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    machamp j.4 Y+B

    you can jump cancel it with popplio. I don't think there is any better support than litten/ popplio for machamp long range anti-projectile that knocks down and gives bulk up mid combo in rage(you can literally do a full reset with bulk up J.A and then bulk up again), combined with half of his aerials being jump cancellable seamlessly seems a bit stupid not to use. but of course I'm just going to pick mew, don't be silly.
  2. Waled05

    FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup: What You Need To Know

    The Japanese event only goes for 2 hours? Also the last event would be Shadow Mewtwo's event which is quite fitting.
  3. If you would do this then it's probably much much better to do a j.A 5AA setup instead of 2Y. Also heres a 4X wall combo: 4X 5A7Y 8Y(2) 5[A]8Y 8Y(2) 5A8Y 8Y(2) 8Y(1) - 143 dmg, 21s def debuff done with Lucario and Gardevoire you can delay the second 8Y instead of doing a long hop but I find it more consistent with a long hop. and also you need to hit with the edge of 4X, in burst you don't need to space it but it's much harder
  4. Waled05

    Blastoise Low Stance Armor

    Seems like it armors most aerials and highs and then some mid highs, Do low stances usually have that much armor?
  5. Found a cool mechanic that makes Aegislash freeze time, just a nice little easter egg probably because his name is Aegislash which is aegis (Latin for shield and time I think) and slash (because he's a sword!) I don't think it does anything though, just makes him invulnerable or something. here's a bunch of examples (most examples show Aegislash doing it during an animation) He can also freeze his opponent!
  6. Waled05

    Machamp 8Y/BU 8Y trades

    We still got those frame 11 +8 massive hitboxes with very low scaling to damage ratios tho. (BU 8A) Also Rotom connects with it if you roll back and then you could Bulk up 2XX. (classic Braixen move)
  7. Waled05

    Field Phase Points

    You should point out that red armor breaks if you get hit with any move that has FPP when it reaches 24.
  8. Waled05

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    But Have You Tried ]A[? Also the joke about Croagunk is that he's viable although most of his move look really stupid.
  9. Waled05

    Machamp's 20 second ]X[

    Just realized that Litten + Machamp might be the perfect pair. Also if anyone knows anything about hit priority or clashing frame advantages please comment it below. Shared properties between all three versions: Type: Attack Imp: 23 PSP: 4 Height: True Mid Invincibility: Highs, Mid Highs and Special Mids on frame 1 Projectile Invincibility: Highs, Mid Highs and Special Mids on frame 1 Shield Break: No Throw Crush: No Pierce: No Level 1 (2 Seconds): Damage: 80 Scaling: %60 Blocked: -16 Priority: Clashes with Lucario's 5Y and 6X (-2 after 6X clash) Level 2 (5 Seconds): Damage: 120 Scaling: %50 Blocked: -16 Priority: Beats 5Y, Clashes with Lucario's 6X (+10 after clash) Level 3 (Litten charge time): Damage: 200 Scaling: %40 Blocked: -8 Priority: Beats 6X, Clashes with Focus Blast (0 after clash) Too lazy to do shield damage, but nothing special with 3]X[. 3]X[ gains the same amount of synergy as 2]X[ (1]X[ is a little less) In field, Range increases as you charge it from level 1 to 3 (1 and 2 aren't very different though) In duel, 1 and 2 have almost the same range, 3 is about half a dash longer. Ranges: And of course don't forget to eat your Lucarios!
  10. Waled05

    SM2 Unblockable Thunder

    Pretty sure the only character that could tech this is Blaziken with sky uppercut because it ignores projectiles on frame 1 but even then you wouldn't get hit since it's not frame 11 and would only make Blaziken positive (aka 4J.A lol) and grab would catch any frame 1 back dash (frame 5 back dashes just get thundered if they didn't get grabbed already) and psystrike could be useless if you already have 8PSP or an 8PSP thunder setup
  11. Waled05

