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  1. I couldn't replicate this clip in training mode so I just uploaded the original clip to YouTube. Imagine the nutty stuff you could do with this, something like, five j.Ys in a single combo into another wallsplat. Libre is probably the only one who can tilt the duel phase axis far enough to achieve this (after Emolga's tilted wallsplat, nonetheless), But I do remember Machamp having something similar. Note: The phase's axis, Emolga and Libre's 9Y all tilt to the left, so other characters who tilt to the right would need different setups or support pokemon. It would be great if someone finds similar moves so that we can try replicating this with other characters.
  2. I was surprised to see the game producer Masaaki being there and commentating on the matches, it's nice to see him care so much about the game. but mostly disgusted by this grab range https://youtu.be/YAtCkwVlwqY?t=18681
  3. i'll drop some here for later experimenting: jX 6Y:Y 6:X:X 5Y 5A:A:A (20 hits, want to connect this with counter yes jX connects with counter blade shift) SF 5X!R jA(6h) 5Y A:A:A 217+30 SF 5X!R 5A:X 5A:A:A 245+30 (241+30 with 5Y) mostly looking for jx optimals
  4. There are 3 possible directions (8, 4 and 2) if you don't see said direction that means it doesn't work with this move. usually it goes: 8/up is default | 4/back is level 2 | 2/down is level 3 (diagonals, neutral and forward aren't used) in field you replace 8 with forward, 4 with side(only the right side works) and 2 with backwards, jump variants are a little finicky in field. (I swear duel and field have different jump properties) Note: you can use any move to shield buffer after, e.g. when your doing a combo you can use the last move to buffer into the chargeable move, as long as it doesn't mess with said move(special cancelling, stance cancelling, etc.) it sounds complicated but I got used to it very fast (like describing a quarter circle). [R(8AA)] Withdraw [R(8XX)] charge strong attack (Flash Kick) [R(8AA)] Sunny Day [R(8AA)] Minimize keeps cancelling into 8A, used 2Y to shield buffer. (use a fast move that doesn't cancel into anything when this happens) [R(8XX)] charge strong attack (Cheer) [R(8AA)] Acupressure (random) [R(8XX)] charge strong attack (Uppercut) [R(8YY)] Phantom (Shadow) (did you know they specify the type of phantom in-game?) [R(8XX)] Orb consume [R(8AA)] Feather Dance [R(8XX)] debuff Screech [R(8YY)] Leaf Arrows [R(8XX)] Drill Anti-Air j.[R(8XX)] midair Drill Dive (looks like doing j.R) 666[R(8XX)] Running-Stance Drill AA (not possible, 6YY and 2AR also don't work, might need some special input) 666 j.[R(8XX)] RS midair Drill Dive (this one looks like your doing j.X, couldn't get the j.R timing to work) [R(8AA)] Moonblast [R(8AA)] Sludge Bomb (works in Burst) j.[R(8AA)] midair Sludge Bomb (can't buffer this after using permeate, e.g. permeate> midair Sludge Bomb) [R(8XX)] charge strong attack [R(8YY)] level 1 Uppercut AA [R(4YY)] level 2 Uppercut AA [R(8AA)] Bug Bite [R(8AA)] Recover it's really difficult to get her to not cancel the icy wind so doing it raw isn't an effective input, I used 2Y to shield buffer these inputs without cancelling [R(8AA)] level 1 (50 dmg) [R(4AA)] level 2 (60 dmg) [R(2AA)] level 3 (2 hit) synergy burst uses all three directions but output the 3rd level so that's kind of a glitch?
  5. updated post to explain how to do it.
  6. TL;DR: hold up and shield then input a button twice to do a chargeable move instantly, I suggest reading the whole thing for details. Turns out to be related to input recorder, also it seems to not be a glitch but rather an intentional function. Replicated this with Machamp using the same inputs got different results depending on direction: holding in a direction>Press shield and input a button twice and then drop shield such that you buffer the button. when holding down with machamp, you get the 20 second [X] holding backwards gives you the level 2 [X] while holding up gives you the quickest variant 1[X] diagonals, neutral and forward don't seem to do anything, so it's most likely coded intentionally. video link: https://youtu.be/M4MxGObJ7LI Note: you can do this mid recording Gengar's ]A[ only works with the up direction, so that might be the default. I tried buffering it with other moves but it only works if you hold R while doing said move. (gengar 8Y[R(AA)]) I successfully did Gengar's instant j.]A[ using: Jump [R(8AA)] hold R while pressing 8A twice. Note: you need to hold up during the [R(AA)], you can hold up before jumping but if you need to do something specific like forward jump, you need to make sure it's 8 and not a diagonal. [8R(5AA]) doesn't work, [5R(8AA)] works fine but I suggest holding up the entire time for easier execution. I tried doing permeate and then buffering j.]A[ but nothing seems to work.
  7. Waled05

