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  1. Our online tournaments will now be held on saturday night! 5 people joined this time here are the results. I'll leave the link to the bracket as well.
  2. This was a last minute online tournament, but we felt like sharing the results. 4 people Round Robin, sadly one had to be dq'd because it never showed up (sorry man, better luck next time!)
  3. In my eyes 3vs3 has a good amount of pros and cons Pros: - Opportunity for the players to learn more characters and help personal improvement. - Strategic counterplay, decision making and team building. - A new metagame for Pokkén. Cons: - Overall slower than 1vs1. - Synergy carries by % and not by CC. - Some people don't care or want to learn more characters (Solo Mains). While the last con is of each one's personal taste, the second one, imo is the biggest problem, a 100cc synergy gauge character like Shadow Mewtwo or Pikachu can just fill up the gauge and then pass it up to some of the many threatning synergy mode's in the game on the next round if it loses (Charizard, Gengar, Lucario, etc.) and the meta could get stale because of it. On the other hand, learning more characters has benefits on changing up your playstyle and a better understanding of the other side of a Match up. Also being able to decide wich pokemon to send next round already adds a depth that singles doesn't have (and this game already has depth in many areas). In my opinion we should test 3vs3, let it be a parallel to singles like Doubles in Smash Bros is, time will tell what will be of it.
  4. Sceptile's 2X: everything you need to know

    This was very interesting to read, I guess I'll lab it today.
  5. Introduce Yourself!

    Hi I'm ghostgodzilla, sceptile player, hi how ya doin'? I'm from a distant land called Chile a country that is literally at the butt of the world, my main is sceptile, love that fella. Right now I'm trying to get a scene going in Chile but real life has been interrupting me so I don't have much sucess, but I'm not giving up!
  6. Starter Video Guide

    Really liked this videos, very useful to show them to interested people
  7. This is in no paricular order: S: A+: A: B: