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  1. Pokkén Tournament: Combo Damage Calculator

    does it take into account the scaling that the game "randomly" applies when your combo reaches 200-250? that happens alot with Weavile.
  2. i thought i edited the (she) part out. try chandelure's 5A while the opponent is in synergy burst because burst armor eats the 5A but still counter breaks which looks stupid.
  3. Weeeevile scaling.

    midair scaling, wallsplat scaling and crit scaling is removed so a move like 6X launches an opponent into the air adding %10 scaling turning 6X from %20 to %30 but in this post (like all of my other posts) 6X will be written as %20. Reciting Weavile's frame data and scaling is like reciting the bible. Poke Pokes: 8AA: 20,40 60(120) %0,%20 (1st oof) 8A[A]: 20,40 10,10,10,10,80(180) %0 PS 6A: 40,40 %20 5AAA: 10,10,20,20,100(160) %0,%0,%10,%10,%0(%20) (2nd oof) 4A or 4[A]: 20,20,60 %40 2A: 20,10,10,10,10,10,40(110) %40 J.A: 20 %0 (3rd oof) J.AR: 20,20,20,20,20(100) %10 each(%50) J.AJ1-9: 10,10,10 %0 (4th oof) Strong boys: 8X: 30 %0 (5th oof) (%0 shield break scaling for extra oofness) 6X: 50 %20 6[X]: 60 %20 5X: 20,40(60) %20 5[X]: 20,60(80) %20 2X: 60 %20 J.X: 10,10,10,10,10(50) %10 first hit (could be spaced so it becomes scaleless, 6th concerning oof) weak boys: 5YYYY: 10,10,20,10,20 1st%0 2nd%10 3rd%10 4th%10 5th%10(%40) (I'm mad at this because they nerfed Empoleon's 5Y and made it frame 19 because OH FRAME 15 %0 DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT) wip will continue tomorrow.
  4. What about when you get hit while counter attacking? on the DX version, if Mewtwo does bY XX in field and Weavile counters it, she gets full meter (if she landed the counter attack, she still gets about %40 if she CADCs out of it). I think they originally did this because they wanted to reward players that CADC through projectiles instead of shielding so there might be a difference when you CA attacks and CA projectiles (hence why Weavile gets lots of synergy from bY since it's a projectile).
  5. Damage Modifiers

    I think that Rage is character specific.
  6. TLDR: for some reason exhaust cancels your dash animation instantly, This could be used to connect stuff and do mix-ups , fast synergy burst characters benefit the most since it's not as rare of an opportunity. Exhaust: When you run out of synergy in synergy burst mode you glow white and become invincible for half a sec. Note: It seems like the exhaust nullifies any pre-buffered attacks Note2: special dashes and Darkrai's BDR dash won't work (e.g. Machamp's 2XR and Weavile's 5A won't work, but Scizor's 2AB+YR and Pikachu Libre 5AR work because they're a normal dash that was cancelled into) Note3: Aegislash's shield stance gets cancelled by exhaust, Blastoise's shell fortress just forces the dash step animation but you can still buffer his synergy burst after the dash. Not going to go in depth since it's straightforward and only good for pretty niche and situational mix-ups or combos and lots of positive frames but here's a bunch of examples: (small e to indicate the exhaust cancel) universal mixup: [CA]R6e B+Y, it's unreactable by a long shot and if you delay it just right you might eat the opponent's attack with the invincibility. 4XRe 4XR 6X8AAA: 2A(B+Y)Re CADC B+Y oki mixup: You shouldn't do this but I did it to show how fast the cancel is: This isn't an exhaust cancel but why can she preserve her burst attack? I know why but still it shouldn't be a loop that's not okay. And for you Sceptile fans, The tech is completely useless except for gaining positive frames. okay maybe it connects [5X] into [5X] but that's still bad.
  7. How Aerodynamics Works

    Note: The jumping part doesn't matter, only the turnaround animation, so you could do it by simply letting your opponent cross-up jump or dash through you. TLDR: If a move makes your character lose contact with the ground(like hovering, jumping in the air or tilting their feet up) in less than 3-7 frames of the initial button press it will work, I'll call these moves raisable.(this is also the reason why Blaze Kicks and Sky Uppercut might not work as they're too slow compared to Brave Bird, could someone count the frames on these?) There's also a tech in this tech in where if you use an attack that is dash cancellable and also raisable you could buffer anything after the dash(e.g. support, burst or ground based attacks like Dig)or wait a few frames after the dash to transition into midair. But my character doesn't have any dash cancellable moves, I hear you say, but don't worry you could still do it if you have any strong attack or Pokemon move that is raisable by inputting the raisable move, jump, input the other button for counter attack and CADC into what ever you want which sounds very difficult but that's the price for not having DC moves, you could see Thankswalot performing the exact maneuver I just described in the original tech discovery.(e.g. blaziken 4A+X jump R6 8[A] remember to input 4A>jump>X, might be 4A>X>jump but unlikely until further testing) Proof of concepts (1 out of 3): Only the turnaround animation matters. You could use any strong attack or pokemon raisable move to CADC to any possible move. The input is 4A>X>jump, 4A>jump>X or both Also if your opponent does a cross-up jump and you don't press anything it will only play the turnaround animation until you press a direction/button or until your opponent lands so it becomes much easier to do by pressing direction+attack>jump, or attack>jump for neutral inputs.
  8. that silly tech

