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  1. Has anyone felt they have mained the wrong Pokemon? Or realized they have mained the wrong Pokemon?
  2. This is solid advice, imo. I beat the game with Chandelure to begin with, though I don't even suggest Chandelure for a newer player. But I agree with choosing a character that teaches the games rules and then coming in with a character like Aegislash. I personally, in my opinion like Aegislash a lot and wish he had been out when I first got the game. His style works for me because I play Lee Chaolon in Tekken, I also play Yoshimitsu. Ivy from Soul Calibur and Voldo. So my playstyle is often revolved around characters with stance switches. So, yeah.
  3. Aegislash is a relatively new character, so a lot of people probably won't have much advice. I like to use Aegislash guard stance, it has an auto counter. So when you go into his defense stance, you can easily just wait for them to hit you, automatic counter, he gets a power up and then you use that opportunity to go into one of his low sweep slash combos. I am a horrible human being at combo inputs, gimme a second to look them up. If you like hit me up on the Switch and we can practice. Chroma League is honestly a huge spike in difficulty. Red League was a breeze. Then get to Chroma and the AI are inhumanely slick.
  4. I mean I at this point have beaten the Chrome and Iron League. But I am new to these forums. And perhaps might look for someone to help me out with movement with Chandelure. Nearing level 75 with Chandelure with a 98% win ratio offline. So. Yeah. Say what you will. I also second Scizzor if anyone is interested. And third Pika Libre.
  5. LoneAtom

    So What can I do Close Range

    Those who use Chandelure know he is best at a distance range. But when it comes to close range, I tend to utilize the many counters he has, but at the same time what can you do to further optimize close range matchups? Especially against Machamps, Pika Libres, Weaviles, and Lucarious. Who do massive amounts of damage upfront and Chandelure being a glass cannon just cannot take that sizable amount of close range punishment. I find the one move with the fire wheel spinning around works to keep people off, but is there anything else that can be done?
  6. LoneAtom

    How do Chandelure mains feel about the Lucario MU?

    1) I like to keep Chandelure at a distance, but use close range punish if an enemy gets to close to what I feel like is too close for call. I like to setup Chandelures traps and use its distance throw as best as I can. When done right Chandelure literally becomes untouchable as you zone and keep out of range. 2)Usually very very close range, when Lucario gains the advantage with several of his punch and kick combos and able to break through my defense. Usually I use Chandeluras many counters to break through Lucario. But if Lucario is grabbing or rushing before I have enough time to setup for a punish for getting too close to Chandelure then I am in hot water and its no fun for me. I wouldn't say it is a particular move with Lucario that bothers me, it is just hard to get a footing on Lucario once he gets his pressure in close range. 3) Honestly for me when it comes to Chandelure's vs Supports. I always feel like anything that shuts me down and gives me negative stats, where Chandelure isn't that powerful in retrospective upclose. So anything really that gives a negative status for Chandelure's already sort of sluggish performance. I'll just mirror what the other person said and probably say Emolga, especially when I am trying to keep out of range and also trying to move around the field. It stops me for setups. edit- Hope you didn't mind another person replying or necroing this thread.