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  • Pokkén Has Received a Surprise Update!


    Well, this is a surprise! Pokkén Tournament DX has just received a new update!


    Players are, right now, starting up their Nintendo Switch consoles to find a new update for Pokkén has arrived. It's unknown what this update contains at this time, but rest assured we will be sharing verified news as it comes.


    Stay tuned!


    Update 6:44 PM PT: So far, it appears only bug fixes were made. The update brings the game to version "1.3.1".


    Update 9:10 PM PT: The community has only been able to find two changes, with both being bug fixes. First, the ability to use grounded moves in the air (commonly referred to as "floaties" or "aerodynamics") has been removed. Second, FangShaymin has confirmed that the Restand Glitch has also been removed. This further suggests the update is only for bug fixes. However, we will continue to update if anything else is discovered.


    Update 9:53 PM PT: Balance changes confirmed! Mega Rayquaza now has a much faster charge time, taking 10 seconds to charge instead of 40. Stay tuned for more potential news!


    Update 10:20 PM PT: More changes for both Supports AND Fighters! kaloncpu57 discovered that Celebi has been buffed to now launch when Phase Shifting from Field to Duel, and slippingbug discovered that Blastoise's backward light attack has been adjusted to have increased knockback. Now that numerous balance changes have been discovered, Patch Notes will be listed below. The official Nintendo website states the update only affected DLC content.


    Update 11:22 PM PT: Mikukey has discovered that Blastoise's forward light attack now causes a crumple state.


    Update 11:31 PM PT: Mikukey has also discovered that Blastoise's down light attack has increased clash priority.


    Update 12:00 AM PT: According to the Nintendo Switch's Japanese News app, the official Japanese Patch Notes will be released on May 18. In the meantime, we will continue to provide unofficial Patch Notes based on the community's findings.


    Update 12:30 AM PT: Our coverage is going to end here for tonight. We'll be back tomorrow with any more potential findings. Good night!


    Update 11:34 AM PT: Good morning! The community has discovered a few more changes through the night. First, galladeknight31 has discovered that Empoleon's forward dash has been buffed to allow other actions sooner. Second, Wingtide has discovered that Aegislash's Parry now has increased scaling. And lastly, Double and FangShaymin have discovered that Braixen can now begin charging various Supports while they are still active - an ability that was previously exclusive to Mew and Magikarp. These Empoleon and Braixen buffs are the first confirmation of balance changes outside of the DLC Pokémon.


    Update 11:50 AM PT: TheJrJam also discovered yesterday that Croagunk's just frame has been removed. We were waiting to get verification from another Croagunk player before reporting on this, which we have now received from Boolerex. While this is a bug fix, it can also definitely be considered a nerf for Croagunk.



    • Buffs
    • Nerfs
    • Adjustments
    • Bug Fixes



    • Aerodynamics: The tech that allowed players to use grounded moves in the air was an unintended bug and has been removed.
    • Restand Glitch: The glitch involving certain Pokémon, such as Pikachu Libre and Yveltal, has been removed.




    BRAIXEN :Braixen:

    • Special Effect: Braixen can now begin charging certain Support Pokémon while the Support Pokémon is still on the field.


    CROAGUNK :Croagunk:

    • Gunk Shot: Removed the unintended ability to manipulate this move to always yield the boulder or tornado variations.


    EMPOLEON :Empoleon:

    • Forward Dash: Empoleon can now act faster after performing a forward dash.


    AEGISLASH :Aegislash:

    • Parry: Scaling increased from 0% to 20%.


    BLASTOISE :Blastoise:

    • 2Y: Increased clash priority.
    • 6Y: Now causes a crumple state.
    • 4Y: Increased knockback.




    MEGA RAYQUAZA :MegaRayquaza:

    • Dragon Ascent: Charge time reduced from 40 seconds to 10 seconds.


    CELEBI :Celebi:

    • Time Travel: Now launches when shifting from Field Phase to Duel Phase.

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    20 minutes ago, Espeon said:

    Wouldn't be surprised if this patched out thermodynamics and/or floaties.

    Apparently, both of these are still in, actually! So far the only verified change is Croagunk's just frame being removed.

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    18 minutes ago, Jetsplit said:

    Apparently, both of these are still in, actually! So far the only verified change is Croagunk's just frame being removed.

    That's strange, hm.  Hopefully we'll get patch notes soon.

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    5 hours ago, Espeon said:

    That's strange, hm.  Hopefully we'll get patch notes soon.

    It now sounds like we'll get JP patch notes on May 18, and floaties actually were patched out. Looks like thermodynamics are still in though!

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