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  1. [I'm gonna add to this post over time so check back if you want to.] If you can emulate Pokkén in 4K or something through CEMU feel free to help by capturing some of the atomic text in-game. Pokkén has a ciphered alphabet that the devs put on stuff. Note: Q is missing, also the Z letter is wrong, its like a combined LF thanks to calicostonewolf on deviantart this post was possible because there's no way I would've bothered translating from scratch. SVG file I tried to make a font of(+maxPNG): filebin.net/omey5nt993kg66re Why am I doing this? because I love torture. back Y is a godsend for viewing high angles list of trains. In my search for Pokkén related secrets I found this awesome post about Pokemon appearances: http://fablednotes.com/2016/03/19/Pokkén-tournament-details-easter-eggs-p-1/
  2. Waled05

    How clashes work

    does light armor ignore moves with a priority of 1 or is it just weak attacks with exceptions? also what exactly is a 0 priority move?
  3. Waled05


    can you believe that it has been a whole year since that sickening menace was released out to the streets? overall 8.5/10 very creatively open character in contrast to another dlc fighter (this post is pretty awful but I felt like it had to be done)
  4. Waled05

    Sceptile's 8X

    bruh. damage: 10,20,40 (70) scaling: %50 (the scaling is on the last hit so you can't space it to decrease the scaling) doesn't even break guard. it's invincible to lows at frame 5(same as 6Y) and midlows at frame 15 which is too slow to ever be useful or be better than jump It's a frame 39 mid-high. miscellaneous information: most oki grabs (non-meaty setup) can shield or counter 8X before it hits them. 7X 6Y:Y 5Y1(scaleless) 8A does less than 150 dmg against the wall. 7X doesn't hit at point-blank. His 2Y has more range than 9X. overall this move is a joke. and 4X should be frame 15 for fun. TL;DR: who cares lol.
  5. pokemon: *Disappears into absolute nothingness* Burst declare: nice try kid. Machamp: *just rolls like a boss* Burst declare: *dies* felt like I didn't upload in a while so here you go, was working on a synergy orb guide for DX but I ditched it because it didn't have notable differences(couldn't find much actually). here's libre being libre and breaking the game.
  6. Waled05

    Version 1.3.3 is Available Now!

    I'm almost sure they nerfed SM2's grab range for some reason, This is the 8th time my grab was literally inside my opponent's shield and it didn't hit.
  7. Waled05

    Version 1.3.3 is Available Now!

    In Summary: Pikachu libre: Can now mash 8XX without timing and increases damage with timing (no timing is yellow+light blue 80 dmg, just frame is dark blue+light blue 100). 5YY(Y) just frame window increased, second j.Y projectile range increased. Sceptile: 6A doesn't seem to open new combo routes. Shadow Mewtwo: 5X crit gives him 300 mid-screen damage, Now that's epic. 2X is more meaty but I think they removed a bit of block-stun so it's barely +4. Empoleon: 4X: jef Decidueye: Increased 4Y meatiness 8X: looks very threatening now, Like imagine, getting shot barely from the max distance if you ever do a forward jump.
  8. Before anything, I think it's half decent at most because of the insane scaling on 8Y, %50 scaling is inhumane for such a horrible move(his other anti-air is -37, doesn't counterbreak or even AA on frame 1) and I think it wouldn't hurt if they made it %20-30 scaling, other than that, it carries fairly fast from wall to wall without much PSP cost and you could reset at any time you like. keep in mind this move in where you lunge into the air to do a knee strike right into your opponent's head doesn't go through light armor. normal whippersnappers: (8Y2RYA) ................. Special boys: (8Y2RY) ..... special cancelling before landing only lands 2 kicks, so just do 8Y2RY, much more easy. I'd say Mewtwo is hardest and Suicune is easiest. may have separated M2 and SM2.
  9. Waled05

    Version 1.3.3 Coming September 26!

    Just imagine getting hit with that mf 5X 8YY next to the wall, now that's a powerful image. Also people might stop grabbing him when he lands a positive 2X.
  10. Waled05

    Shadow Mewtwo's 6X loops

    so I've done some research on j.Y loops and Im getting pretty consistent at them, here are some things to do / theoreticals: -Using 6Y for easier execution and more universal combos (issues with j.Y pushing characters too far for 6Y to connect with another j.Y) -Popplio makes almost everything baby easy with training and allows 2PSP j.Y loops (6X 6JR5JY), also has aerial loops lol. -6Y might be the optimal healthless mid-screen (6Y J.R fY *f for falling j.Y*) -abusing Popplio to get a specific type of j.Y much more universally while making it connect with i19s (like 0 PSP j.Y(6X 6J.R5JY), scaleless j.Y (6X 6J.R6JY delay R until half jump, still i19) or any other hybrid) also tested everything on shieldsword: b: i19 (universal input) n: i15 (easy) f: i11
  11. Waled05

    machamp j.4 Y+B

    you can jump cancel it with popplio. I don't think there is any better support than litten/ popplio for machamp long range anti-projectile that knocks down and gives bulk up mid combo in rage(you can literally do a full reset with bulk up J.A and then bulk up again), combined with half of his aerials being jump cancellable seamlessly seems a bit stupid not to use. but of course I'm just going to pick mew, don't be silly.
  12. Waled05

    FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup: What You Need To Know

    The Japanese event only goes for 2 hours? Also the last event would be Shadow Mewtwo's event which is quite fitting.
  13. If you would do this then it's probably much much better to do a j.A 5AA setup instead of 2Y. Also heres a 4X wall combo: 4X 5A7Y 8Y(2) 5[A]8Y 8Y(2) 5A8Y 8Y(2) 8Y(1) - 143 dmg, 21s def debuff done with Lucario and Gardevoire you can delay the second 8Y instead of doing a long hop but I find it more consistent with a long hop. and also you need to hit with the edge of 4X, in burst you don't need to space it but it's much harder
  14. Waled05

    Blastoise Low Stance Armor

    Seems like it armors most aerials and highs and then some mid highs, Do low stances usually have that much armor?