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  1. The Seniors bracket is for players born in 2003 or later, while the Masters bracket is for players born in 2002 or earlier. The only other difference is the prizes for Seniors and Masters (Masters division players get more than Seniors division players do).
  2. A list of moves Aegislash's Low Stance avoids. Aegislash: 2y jY 2x (nonbuffed) jX (ground hit) Blaziken: 2y 5y 6y 2x 4a 5a 6a (second kick) 6[a] (second & third kick) X+A (nonburst) Braixen: 2y 2x 8a Chandelure: 2y 8y j8Y 2x jX (ground hit) 4a (up close + ground hit) Charizard: 2y 8y j6Y 2x 6a 8a Croagunk: 2y 8y j9y 2x 4a jA (sludge) Darkrai: 2y 4y 8y jY 2x 4x 6a (only nonbuffed, if hit 5 times in a row by DV gets hit with full animation) 6[a] 4a (4x rifts) Decidueye: 2y 2x SSX (ground hit) 5[a] (ground hit) Empoleon: 2y 8y jY (close hit) 2x jX 6a 6[a] Garchomp: 2y 8y jY 2x jA Gardevoir: 2y 4y 8y 2x Gengar: 2y 6y 2x 2a ]A[ L+R Lucario: 2y 8y 2x Machamp: 2y 5y 8y jY 2x 4a 5a (cross chop) 8a (first hit) X+A Mewtwo: 2y 5y 8y 2x 5a X+A Pikachu: 2y 2x 4a 5a 6a Pikachu Libre: 2y 2x 6a Sceptile: 2y 2x 5x 5[x] jA (activation) Scizor: 2y 4y 6y 6yx jY 2x 5x 6x hX 2aY+B X+A Shadow Mewtwo: 2y 2yy 5y 8y 8yy 2x 5ay 5aa (level 1) jAX jAA Suicune: 2y 2x Weavile: 2y 2yy 2x Supports: Yveltal (ground hit) Quagsire
  3. Here's a list of attack buff timers when Aegislash transitions from Shield Forme to Sword Forme. AutoParry - 3 seconds long 4/6R - 4 seconds long B - 7 seconds long bYR - 7 seconds long fY - 7 seconds long sYR/s[Y]R - 7 seconds long 6X - 7 seconds long 5YR - 7 seconds long 5XR - 7 seconds long 6YR - 7 seconds long sword forme L+R - 7 seconds long 4YR - 8 seconds long 4A - 8.5 seconds long 6A - 8.5 seconds long 5A/5[A] - 8.5 seconds long nXX - 10 seconds long L+R - 10 seconds long
  4. jrjam

    Aegislash Move Theorizing

    Hello. Here is the list of theorized moves Aegislash has from the recent footage released after the 2v2 EVO Japan tournament. Note: if I say "buff", it refers to the yellow glow + attack buff Aegislash gains after swapping from Shield Forme to Sword Forme. He will always gain this buff when going to Sword Forme, so assume he gets the attack buff if said transformation occurs. Sword Forme / Field Phase nA A fast, forward moving attack that seems to have 2 ranges (short and medium). Transforms Aegislash into Shield Forme. fA / fA with buff Hit 1 Hit 2 Hit 3 A short range sword slash. If Aegislash is buffed, he does two extra slashes. The first > second slash is a true blockstring, while the second > third slash is not a blockstring. sA An AoE sword attack. Special cancelable/cancelable into fA. May require buff to do extra damage, transition into special cancel or function. bA A command counter that pushes back the opponent. Transitions you into Shield Forme. Shield Forme / Field Phase Back/Forward Dash A ghost dash with counter frames at its startup (most likely). Immediately transitions you into Sword Forme. Parry Activation Aftereffect of activation When Aegislash is in Shield Forme, he is a moving counter. When hit, he activates, pushing the opponent back and transitioning into Sword Forme. Both players are neutral when push back occurs. nY A medium speed projectile that can travel full screen. Shoots three in a small vertical line. Crits attackers. Special cancelable. nA A slow on startup laser, similar to Chandelure's fY. Crits attackers. Punishable on block. Transforms you into Sword Forme on completion. bY / fY / fA(??) Startup (no hitbox) Full move Aegislash places down a small hole in front of him that explodes with an upwards punch. Most likely Shadow Sneak, this move antiairs and is unpunishable on block. Transforms you into Sword Forme after completion. Burst Attack Only usable in Burst Mode. A fullscreen low-width laser with counter frames on startup. Transforms you into Sword Forme upon completion. Sword Forme / Duel Phase Forward Dash A very fast dash with counter frames on it. Poke Combo 5y 5yy 5yyy A fast poke that is special cancelable. 2a Same as the field variant in all aspects except it does not move you very far. Most likely punishable by i11. If the move hits shield, Aegislash bounces back. 4a Counter frames Activation A command counter that pushes the opponent back. Does not seem to combo, but puts both players in a neutral state. 6a Same as the field variant in all aspects except it doesn't phase shift. ~~Closing Notes~~ Multiple things were not seen in this footage, such as the eye laser, V-shaped projectile, charge laser, jX, 2y, or Sword Forme's burst. It will be interesting to see what these moves end up doing. Aegislash can seemingly immediately act out of transitioning into Sword Forme. A combination of dashing from Shield > Sword Forme and 4a/bA (King's Shield) will most likely be the fastest ways of staying in the Forme you want to be in. When transitioning from Sword > Shield Forme, Aegislash does not get a defense buff. The buff Aegislash obtains from transitioning formes lasts 8 seconds.