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  1. 五月雨のペンタオ

    Version 1.3.2 Coming July 11!

    Sorry, correction to Blaziken's EX move scaling. Another mistake, I wrote Blaziken's EX Heat Wave has reduced scaling. The actual move was EX High Jump Kick. Most likely to synergize with his jY buff being special cancelable, making it so you can do jY > EX HJK > combo for beefy damage.
  2. 五月雨のペンタオ

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Another mistake, I wrote Blaziken's EX Heat Wave has reduced scaling. The actual move was EX High Jump Kick. Most likely to synergize with his jY buff being special cancelable, making it so you can do jY > EX HJK > combo for beefy damage.
  3. 五月雨のペンタオ

    Version 1.3.2 Coming July 11!

    Fixed two things. 1 - I mistranslated one of the Aegislash nerfs. It should be Enhanced 4X that reduces buff time, not enhanced 4Y. 2 - I re-read Lucario's 6Y change. The "improved interaction with highs" allows 6Y to avoid highs at certain points in the attack.
  4. 五月雨のペンタオ

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Yeah you're right. Must've misread the kanji in my haste. Fixed this in the opening post.
  5. 五月雨のペンタオ

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    oh baby here we go Diglett: Does more damage. Pachirisu: Removed invincibility on start up, replaced with projectile invincibility on start up. Magikarp: charges slower Yvetal: fixed a problem where your opponent's synergy didn't go down on hit if you activated burst at the same time. Litten: charges faster Popplio: increased duration of the double jump buff Mega Rayquaza: does even more damage, costs less synergy to use Celebi: charges faster Blastoise Aura Sphere (Upward): can now fire aura spheres upward after water gun Burst Mode: now improves Blastoise's move speed universally. jX (Field): Can now input bjX to track opponents Dark Pulse: no longer interacts with opposing projectiles Decidueye Soaring > Forward dash: reduced landing recovery 8X: increased block stun 6XX: reduced recovery, but also reduced hitstun CA: Reduced active armor frames to match other grounded CAs. 5X: increased combo scaling Empoleon nY: Can now ice skate right out of nY by holding down the button. 5YX: New move. Hold the button down to go into ice skating. Movement: Empoleon move speed has increased universally. jX (Field): Increased active frames of the hitbox while descending. Can change the direction of the move with 7/8/9 5X: increased the hitbox of the second hit 2X: When inputting 1X, you won't spin as far. 4X: More blockstun. Skating -> Jump (Duel): Input forward to go even further when jumping. 2X: Increased hitstun. Combo scaling increased. Skating -> Jump: fixed a problem where your controls would get locked if you were hit with a certain timing out of this move. Skating (duel) -> Y: can no longer use duel phase moves after phase changing with this move Back Skating -> Y (duel): fixed an issue where phase changing with this move would cause the camera to get weird Scizor Bug Bite: Can now be activated from ]A[ Swords Dance - Shots: Can now forward dash right out of this move with R. 2X: More block stun. Increases pushback from the wall if you wall splat with this move to better position scizor for combos. Homing 1: reduced recovery, reduced hitstun Hover Turn: fixed a bug where inputting hover turn would cause you to use u-turn in certain situations or something Croagunk 8[Y]: new move j8X: On whiff, the move's random effect has been altered. BA: - increased reach. Improved tracking. Increased iFrames. bY - Avoids some high projectiles. Just frame increases synergy. Gunk Shot (Self Destruct): can now guard break opponents Darkrai 6Y: On hit, causes a down state. On just frame, grants more synergy. 4Y: Just frames give synergy now. Also causes a down state. 2Y: Reduced recovery. However also does reduced blockstun. Shadow Claw (slice derivation, held): more phase shift points Air Teleport (Nightmare mode): increased recovery if you air teleport SM2 Psywave Projectile (Max Charge) - now eats other projectiles more easily (higher priority) Miracle Eye - reduced HP cost Teleport: reduced recovery time 6Y: When the second hit hits an opponent above ground, increased stun 5X: increased the window to cancel into 5XX Psywave Vortex: reduced HP cost, but also reduces synergy gain to match reduced HP cost 6Y (Burst): when burst ends, the pillar disappears too Mewtwo 6YX: new just frame added. Just frame adds more damage and synergy gain on success. Psystrike: Just frames add synergy. 2X: Just frames add synergy. BA: removes any supports you have out on activation (IE gets rid of rotom if you try to Rotom + BA) Braixen j8Y - new move Flame Charge - when crossing opponents up with this move, you will move a shorter distance Flame Charge EX - fixed a problem where after performing this move, you would auto correct into the wrong direction Garchomp Dig - On crit, OR in burst, now allows you to combo afterward. Made it easier to combo opponents who were hit out of the air. Now avoids projectiles while doing the uppercut portion as well. Nose Dive - now is cancellable into pokemon moves 4X - Can now avoid certain low projectiles. [Sand tomb] - fixed a problem where the animation wouldn't play on hit Sceptile 6Y: Can cancel into vine hang after the move. Detect (Success): increased chip CA - On critical hit, the opponent is now downed. (not sure if hard knockdown or if crumple) On hitting an aerial opponent, hitstun increased. 5[Y] on hit, causes a down (not sure if hard knockdown or crumple) 6Y: on start up, this move can avoid lows The last change is "fixed a bug where jump forward after using vine hang would cause your inputs to get stuffed afterward" Chandelure Will-o-Wisp: deals more damage to shield (duel phase only) 4y: more base damage WoW: reduced knockback against blocking opponents jY (Field): reduced the range Chandelure can move while performing jump laser Pikachu Libre sY - when enhanced, hold the button to do a magnetic hop (I forget what the actual name of her special jump thing is, her wall jump IIRC) sY - higher base damage jX - has reduced range when crossing over opponents Gengar 6YX - Press R to permeate sY - can cancel into pokemon moves Sludge Bomb - attack debuff lasts for less time if an opponent walks over the trap BA - on activation, removes any supports you have out Mid Air Jump - fixed a bug where you couldn't properly use astonish after jumping back and permeating Blaziken Air Dash - changed the trajectory of his air dash. EX High Jump Kick - Reduced combo scaling, probably to synergize with the next change. jY - Can now cancel into Pokemon moves. Increased hitstun, reduced knockback. Weavile 6Y - new move Burst - lasts longer Icicle Crash (Slam) - increased chip damage 8X - Weavile can now combo if this move hits opponents out of the air Charizard Charizard Flare Blitz (Straight): increased block stun. Increased knockback on blocking opponents 5X increased block stun j6Y you can now swat some projectiles to erase them with Charizard's tail Inferno: Now has longer range. On hit, applies speed down. Increased combo scaling (buff and nerf) Suicune Up CA - lowered the height at which this move launches upward to better hit small and crouching opponents 2Y - increased block stun on the first hit, less recovery on 2Y. 5YYY - no longer puts you in an aerial state can cancel hydro pump and blizzard with R Gardevoir Gardevoir jCA (duel phase) the range at which this move moves increased Energy Ball (Duel) goes further and has some improvement to track opponents movements Energy Ball: Diffused (Field) has a bigger hitbox 8X increased the forward movement from performing it When Gardevoir does calm mind in BA, she gets 2 stacks Now has more blockstun with BA Machamp Cross Chop in duel phase has... uh I think more active frames, and the distance you get pushed back from cross chopping a wall is reduced jump homing now moves Machamp faster as he tracks opponents Machamp can change the trajectory of his air grab by inputting back ]X[ is now a thing Pikachu Pikachu Volt Tackle's hitbox is bigger in burst nY can cancel into Pokemon moves from the 1st and 2nd inputs Can cancel Electro Ball Can cancel 8X with 6R Does more damage with BA Aegislash jY (Field): can now input directions to change the trajectory 6Y (first part) - increased range. Increased amount of time you can delay 6YY. High Stance - gives more synergy at intervals than before Shield Form Pokemon Moves - reduced durations of buffs received from form changing Iron Head - now has difficulty hitting crouching and small opponents (possibly changed to a high?) King's Shield - Less invincibility time on a successful counter. 4Y: no longer puts you into an aerial state 4Y (enhanced) 4X (Enhanced): reduced the amount of time your buffs last upon use Hit Animation: made it easier to combo Aegislash since his hitbox was harder to hit before. King's Shield: fixed a problem where Aegislash was aerial after successfully countering with King's Shield CA - fixed a problem where this would miss certain crouching opponents Homing Combo - fixed a problem where opponents would slip out of the homing attack on hit Lucario Burst Mode - Air Dash: Can now air dash while in burst. Burst Mode - Aerial Aura Sphere: Can now cancel out of aerial aura sphere while in burst. 6Y: Added the ability to avoid some high moves. Burst Mode: Reduced burst mode duration. And that's it. I translated this mad hastily, so there are probably mistakes. Hopefully you guys fix them with @Midori's help. the dude who writes PA articles about this stuff, Jetsplit I think, can format this to be less ugly text wise, but with a lot less moe kaos ababababababababababye again feel free to follow me on twitter @ COMIC GIRLS IS GODLIKE
  6. Thank you Scatz.

