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  1. https://twitter.com/canimisopokken/status/960216080869240832 i know a lot of people had trouble with chandy so here
  2. Day 1 Aegislash Findings

    Thanks for this thread. https://twitter.com/OuroboroDFGaren/status/958576442396303360 https://twitter.com/OuroboroDFGaren/status/958523294281428992
  3. This generally makes Sceptile's jab options pretty unsafe.
  4. I would make a video, but I legit don't really have the time to plan stuff like that anymore so here's a good ol' fashioned written guide. I'm sort of in rush, so as for references, I'll probably just use this one specific set of matches I took at NEC. video won't load hold on i'll finish this later
  5. Gardevoir's new 8x is really good

    0 Phase shifts points, decent damage, hard knockdowns, doesn't scale, can break guards, catchs jumps, 13 frames, -4, can be spaced Yeah this move does absolutely everything https://clips.twitch.tv/PatientGlamorousCoffeeCeilingCat i'll be more indepth some other time
  6. These changes are new to BOTH versions of Pokkén (Arcade and Wii U) which practically confirms Pokkén DX will be on a new balance patch. So far, we've seen Gengar able to cancel Field j.Y into disappear. I can't say how useful this is yet, but it's a neat change nonetheless. Mewtwo gets a just frame on 2XX. While we're not sure what exactly the just frame does (most likely will do more damage), I like the addition of just frames to characters in general. That's all for now.
  7. Pokkén Tournament DX Game Modes Update

    I didn't expect 3v3 mode to be playable online. It's a shame though, it'd be fun to play around with in casual lobbies in my opinion.
  8. Since Gardevoir's unblockable set-ups are being removed + Psyshock is being given new properties, Gardevoir's will have to shake up the way they play the oki game. H2 showcases what the set-ups will consist of: