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  1. While it isn't specifically battle mechanics related, I figure this is enough of a guide explaining a part of the game to include here. So you're playing in an online weekly, and you're on a tear, crushing all sorts of big threats, coming up on winners' finals, and it occurs to you: "I don't stream. Most of these guys don't stream. Heck, nobody in top 4 even makes any sort of content. Nobody's gonna see my sets, this whole tournament is gonna be lost to history! Online Pokkén is the worst." Everyone always says that the biggest tragedy of Pokkén is lack of spectator mode, and that there's no good way to stream online tournies and that people have tried and failed and the replay upload system is just too dumb and etc. I've been testing some things, and after doing a few dry runs with our wonderful Thunderdome host Jolts, I'd like to challenge some of those assumptions. It requires a bit of discipline and 1:1 communication, but after practicing it just a couple times, it is entirely possible to reliably collect an entire Bo5 set's worth of replays from another player in less than a couple minutes -- short enough downtime for a streamer to reliably be picking up a string of sets live during an online tourney, and importantly, pretty much all of them when they become fully serialized (i.e. top 3-4). Note that the criticisms of Pokkén's replay-sharing capabilities are ENTIRELY deserved -- this is quirky, non-intuitive, and way more rickety than it SHOULD be for a game this decade, but it CAN be done, and the process, while seemingly a little daunting at first, is really pretty simple. To wit: For the PLAYER: Go to Online Battle --> Replay --> Battle Log Locate the FIRST GAME of your set (by default, it will NOT be at the top) Select Upload Replay Data DM the streamer/recipient at least this much info: (Friendly/Group/Ranked) (Your name) (Your character) (Your letter rank) (Minutes portion of the timestamp) E.g. Friendly, Cecily, Gardevoir, A, :24 Wait for confirmation (e.g. "Cecily vs. Jolts, a Pikachu? Got it!") from the streamer/recipient Select the next game in your set, and Upload Replay Data DM the streamer the minutes portion of this new game (e.g. "next one is :26") Repeat steps 5-7 until all games from your set are confirmed. You're done! For the STREAMER/recipient: Go to Online Battle --> Replay --> Replay Theater, wait for a DM from the player with info Fill in Battle Type (most tournies require group battle, but if the tourney allows friendly codes or you're doing match analysis for viewers, get that info from the player too) and *Trainer 1* info for character and rank; leave trainer 2 blank Search for the game with that player *and the matching minutes timestamp* This should be narrow enough search criteria to find recent matches -- you likely don't even need rank. If it is not found, fill in *Trainer 2* with the player's info and leave Trainer 1 blank. If it is still not found, wait a minute or so, and repeat #2-3/3.1. If Pokkén somehow becomes incredibly huge in a few years, you may also need to narrow the search criteria with their opponent info, too. This is not currently the case, though. Select the game and choose the "P(1/2) Battle Trainer Information" which matches the player you're receiving from View their Replays, and you should see their specific game, just like in the search results. Select and save this replay. You may see other games from their set. DO NOT save these yet. DM the player that you received their game. Back out of the player's profile so that you are back at your search results and await the next DM with a new timestamp from the player Repeat steps 4-7 until all games from the set are confirmed. You're ready to stream a set! You only have 8 replay save slots. If you are streaming grand finals and the match goes on for 9 or 10 games, you'll have to grab the first set and the reset separately. Consider having the TO tell players to pause to collect replays if a reset happens. Theory behind the process, why it works, and more caveats and limitations: These instructions are designed for first-timers who haven't done it before; the important things to remember once you've practiced a couple times are 1) initial search for first game could be in the P1 or P2 slot, 2) use timestamps to confirm you're getting the right game, 3) back-and-forth communication to grab each manual upload by re-loading the player's profile. Pokkén's online profile system will only show a maximum of 3 replay games from any given player in any given category (ranked, friendly, group, and....wireless, go figure), and even then there are two different kinds of profile screens, one of which doesn't let you get to their replays at all. Worse still, two of those game slots are reserved for auto-uploads, if you have that turned on. Only a single replay is shown, and this corresponds directly to the most recent replay you have manually uploaded via Replay Theater. But the online system is actually very quick in updating this once you've successfully uploaded a new replay. Someone actively looking at your replays while online need only re-load your profile in order to see the new upload (but the old one will consequently disappear) -- there doesn't seem to be much if any caching or delay associated with it. The minutes portion of the timestamp is the important part of the "handshake" between player and recipient, because the full timestamp will be adjusted for your timezone. This also means if either party's timezone has a half-hour or quarter-hour offset, you'll need to adjust accordingly. But this is really only relevant for Newfoundland, India, and a handful of Australian and New Zealand territories -- everyone else has whole-hour offsets. Sadly, there are several downsides. Your battle log can hold only your most recent 16 games, and you can only upload from your battle log, not from your Saved Replays (of which you only have 8). This means you cannot assign someone to "replay collection duty" during a tournament to make streaming even more seamless by always having an experienced replay-share-person on both sides of the exchange. So if a player has never shared a set with anyone before, the burden falls on the streamer to coach the player along the way. But even so, I brought Jolts up to speed in under 10 minutes, and we were testing hiccups and explaining theory along the way. It also means that while you can always hold an entire FT5 friendly set in your battle log, your recipient cannot receive the whole thing if you went all the way to 5-4. They'll have to stream or otherwise record at least one game first, then receive the rest. Players should also be careful to pick rematch/change Pokémon/quit battle relatively quickly, as spending excessive time on the menu may end up failing to put a complete replay in the battle log. Offline off-stream sets still don't get any benefit from this technique, either, unless you're playing actual sets with wireless mode instead of LAN mode (ew, no). Also, of course, this doesn't work at all for 3v3, as for whatever reason 3v3 games are not replay-compatible. I know several people have known this was roughly how the replay-uploading system works, but I've not seen anyone actually boil it down to a process and take advantage of it to date. We do at least plan to try this out in practice for the next Thunderdome (major thanks to Jolts for guinea pigging this with me!), and I hope that having this guide/writeup in a permanent place will open up options for content creators and improvement discussions alike -- not just for streaming parts of online tournaments that would otherwise go unseen, but also for soliciting sets for match analysis, commentary practice, and anything that has needs beyond what posting a 30-second clip to Twitter can express. Happy sharing! P.S. Edited to add: if you'd like a pictorial explanation, turns out that Coro made one for PokkenSG and they've already been using essentially the exact same process for a while now. See the attached image!
  2. Edel Blau

    (Rerun) FSBC Infinite Eclipse Cup Results

    Best rerun cup, hands-down. Shoutouts to Devlinhart, Corgian, and Wimit Bwaix and all their viewers for turning their Pokkén streams into group cup party rooms! It really brought back the ranked-but-not-ranked feel of the first few cups, with a lot of different members of the community matching with each other but low-to-no stakes involved. I got to try out a new character and remember part of what drew me into the scene in the first place! And in a weird twist of fate, the paid-online-plus-everyone-already-having-titles emptiness meant that almost all matches were with stream viewers during those hours, so it was really a neat little event idea. ...That said, it's still impossible for anyone to get a green league master title in NA or EU since 0 wins ranks 60th or better, so it's still a pretty...cozy experience these days.
  3. Edel Blau

    FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup Results

    Despite the lower total attendance, this one was actually really fun! Major shoutouts to Stephmicky for keeping me company with great games practically the whole weekend, and just about everyone else on the NA toplist was a blast to play with, too. Made for a nice final-boss-ish cup for the 3v3 format! It's a shame I might not have enough time for the real final boss cup depending on when it actually is, though...I hear the whole SM2 Discord is prepping for a fun time
  4. Edel Blau

    "What Pokemon are you?" Quiz

    Huh. Well this is...amusing. I vaguely remember taking this somewhere else before I had Pokkén, and got something else I don't remember. Half a year into Pokkén, this happens. Go figure!
  5. Edel Blau

    Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    As the resident crazy old hermit lady who grew up in the era of the BBS and watched the rise of AIM from a college dorm, message boards and fansites are still kind of my go-to medium when I want to learn more about a game -- even though I realize communities these days are often fragmented and organically distributed across various modern social media platforms, it's still not really something I've been able to fully embrace. So I can honestly say that if Pokkén Arena weren't here when I picked up the DX version for the Switch (my first and only foray into Pokkén, mind you!), I probably wouldn't have been as easily able to feed my insatiable hunger for learning more about this game, wouldn't have found my way to Allister's Twitch stream, wouldn't have been convinced to figure out the newfangled Discordamabob thingamajiggy, and just plain wouldn't have ended up dipping my toes back into a competitive gaming community. And for how awesome this community has turned out to be, that would be a cryin' shame! Personal preferences for older communication media aside, I'll echo others' sentiments of liking the centralization and permanence of reference material here, and hope people continue to add to it -- and I hope it's still around when I stop merely sponging up the wealth of information here and have things of my own that I want to add and discuss, too!
  6. Edel Blau

