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  1. This generally makes Sceptile's jab options pretty unsafe.
  2. I would make a video, but I legit don't really have the time to plan stuff like that anymore so here's a good ol' fashioned written guide. I'm sort of in rush, so as for references, I'll probably just use this one specific set of matches I took at NEC. video won't load hold on i'll finish this later
  3. Gardevoir's new 8x is really good

    0 Phase shifts points, decent damage, hard knockdowns, doesn't scale, can break guards, catchs jumps, 13 frames, -4, can be spaced Yeah this move does absolutely everything https://clips.twitch.tv/PatientGlamorousCoffeeCeilingCat i'll be more indepth some other time
  4. These changes are new to BOTH versions of Pokkén (Arcade and Wii U) which practically confirms Pokkén DX will be on a new balance patch. So far, we've seen Gengar able to cancel Field j.Y into disappear. I can't say how useful this is yet, but it's a neat change nonetheless. Mewtwo gets a just frame on 2XX. While we're not sure what exactly the just frame does (most likely will do more damage), I like the addition of just frames to characters in general. That's all for now.
  5. Pokkén Tournament DX Game Modes Update

    I didn't expect 3v3 mode to be playable online. It's a shame though, it'd be fun to play around with in casual lobbies in my opinion.
  6. Since Gardevoir's unblockable set-ups are being removed + Psyshock is being given new properties, Gardevoir's will have to shake up the way they play the oki game. H2 showcases what the set-ups will consist of:
  7. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    Croagunk appears to get an invincible Shoryuken with hold X + 2 debuffs (NOT CONFIRMED)
  8. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    Being a new character on arcade, the players in Japan post snippets of the new characters on their Twitter. This thread will showcase said tweets.
  9. meLo's 10 Commandments Of Libre

    Good thread