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  1. Cooljake

    FSBC Shining Feather Cup NA Results (Top 100)

    Im honored that u had to take the time to photoshop my ranked tag out
  2. Cooljake

    New players: Pika is busted

    Hi kino that's all I came here to say and pika is busted.
  3. Cooljake

    Empoleon combo videos

    Basic Bnbs video swillos vid
  4. Cooljake

    Empoleon Data

    thanks for the info chef
  5. Cooljake

    NorCal Regionals 2017: Full Results

    NCR was super fun glad to have gone and played.
  6. Cooljake

    Operation: Synergy

    Sounds good ill be sending in my letter for sure.
  7. Hey everyone so I was browsing through youtube and I found these combo vids for pika. check them out
  8. Cooljake

    Gwinnett Brawl Jda Vs Milln

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/121408414 Most of Jdas matches were on stream. Will edit once Youtube vods are made
  9. Cooljake

    The Pokkén Battle Frontier!

    I like this side event idea I wish I was going to winter brawl now
  10. Cooljake

    Final Round Donation Drive and Community Events

    Id beat anyone at death wish
  11. Cooljake

    Utahs Locals

    Hey everyone I just thought I would post that Utah does have a local every Friday that streams at 10pm Mst Heres our vods for the local https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCoWdEN7GB14JqoYAiMuhQg Our stream link https://www.twitch.tv/saltygamingshow/videos Ill usually post when we start on my twitter https://twitter.com/cool_jake21
  12. Cooljake

    Madluk vs Monkey vod

    Gonna try uploading a Pikachu vod every day on here