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    Weekend Watchlist: March 30-31 2018

    Oh boy looks like Blazikens gonna be lit.
  2. Announce that but not EU and NA. Classic.
  3. Starting off in the new year 2018, we are bringing a special event to Germany! With Calyptus Cup Essen x Smash Valley, two renown event series are working together and being a part of international project! We will host a Smash 4 & Pokkén Tournament DX tourney. Smash.gg link : Tournament schedule: Stream link : Note: The Pokkén Tournament Top 3 will be on the main Stream ( 21:00 CET ) ( 15:00 EST ) If you want more Infos about future events by Team Calyptus check out our Social Media: Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Discord Our Website : http://calyptus.de/ Hope to see you all in the Stream chat! And to the Player have fun & good luck!