list!
    Good evening everyone! It's Friday and love is in the air! Hope you've all had a good week. Mine went well, especially considering Monday was a holiday here in Canada.
    This Roundup is a bit shorter than the last two. We have a few livestreams and YouTube videos, as well as big personal news from one of our community members. Hope you enjoy the Roundup!
    Community News
    Sheer Proposes!
    Sheer, one of Canada's best Pokkén players and also an extremely kind and approachable individual, proposed to his girlfriend today!

    She said yes! Congratulations to the both of you!
    If you wish to do so, you can congratulate Sheer on his Twitter.
    Suicune Master Appears on The JustGodJust Show

    One of the most iconic players in Pokkén, Suicune Master went onto The JustGodJust Show to speak about how his faith influenced his life and brought him to where he is now.
    Just Pokkén Things - by Scatz_RBM Online Friday! - by Axinmortal Late Night Practice - by Fiidchell Braixen Newbie D5 - by Kiwistalker  
    YouTube Videos

    A short highlight from Wednesday's Hitbox Arena Weekly!
    [THAI] Pokkén Tournament #120 "A Heated Battle!"

    More matches between OverBoot and NomaiZ!
    Lucario + Farfetch'd Combos

    BZP_JiMing shares some Bread & Butter Farfetch'd combos using Lucario!
    That's it for tonight! Welcome to the weekend!
    The Pokémon Company's Japanese YouTube channel posted two new videos yesterday for Pokkén DX. One of the two videos showcases new features we will see in the Switch port. Check the videos out for some more DX gameplay as well as the first look at the Group Mode and Replays, among other new features.
    The first of the two videos was in last night's Community Roundup. The video is just a 3-minute advertisement for the game, with nothing we didn't already know about. It still shows off DX gameplay, though, so it's worth checking out!

    The second video showcases new features that were not present in the Wii U version of Pokkén. While the video is in Japanese, we can see new menus as well as a sample of the challenges/missions that will be available to complete in Pokkén DX.

    Our fantastic community member Pentao translated the new features that were shown, allowing us to get a better idea of what was shown in the video. The features covered range from Replays, to 100-player Group Modes, to Daily Challenges, and so on.
    Huge thanks to Pentao for translating the new features shown in the video! Be sure to thank him on Twitter!