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  1. Acegamer

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Thank you so much for this translation Pentao. I died at that Ryu gif lmao
  2. Never thought it'd happen but I am pleasantly surprised, glad that we're getting post launch support
  3. Difficult, no but the issue is that competitive Pokkén players don't have that much influence outside our community. Someone like Matpat may not be good at Pokkén but he has over 9 mill subscribers on YouTube, that's a lot of potential new Pokkén fans we could get when they watch the invitational.
  4. Acegamer

    Twitter Tech!

    Here's one of Pikas new j[y] in field and special cancelable fY
  5. Acegamer

    Sceptile's 2X: everything you need to know

    Great read, now to see if I can possibly integrate it into my play style. Thanks Whitechocolate
  6. Acegamer

    Welcome to PokkénArena.com!

    You guys did a great job!