    Gardevoir BNB Combo Guide WIP

    I suggest adding 5A 2X 6A (1/2/3) [8Y] wall combo. combo starters vary but it's better to connect 5A raw without 5Y first anything that connects with i15 or i19 on ground next to a wall works. 5X 5A! J.X 5A! burst J.Y 5A (broken damage) you can also start from the 2X part for most moves that wall-splat. 6X! 2X [XA]! 2X (tilting back to get high wall-splat) you can also end your wall combos with 6A or 5Y6A into [8Y] (1/2/3 variants) J.A! 5Y6A 6X! J.A 5Y6A [8Y] (311) Gardevoire tends to have "build-a-bear" combos when it comes to wall-splats, so anything does around 280-300
  8. This is amazing, now I can optimize shield break strings so much better, thank you.
  9. Mewtwo is a good choice to begin with because he has a full arsenal of moves, good frame data and strong neutral game, pick Decidueye if you want more style and fun.
  10. [I'm gonna add to this post over time so check back if you want to.] (in switch update 8.0.0 they decided to add a zoom function for no reason, and I still can't believe it, i'm so confused and happy.) Pokkén has a ciphered alphabet that the devs put on stuff. I might also add the Unowns on the walls of Regi Ruins Note: Q is missing, also the Z letter is actually J so they might be swapped. thanks to calicostonewolf on deviantart this post was possible because there's no way I would've bothered translating from scratch. Why am I doing this? because I love torture. back Y is a godsend for viewing high angles list of trains. Unown Pokemon. In my search for Pokkén related secrets I found this awesome post about Pokemon appearances: http://fablednotes.com/2016/03/19/Pokkén-tournament-details-easter-eggs-p-1/
  11. Waled05

    How clashes work

    does light armor ignore moves with a priority of 1 or is it just weak attacks with exceptions? also what exactly is a 0 priority move?
  12. Waled05


    can you believe that it has been a whole year since that sickening menace was released out to the streets? overall 8.5/10 very creatively open character in contrast to another dlc fighter (this post is pretty awful but I felt like it had to be done)
  13. Waled05

    Sceptile's 8X

    bruh. damage: 10,20,40 (70) scaling: %50 (the scaling is on the last hit so you can't space it to decrease the scaling) doesn't even break guard. it's invincible to lows at frame 5(same as 6Y) and midlows at frame 15 which is too slow to ever be useful or be better than jump It's a frame 39 mid-high. miscellaneous information: most oki grabs (non-meaty setup) can shield or counter 8X before it hits them. 7X 6Y:Y 5Y1(scaleless) 8A does less than 150 dmg against the wall. 7X doesn't hit at point-blank. His 2Y has more range than 9X. overall this move is a joke. and 4X should be frame 15 for fun. TL;DR: who cares lol.
  14. pokemon: *Disappears into absolute nothingness* Burst declare: nice try kid. Machamp: *just rolls like a boss* Burst declare: *dies* felt like I didn't upload in a while so here you go, was working on a synergy orb guide for DX but I ditched it because it didn't have notable differences(couldn't find much actually). here's libre being libre and breaking the game.