    Thank you Burnside.

    Thank you Gintrax.

    Thank you Boonzor.

    Thank you Double.

    Thank you Soapy.

    Thank you Fang.

    Thank you Unknown.

    Thank you Fumu.


    And thank you to those who left some acknowledgement (Roara, Vuvho, Thulius, ToonSwablu, Aegis, Six) as well. I saw the message.


    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Seeing your messages was very heartwarming. Seriously, thank you guys. 

    waku waku baby.png

  7. 五月雨のペンタオ

    Lucario's Air to Air jY (Short Video)

    Lucario can use his jY as a read to hit opponents out of the air in situations where anti-airing with 8Y or ExtremeSpeed would normally whiff. This can give him some very damaging wall conversions with just three commands (jY 8Y 4[A] : 282 Damage off of a high splat 8Y. Alternatively if you don't have faith in getting the 4[A] timing right, you can do uncharged force palms and various other wall combos that deal a little under 200 damage but score a hard knockdown). This video is a sample of using a standard block string (5YY) and an attempt to 8Y anti air immediately after doing so. Normally a character like Empoleon can escape the corner with a forward jump. However, by using a jY, you can intercept characters trying to jump over Lucario, and even wall splat them if they are in the corner. Some characters, like Sceptile, can block a grounded 8Y, jump forward to avoid a second 8Y, and hit Lucario with a cross up jY due to the sheer speed of his jump. However, even Sceptile will lose to an air to air jY read. Air to Air jY helps Lucario cover aerial angles his standard grounded anti-air options cannot cover. Of course, air to air jY carries various risks, like possibly putting yourself into the corner, getting anti-aired or countered yourself, and other possible things. But if your opponent fails to anti air you, Lucario is still safe on block and can even be plus depending on the height he hit at. If you notice your opponent not cleanly reacting to your jumps, or you're just fighting someone like Empoleon, Lucario's jumps become much more powerful. Air to Air jY has practical applications outside of the corner as well, and it is just a good way to control space. Successfully hitting your opponent out of the air may not do much damage, but it forces an air tech and allows you to continue pressuring opponents.
  8. 五月雨のペンタオ

    Lucario Vs. Empoleon: "should've been samurott"