    Braixen's J.8Y

    Framies: Imp: 11-15 Blk: +4 Hit: 15 (19 in the air) PSP: 000 Damage and Scaling: 20,20,20,20(80) %10 scaling each hit would have been very broken without the %40 scaling but it's still good. haha braixen more like raisin
  12. If you don't see your character it's probably because they didn't get a new move/option. moves that have different properties but no input difference don't count as new moves. moves that can be cancelled into other moves like pokemon moves, holding down input, just frames or pressing R are new options. TLDR: press R to cancel Can now air dash (Burst) (J.R) Midair Aura Sphere can be air dashed after with B (Burst) (J.AB) Electro Ball can transition into jump with R (4AR) 8X can be transition into jump with a boost (like J.AR) with 4-5-6R (8X6R) nY first and second hits can be cancelled with pokemon moves (nYbA/ nYYbA) J.4Y+B makes him roll forward before grabbing (very green and pretty reactable) (J.4Y+B) ]X[: new move! (very good anti-air, if you charge it for long enough it gets enhanced for more damage and less scaling(charge it for 20 seconds for even more damage but some scaling), both versions are invincible against both highs and mid highs on frame 1, probably a good get up option on certain oki's if your opponent isn't looking out for it, -16 on block) Hydro pump can be cancelled with R either instantly or at the last second depending on your timing (6AR) Blizzard can be cancelled with R by jumping back but you have slight control of your direction, also can't do aerials (J.AR) ( 6Y: new move! longer range than 6A and has 2PSP. framedata: Imp: 19 Blk: -8 and barely positive with maximum range Hit: +4(+19 in the air) ,connects with 2Y max range (mostly a midscreen aerial combo tool as I predicted) "max range" is when 6A would whiff 6Y can permeate into the ground before or right after 6Y (6YR) 6YX can permeate into the air after 6YX (6YXR) and it did permeate through Suicune's 8Y sY can be cancelled with pokemon moves (sYbA) J.R(field and duel) can air dash up and down (J.2X/J.8X) 8X8R is a pretty good anti-air and fast cross-up into J.[A] (J.[A] seems to restore air dash infinitely) J.Y can be cancelled with pokemon moves even if it whiffs (J.Y[A]) 8X5RYA(+6), 8Y2RYA(+12) and instant J.5RYA(-2) auto cancels on ground and is usually plus on block (depending on the setup you use) but it's pretty hard to use it since there's no hit-stun or landing lag s[Y]/sY[Y] when enhanced, hold the button to electro jump forward (s[Y]/sY[Y]) (you can also wall jump off of it with weird angles) 6YY can transition into Hang with R ([CA] 6Y:YR8Y 8Y 6 8Y) J.8Y new move wow thank god basically J.Y but without the fireballs, kind of like weavile's and blaziken's J.Y except better frame data and worse combo potential J.R can be cancelled with pokemon moves (J.RA) 6YX new just frame making 4 just frame attacks 8[Y] can now charge 8Y to be bigger but no counter breaking this isn't exactly a new option but J.8X can now drop a bomb if it whiffs or the opponent blocks it doesn't drop if you hit the opponent ]A[ Bug Bite but without Bullet Punch so instead of 2AY+B you just input ]A[ (]A[) Swords Dance can be dash cancelled forward with 6R (5AA6R) nYX: nY can cancel into bX (nYX/nY[X]) 5YX: 5Y and 5YY can cancel into 2X (5YX/5Y[X]) (slide Y in duel doesn't cancel into 2X to stop infinites) inputting 1X makes 2X go nowhere, could be helpful for 2[X] combos against the wall (1X/1[X]) (2/1[X] now connects with J.Y and 5X, you can also slide forward with 1X) kinda feel like they buffed J.Y(field) to fall faster J.Y(field) can go up and down in height (J.fY goes up, J.bY goes down, J.nY goes forward, J.sY goes left or right) no diagonals nAbA(field) Blastoise shoots two aura spheres up. J.bX(field) instantly sends you down with no tracking (you can't press down after you've inputted J.nX)
  13. Waled05

    Version 1.3.2 Coming July 11!

    6Y: depends on how good it is but Weavile is already chock-full of good moves so the best thing is that it's a midscreen combo move. J.AR: it breaks shield in 3 hits and does 30-50 shield damage based on height this isn't okay. 8X: not as bad since it's kind of a midlow with low damage but still. overall weavile was already OP in Pokkén but i hope they didn't do anything stupid to her in field and just slapped some scaling on j.Y(field) i hope they just made 's heat wave have %40-30 less scaling instead of just %10, %70 is really dumb
  14. Waled05

    Base damage and scaling for Charizard's moveset

    FS 8A is 30,30,30,30,30,30(180) %20 scaling.
  15. Waled05

    Pokkén Tournament: Combo Damage Calculator

    does it take into account the scaling that the game "randomly" applies when your combo reaches 200-250? that happens alot with Weavile.
  16. i thought i edited the (she) part out. try chandelure's 5A while the opponent is in synergy burst because burst armor eats the 5A but still counter breaks which looks stupid.
  17. Waled05

    Weeeevile scaling.