    can some one tell me how to make youtube vids smaller in this box?
  9. If a move is multi hit with PSP in the middle of it I'll write it with the specific hit that inflicts PSP. LH = Last Hit SF = Shell Fortress Pokemon Moves: 8A/8[A]: 4 LH 6A: 3 LH 5AA Aura Sphere: 2 2 5AX Dragon Pulse: 2 0 5AY Dark Pulse: 2 3 4A: 5 LH 4A(The one that hits opponents trying to cross-up jump, I'll call it "upwards shot"): 0 2A: 3 LH j.A: 4 (If you charge it you fall much faster so that it becomes positive instead of very unsafe, No difference in speed, counter pierce, lasting, etc.) Strong Attacks: 8XX: 0 5 6X: 4 LH 5X: 4 2X: 3 LH j.X: 0 SF X: 4 Weak Attacks: 8Y: 3 LH 6Y: 3 LH 5YY: 0 3 4Y: 3 2Y: 0 j.Y: 1 for each hit SF Y: 1 for each hit Burst variants: Water gun followup: 12 SF Y: 2 (basically the same) j.Y: 1 1 Damage and Scaling: Pokemon Moves: 8A: 30,30,30(90) %40 LH 8[A]: 30,30,30,30,50(170) %40 LH 6A: 10,10,10,10,10,40(90) %70 LH Water Gun: 40 %10 Aura Sphere: 50 %20 Dragon Pulse: 40,40,40,40(112) %20,%20,%20,%20 Dark Pulse: 30 %30 4A: 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,80(160) %40 LH 4A(upwards shot): 50 %20 2A: 3,3,3,3,3,3,42(60) %30 LH j.A: 40 %30 Strong Attacks: 8XX: 60,60(120) %40 LH 6X: 30,30,40(100) %20 LH 5X: 80 %40 2X: 50,60(110) %20 LH j.X: 120 %30 SF X: 80 %20 Weak Attacks: 8Y: 30,40(70) %30 LH 6Y: 20,20,30(70) %20 LH 5YY: 40,60(94) %10,%20 4Y: 50 %10 2Y: 20,30(50) %10 LH j.Y: 20,20(40) %0 SF Y: 20,20(40) %0 (psst, it connects with 6X if your opponent is against the wall) [CA]: 20,20,90(130) %40 LH CA: 20,20,60(100) %40 LH Grab: 12,12,12,12,12,12,12,36(120) Burst Attack: 241
  10. IMPORTANT: I did not add midair and wall-splat scaling due to the sake of situational inconsistencies. (e.g 2A(-2) would be 10,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,63(136) midscreen and 10,9,9,11,11,11,11,11,77(160) near the wall) *Stats behave as scaling instead of being additional damage to your attack's base power so if a move has a stat change (+ or -) it will count as scaling. (-2,-1,0,1,2) Before the damage means having a stat on you or the opponent depending on the move. (Note: having a positive and negative stat count as 1 and -1 instead of 0) If (-2,-1,0,1,2) is put after the damage that means the move has combo'd into a debuff which counts as scaling. (Atk Up on self -%20, Atk Down on self %20, Def Up on opponent %20, Def Down on opponent -%20) The less scaling you have, the more damage you will do. Pokemon Moves: 8A: 120(countering Gunk's bomb j.A or 6Y),0(def down hit) %20,-%20* 6A: 10,10,60,50(130)(-2) 10,10,60(80)(-1,1,2) (-2)%0,%80(Shock Wave),-%20* (-1)%50,-%20* (1)%50 (2)%50,%20* 5AAA: 20,20,20(60) %0 5[A][A][A]: [20,20][20,20][20,20](120) %0 4A: (0)50 (1)10,10,90(110) (2)10,10,10,10,10,100(150) %20 2A: (0)10,10,40(60) (-1)10,10,10,10,10,60(110) (-2)10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,70(150) %20 Gunk Shot: Stone: 20 %0 Misfire: 120 %0 Bomb: 20(throw),100 %0,%40 Sludge Bomb: 20,40 -%20*,%30 Tornado: 20,20,20,20,20(100) %40 Concrete Bad Boy: 30,30,30,30,30,30(145) %10 each(%60) Strong Attacks: 8X: 60 %20 6X: 40 %20 5X: 60 %20 4X: 200 (might know the scaling if a bomb and 4X hit the opponent on the same frame) 2X: 60 %20 j.X: 60 %20 j.X7/8/9: 20,40,80(88) %0,%50,%50 ]X[: (0)70 (-1)30,30,50(110) (-2)20,20,20,20,20,20,60(180) %0 Weak Attacks: 8Y: 10,10,20(40) %20 6Y/(6Y): (Stone)20 %0 (Bomb)20,100 %0,%40 5YYY:[10][10,10,10][20](58) %0,%10,%20 4YY: 20,40(56) %10,%20 4YX: 20,120 %10,%20 2Y: 20 %20 j.Y: 10,10,20(35) %10 each(%30) j.Y1/2/3/7/8/9: 30 %0 j.Y1/2/3 headbutt landing: 30,10,10,20 %40 CA: 20,20,20 %40 [CA]: 30,30,30 %40 Grab: (0)90 (1)100 (2)1x13,2x46,45(150)
  11. Hold up and then press X+A but delay the X so that if they grab the game doesn't register it as counter but as Overheat.
  12. Kara Cancels

  13. Optimal Combo Spreadsheet + status overview

    A better combo for 4A against the wall I found was 4A 2X 5YAAAA (183 on Pikachu), But with a sidestep you could 4A 2X j.A*B1R 5YAAAA (206+30 on Pikachu) Also a shield break setup I found: j.AR6 (3-5 hits) 6[X]4A (Works uncharged but won't shield string) Ninetales 8X (Shield break) 6X! j.A*B1R4 6j.Y (I somehow got 4 hits) j.A*B1R 5YAAAA (74 chip+272+30)