    Vs. Empoleon SPECIAL THANKS: Wzurds, for playing both Lucario and Empoleon to assist in giving MU insight and experience. Quick Tips: +Empoleon has poor anti-air options in duel phase, allowing us to get away with a lot of jumping in this MU. His 8Y does low damage and is not consistent in comboing into follow ups either, and Drill Peck lacks mid-high invincibility so he has to do it pre-emptively. +Empoleon lacks many defensive options to deal with our pressure. His CA is a mid-low, so you can jump over it, and he lacks a command counter. His jump is not very fast and his movement is slow, it is easy to trap him in the corner and just keep him there. +Empoleon’s normals do not have the best frame data and lack range. Once you’re at the range to shrink his Aqua Jets to level 1 or 2, he has to rely on moves that leave him in a disadvantage state on block to try and push you back, meaning we can dominate the mid range fairly easily. +Empoleon is easily support counter picked by Snivy and Mimikyu, giving you cheer flexibility in the match up. -Empoleon’s Aqua Jet and its follow ups deal a lot of damage, and he can easily put in damage if you get touched. His oki is good enough to prevent you from easily ExtremeSpeeding out of it and it can keep you guessing. He also does a lot of chip damage, so Empoleon even just having a turn at all can keep him in the game, even if he doesn’t land a clean hit. You can die very quickly if you try to guess your way out of pressure instead of just accepting chip damage and holding block. TLDR: It takes practice to get used to knowing when to block and when you can press buttons and where in this MU. Though I would say it is advantageous for Lucario, it is rather unintuitive to figure out where to stand, how to approach, and what to look out for and when. It’s easy to lose this match up often when you first start simply because you don’t know how to pressure Empoleon and you don’t know when to throw out attacks. All things considered though, as you practice the MU, it starts getting out of hand how advantageous Lucario is. Empoleon’s basically heavily reliant on Pokkén system mechanics (so essentially, RPS) to score a knockdown to get his pressure started. Meanwhile Lucario outranges Empoleon in neutral in both phases, wins the synergy race, and has pressure tools Empoleon struggles to deal with. This is a match up that is easy to lose if you let Empoleon jank you out, but once you get a handle on the MU, Empoleon's damage and mix ups are no scarier than Machamp, Charizard, Aegislash, or Garchomp's, only unlike those four, Empoleon actually struggles to get the initial knockdown from neutral in the first place. Recommended Supports: Snivy: Snivy is one of the best supports to use against Empoleon in general. It can beat any of his Hidden Machine move follow ups from Defog, Aqua Jet or Drill Peck all without the need to guess (it cleanly beats everything except Rock Smash, which it trades with for about 30 damage on your side and a knockdown on their side). It's fast 20/20 charge time means you can use it multiple times throughout a match and prevent Empoleon from getting any meaningful pressure started. Empoleon's ways around Snivy are often limited to hard reading it and grabbing instead of using any of his HM moves. In those scenarios where he goes for a grab, he slows down his pressure immensely. Snivy also heavily limits Empoleon's mobility, as it can chase him down during his ice skating options, unless he skates/slides away. Empoleon's attempts to jump over you and Steel Wing are often caught by Snivy as well, meaning it can cover angles that your 8Y normally could not. Snivy's applications don't end there, because Empoleon's BA is relatively non-threatening after burst declare, you can call Snivy on Empoleon's burst declare to keep him locked down and you get to 6[X] virtually for free afterward. Or you can just move up and 50/50 him, either way, despite him bursting in any phase Snivy prevents Empoleon from getting any meaningful momentum started, suffocating his use of the game's primary comeback mechanic. All the other things Snivy normally does are all available in this match up as well. You can just use him for plus frames, chip damage, general anti-air purposes, etc. Empoleon's attempts to counter play Snivy, aside from pre-emptively grabbing it, are few and far inbetween. He can CA in reaction to Snivy and absorb all hits, but you can move or block in time anyway. Depending on spacing, even if he CAs Snivy, you can just neutral jump and land with jY for a full punish if he lets the CA rip. If he CADCs forward he might get hit by the jY mid-air, resulting in a soft knockdown. Snivy's flexibility allows you to utilize synergy-based cheer skills, such as Standard, Synergy, and Whimsical. Unless you have a lot of trouble in the opening field phase, I do not recommend using Support Cheer just for Snivy. Mimikyu: Though Mimikyu is often an underlooked support, it works just as well as Snivy does in this match up. However, it charges more slowly as a trade off for inflicting attack down and synergy down. If you feel like you want to really emphasize preventing your opponent from having any burst mode shenanigans, or if you just want to counterpick support choices like Eevee, Mew, or Jirachi, then Mimikyu is a solid choice. Because many Empoleon players tend to crutch themselves on their burst mode for their chance at winning, Mimikyu heavily robs them of one of their biggest comeback factors fairly consistently. Mimikyu vs. Snivy is the main concern you should have. Snivy is the more consistent option. It is ready faster, is more flexible with supports, anti-airs and does a lot of utility. Mimikyu however absolutely shuts down one of their main ways to play, and prevents them from banking it all on “just one chance.” Umbreon / Fennekin: The two are listed together because they play a similar role, to get out of Empoleon’s pressure. The central idea is that denying Empoleon any reward for successfully winning neutral hurts him a ton, especially in this match up. Empoleon is a character who does not get many chances to do what he wants to do, and any chance he can get to get things started is vital for him. Making him jump through all the hoops all over again is truly frustrating for him. Be wary not to get baited into using your support pre-emptively, save it for cases where you have to block an Aqua Jet mix up or if you need to wake up safely against his burst mode. =Alternative Options= Rotom: Rotom is alright in this MU. It prevents Empoleon from really using his multitude of moves that put him airborne, but Empoleon can counter play Rotom by just back dashing in either phase. The main appeal to Rotom is getting conversions off of Empoleon's attempts to use Steel Wing or the like. My personal opinion is that Rotom is not really necessary for this match up because Empoleon does not really have tools you can't already handle decently. Furthermore, the speed down debuff is not that big of a deal. Empoleon's walk speed is already atrociously bad. You don't really prevent him from doing anything by slowing him down, and he primarily moves via Aqua Jet anyway. Buffing Supports: Because neutral is not that big of an issue in this match up, you can use buff supports to augment your natural play style. I list them all under an umbrella of buffs because there isn't a huge difference that any of them make in the MU, and it's largely just personal preference at that point. Sylveon if you want to be able to extend your play time, Eevee/Mew if you want to shorten theirs. Jirachi helps for clutch factor, and works well because field is relatively easy in this match up. You'll have a lot of chances to make something happen with Mega Lucario. Videos: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/253142508 (Pentao Vs. Wzurds for most of the video) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/252580421 (Wzurds Vs. Scatz starting from 26:40) Detailed Overview:
  9. Before WCS, mikukey was the player I was actually most excited to meet. His unique play style, his tag, and the way he carried himself, I just wanted to talk to him about Xenoblade at some point lol. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to speak with him. I didn't expect him to want to be interviewed at all, so this is a pleasant surprise. From his posts on twitter, he seemed like a very formal kinda speaker. Pretty verbose, usually not a ton of slang (but when he does use it, it's kind of... nerdy slang lol), and not very many shitposts. I always thought he was more of a Homura man more than Hikari...
  10. 五月雨のペンタオ