    midair scaling, wallsplat scaling and crit scaling is removed so a move like 6X launches an opponent into the air adding %10 scaling turning 6X from %20 to %30 but in this post (like all of my other posts) 6X will be written as %20. Reciting Weavile's frame data and scaling is like reciting the bible. Poke Pokes: 8AA: 20,40 60(120) %0,%20 (1st oof) 8A[A]: 20,40 10,10,10,10,80(180) %0 PS 6A: 40,40 %20 5AAA: 10,10,20,20,100(160) %0,%0,%10,%10,%0(%20) (2nd oof) 5AY: 20 %30 5A[Y]: 40 %40 4A or 4[A]: 20,20,60 %40 2A: 20,10,10,10,10,10,40(110) %40 J.A: 20 %0 (3rd oof) J.AR: 20,20,20,20,20(100) %10 each(%50) J.AJ1-9: 10,10,10 %0 (4th oof) Strong boys: 8X: 30 %0 (5th oof) (%0 shield break scaling for extra oofness) 6X: 50 %20 6[X]: 60 %20 5X: 20,40(60) %20 5[X]: 20,60(80) %20 2X: 60 %20 J.X: 10,10,10,10,10,10(60) %10 first hit (could be spaced so it becomes scaleless, 6th concerning oof)(NEW discovery you can get 6 hits and 5 scaleless hits)(NEW NEW discovery at this point you can pretty much get infinite hits depending on character height and the most I could get was 6 scaleless hits with Gardevoir) weak boys: 8Y: 20,20(40) %30 5YYYY: 10,10,20,10,20(70) %0,%10,%10,%10,%10(%40) (7th oof) (For X variants of 5Y, 5YY, 5YYY you just add 50 %20 at the end) 4YYYY: 10,10,20,10,20(70) %20,%10,%10,%10,%10(%60) (exactly like 5Y except it has %20 scaling, comes out at frame 11 and much less range, used for wall pressuring) (For X variants of 4Y, 4YY, 4YYY you just add 50 %20 at the end) 2YY: 10,40(50) %20,%20(%40) J.Y: 10,10,10,10(40) %0 (8th oof) Millennials: X+A: 10,10,10,60(90) %30 [X+A]: 10,10,10,90(120) %30 (9th big oof wall combo starter) B+Y: 4,5,4,5,4,68(90) Burst attack: 5,5,5,5,75,75(170)
  18. What about when you get hit while counter attacking? on the DX version, if Mewtwo does bY XX in field and Weavile counters it, she gets full meter (if she landed the counter attack, she still gets about %40 if she CADCs out of it). I think they originally did this because they wanted to reward players that CADC through projectiles instead of shielding so there might be a difference when you CA attacks and CA projectiles (hence why Weavile gets lots of synergy from bY since it's a projectile).
  19. Waled05

    Damage Modifiers

    I think that Rage is character specific.
  20. TLDR: for some reason exhaust cancels your dash animation instantly, This could be used to connect stuff and do mix-ups , fast synergy burst characters benefit the most since it's not as rare of an opportunity. Exhaust: When you run out of synergy in synergy burst mode you glow white and become invincible for a few frames. Note: It seems like the exhaust nullifies any pre-buffered attacks Note2: special dashes and Darkrai's BDR dash won't work (e.g. Machamp's 2XR and Weavile's 5A won't work, but Scizor's 2AB+YR, Pikachu Libre 5AR and Mewtwo's 5AAR work because they're a normal dash that was cancelled into) Note3: Aegislash's shield stance gets cancelled by exhaust, Blastoise's shell fortress just forces the dash step animation but you can still buffer his synergy burst after the dash. Not going to go in depth since it's straightforward and only good for pretty niche and situational mix-ups or combos and lots of positive frames but here's a bunch of examples: (small e to indicate the exhaust cancel) universal mixup: [CA]R6e B+Y, it's unreactable by a long shot and if you delay it just right you might eat the opponent's attack with the invincibility. 4XRe 4XR 6X8AAA: 2A(B+Y)Re CADC B+Y oki mixup: You shouldn't do this but I did it to show how fast the cancel is: This isn't an exhaust cancel but why can she preserve her burst attack? I know why but still it shouldn't be a loop that's not okay. And for you Sceptile fans, The tech is completely useless except for gaining positive frames. okay maybe it connects [5X] into [5X] but that's still bad, Might be useful in field combos and setups.
  21. Waled05

    How Aerodynamics Works

    Note: The jumping part doesn't matter, only the turnaround animation, so you could do it by simply letting your opponent cross-up jump or dash through you. TLDR: If a move makes your character lose contact with the ground(like hovering, jumping in the air or tilting their feet up) in less than 3-7 frames of the initial button press it will work, I'll call these moves raisable.(this is also the reason why Blaze Kicks and Sky Uppercut might not work as they're too slow compared to Brave Bird, could someone count the frames on these?) There's also a tech in this tech in where if you use an attack that is dash cancellable and also raisable you could buffer anything after the dash(e.g. support, burst or ground based attacks like Dig)or wait a few frames after the dash to transition into midair. But my character doesn't have any dash cancellable moves, I hear you say, but don't worry you could still do it if you have any strong attack or Pokemon move that is raisable by inputting the raisable move, jump, input the other button for counter attack and CADC into what ever you want which sounds very difficult but that's the price for not having DC moves, you could see Thankswalot performing the exact maneuver I just described in the original tech discovery.(e.g. blaziken 4A+X jump R6 8[A] remember to input 4A>jump>X, might be 4A>X>jump but unlikely until further testing) Proof of concepts (1 out of 3): Only the turnaround animation matters. You could use any strong attack or pokemon raisable move to CADC to any possible move. The input is 4A>X>jump, 4A>jump>X or both Also if your opponent does a cross-up jump and you don't press anything it will only play the turnaround animation until you press a direction/button or until your opponent lands so it becomes much easier to do by pressing direction+attack>jump, or attack>jump for neutral inputs.
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    that silly tech

    can some one tell me how to make youtube vids smaller in this box?