    Guard Break Moves: Their Scaling & Advantage

    Great resource; thanks for compiling it all! I have a few addenda for Gardevoir if you want to clean this up/double check me (no reliable recording setup [until Wednesday I guess, maybe?], so frame quotes are estimates from working moves on the frame data spreadsheet rather than actual counts): 4[X] has 2 levels, the 2-3 spin level still has 40% scaling (but is down from 50% on 4X/1 spin), still same frame advantage 6X - 19F 20% Scaling 5YYY (hip-bump AKA "pretend you're a day 1 Garde") - 19F (or cancel into Pokémon moves; unsure of the exact frame advantage here, but Calm Mind ~ Dazzling Gleam confirms, Calm Mind ~ Teleport ~ jX confirms on tall characters, plinks on short ones from a short amount of testing) 10% Scaling 2Y frame advantage depends on range -- already-quoted one is for point-blank breaks; max range break is somewhere in the range 35F <= actual advantage < 47F since 4X confirms and [CA] plinks (couldn't get a Magical Leaf confirm in 5 minutes of trying either, but outside of some wacky support setup this isn't unlocking anything more optimal than what's already available...at first blush...)
  7. Edel Blau

    FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup NA Results (Top 100)

    Hey, it's Rainforest! I always feel lucky to play you in these cups. In fact, I really hit the jackpot playing with all y'all! Bad puns aside, the past two weeks were really fun and it was great to play against such a wide variety of players and meet so many of the folks on the Discord. I'm definitely warming up to this community!
  8. I don't know if I'm in the minority, but I'd definitely like to keep seeing this! I'm a DX baby when it comes to Pokkén, and this is the first time I've dipped my toes into actually participating in a community since back in the old DC++ video sharing days of Smash, so stuff like this and the new tech thread are good reminders of where stuff is actively happening. I'm old enough to be one of those folks who don't really understand the Twitters, but not quite old enough to be a grandma acting hip on Facebook -- so organized message boards and centralized topic-centered websites are still kind of my go-to comfort zone and I'm not really used to a distributed, multi-platform community yet. This kind of stuff really helps me bridge that gap! If anyone feels like it ends up being too many front page posts or something, some sort of weekly roll-up post (similar to weekly watch-lists for tournaments and such) might be a compromise, too.
  9. Edel Blau

    Planning on joining in the Aura Blast Cup

    Just chiming in to join the "jump in!" chorus, as well as to mention for anyone else reading this that not even the top 10 were exclusively great players! I'm Cecily (#10), and definitely don't count myself among the actually-great folks sharing the top 10 title with me yet. The first time I even picked up the game was with DX -- I never owned a Wii U or found an arcade machine. I've only been battling online for a couple months at most, and have only very recently started lurking the boards and looking up competitive guides/videos/etc. Like you, I've just fallen in love with the game and want to keep playing and improving. And I took the plunge to see what would happen, and surprised myself! This kind of event (the official group matches in general, that is) is not the kind that only rewards the most skilled players like a standard double elimination tournament. It runs for a rather-terrifyingly-long 16 hours a day for 4 days straight with no match limit and no laddering system other than raw win count, so it rewards passion a LOT more than skill. You still have to win some of those matches to get on the board, of course, and if you're good, you can get away with maybe not timidly squeezing in matches on airport wifi in between your connecting flights at 4 AM on Monday (sorry to those folks I played then!), but the more you play during the window, the better your odds of placing higher on the list, even if you're not the best of the best. I mean, sure, it meant a double-digit percentage of Allister's wins were trouncing me, but I also learned a TON compared to just playing ranked because 1) you can really focus on what you're doing wrong without having the game remind you of how many points you're losing while doing so, and 2) the absolutely random matchmaking combined with a lot of good players spending a lot of time on it means that you'll get a very diverse set of really good opponents with little to no overhead between matches that's hard to get outside of an offline major tournament, especially if ranked matchmaking is keeping you from experiencing many B+ players normally. Aside from some soreness in my poor 30-something-year-old thumbs, by day 4 I could feel a tangible difference in my decision making, my reactions, my reads, and ultimately my results. It was really satisfying! So go for it! From one newbie to another (and also to those who are lurking with similar sentiments), I can absolutely say it's worth it.