    Guard Break Moves: Their Scaling & Advantage

    Hey Mitchel, is there anyway we can get values for shield damage for these shield breakers specifically? Like how bone rush slam does a ton of shield damage compared to Lucario's 6[X].
  11. It doesn't offend me, it's just you bring it up so often, so I was curious as to why you did.
  12. Okay, gotta ask: what is with you and always talking handsome players? It comes up like everytime you're on commentary lol. For anyone learning Japanese, Elm is one to speak slowly and to enunciate for you. He does his best to make sure people can understand him. He gave me an opportunity at WCS to interpret questions and help pass out souvenirs. He was very popular, lots of people asked for friendlies and photos. That was possibly the most memorable part of WCS for me. Very glad I had the chance to meet him.
  13. 五月雨のペンタオ

    Lucario 1.1 MU chart

    Man I wish I could know the logic behind why people still think Pikachu is a losing MU for Lucario without being part of the discords. I don't really see what Pikachu has that makes the MU any harder than the others. He goes on even footing in terms of footsies but loses out in terms of overall damage from confirms. Pikachu's main stay in field is just that Lucario doesn't have a super strong answer to jX but it's not like he can't just deal with it through standard means.
  14. Akuryo is the same age as me!? No way... I thought he was in his 30s or 40s at least... Fun interview! And hell yeah Farfetch’d. It's not a Braixen only support! I remember talking with Katou during the WCS dinners. Char (a young Zard player from Georgia) brought up vocaloids and Katou lit up. I think Sasafune said he didn't really listen to vocaloid music, but Elm said his favorite song was Senbonzakura. I kept mixing up Yusuke-kun and Yusuke-san because I wasn't sure which I was supposed to use when talking to him lol. Later on I found out he preferred Katou anyway. Sasafune in particular was very caring for Katou. He was playing with Yusuke a lot. They almost looked like brothers. Elm kept making sure Katou was feeling okay, making sure his mom wasn't worried, and even tried to make sure Yusuke got fed properly lol. I also remember an amusing conversation involving Thulius, Katou, Tono and Sasafune, but I will leave that one for another time. Other fun notes, Katou was Quiet's first opponent during the LCQ. Katou almost got disqualified because he was having trouble finding out which station to go to, but Quiet waited patiently to make sure he got a match. I think most people recognize him for beating BadIntent though.
  15. Reading your JP notes, Niko used 飛び道具 to refer to projectiles, which isn't something I've seen or heard very often lol. I would've assumed he meant aerial tools, but I looked it up and it translates to projectile. Damn. I'm so used to hearing 遠距離攻撃 or something like that instead lol. Other than being a strong and young Pikachu player, I pretty much knew nothing about Niko (I couldn't even find his twitter handle to follow him until now lol). Him having an interest in the Pikachu players across the seas is neat. I wonder if he knows about the constant battle for people here to say Pikachu is actually a good character and that lots of people dabble in Pikachu a little bit just to show that he's good. I wonder if hanging out with Itou is the reason why he views Gardevoir so highly. 'nother good interview, pls dont make me guess the interviewees though lol (Though I get why you had me do this one)