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  • New Tech Discovered That Allows Players to Use Grounded Moves in the Air


    Yesterday, a very interesting interaction happened during a match between ThankSwalot and Gintrax. As Gintrax's Gengar landed after a crossup jump, the ghost Pokémon jumped again, while... countering?



    The Gengar Discord quickly took to Training Mode, trying to replicate this potential new tech. Earlier today, SirSpudd and Bob Bob began successfully executing the tech! It appears that to perform this, players must jump and attack right when they land after a crossup jump, and the attack button press needs to be one frame before the jump button. To learn more about how to use this tech, as well as its advantages, check out this guide from Kemo.



    Next, the tech was accomplished with both Aegislash (first found by Euclase) and Scizor (first found by Matthew). It's very possible this can be done with any character!


    Update: At this time, we've seen almost every character utilize this tech in some way, but it appears only certain moves work. Interestingly, the first time we ever saw something that looked like this, it was done with a move that doesn't seem to work using the current method.



    Burnside has created a Twitter Moment compiling these clips as more videos are posted to social media, which you can find here. It's exciting to see what new developments occur over the next little while!


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