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  1. how exactly does the parry work? do we just hold up?
  2. Sacaean

    Solar Powered - Guide to Harnessing the Sun

    thanks yo! its lit.
  3. ive been searching for months @w@ many thanks..!
  4. and I cant find a single piece of data on the double sunny day tonosama and other players have been doing, is there a special input for it? Has it been patched out for wii u/DX? -sincerely, a concerned lucario main looking to learn things for his sub.
  5. Sacaean

    Solar Powered - Guide to Harnessing the Sun

    all this is great, but what about that quick double sunny day i keep seeing? how does one do it twice in succession so quickly?
  6. Sacaean

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    In an ssb project M mod i develop, Lyn is my main character. Guy was a favorite unit of mine in fire emblem. these two hail from Sacae It is said that Sacaeans do not lie and i'm honest above most else, so i call myself Sacaean. Used to be "Szion" , an anagram of Sonic replacing the C with a Z when i was younger. All the cool kids in my clique had sonic OC's so i had to have one too. (Still dont understand the craze for having one, its pretty weird). kept that name for over a decade and it doesn't represent me very well (also difficult for people to pronounce, despite being literally "Sigh on " ) So this is what I'm going with for now. Nobody I know is adjusting to it very well QQ