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  1. SmashSteve

    Mew Buff Percentages

    hey @Wzurds I also did some testing yesterday with Mew. My results were slightly different from testing 250 calls. I averaged the results, and rounded, so the actual results we're a couple points lower/higher, etc. Nothing: 10% ATK Buff: 35% CRIT Buff: 35% Both Buff: 20% Each call also provided 15cc of synergy, regardless of the stat outcome. 20 Second Charge time, 30 second recharge time.
  2. SmashSteve

    NEC 18: Full Results

    @Jetsplit The second link takes you to KPBLive's channel, and it won't allow to re-watch any of their videos unless your a paid subscriber (booo). Is their another link, where I can watch top 8?
  3. SmashSteve

    vs. Garchomp

    Psyanide, I just went back to check the Toryuken 2016 results, then players name was Psykotic! Not Psyanide, the names are SO similar I thought it was you. I meant to call out Psykotic, why don't you show up to your locals man!
  4. SmashSteve

    vs. Garchomp

    So there's another mystery player that uses the tag Psyanide in Canada.
  5. SmashSteve

    vs. Garchomp

    Welp, my bad. I saw you at Toryuken 2016 in Canada once, and assumed you were Canadian (most of the entrants were). Good on ya for supporting your locals though!
  6. SmashSteve

    vs. Garchomp

    I thought your in Ontario? Cause we have weeklies all the time, and I never see you. Your right about the Mewtwo vs. Garchomp match-up, mewtwo wins. But I was trying to challenge/motivate you to show up to your locals.
  7. SmashSteve

    vs. Garchomp

    Psyanide, Perhaps you should show up to your locals, and prove you really know this match-up. I'll be waiting.