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  1. vs. Garchomp

    Well that figures lol
  2. vs. Garchomp

  3. vs. Garchomp

    That wasn't me LOL I've only been to MWC 2016, KIT 2017, Final Round 20, and MomoCon 2017.
  4. vs. Garchomp

    No I live in America lol and like I said, I'm at Gwinnett Brawl every month - which is where Georgia's Pokkén scene has their local brackets. If you don't believe me, there's vods up on youtube. It's the only local Pokkén scene we have within 400 miles of where I am
  5. vs. Garchomp

    ??? I go to Gwinnett Brawl every month...? We even have our own resident Garchomp who does fairly well (Horndrill). If I'm so horribly wrong about this matchup, do tell me where it is that I went wrong.
  6. vs. Garchomp

    Overview: This is a matchup that Mewtwo does pretty well in with regard to both phases... but there's one catch. Should you find yourself knocked down in the corner, you could be taking huge chunks of damage if you anticipate the wrong oki option Garchomp is going for. Knowing what your counters are for each potential oki option is one of the keys to doing well in this matchup. Field phase: Key moves to look out for - Garchomp's JY, fY, and homing Mewtwo can handle a lot of Garchomp's options in field pretty well. As long as Mewtwo can keep Garchomp away or react properly to certain options, he can effectively deal with Chomp here. One of the things that makes this matchup different from others, however, is that Garchomp bypass Mewtwo's zoning by way of dig. Garchomp has to be careful how close he approaches using dig and what he does out of it, though, because Mewtwo can exploit dig more easily in this phase. If he approaches too closely, Mewtwo can intercept with his homing or punish if Chomp commits to dig fully on block. Because of this, one of Chomp's safest options is to come out of dig and use JY from midrange. Mewtwo often has to respect it because if he gets hit by JY he gets knocked back into an airtech or gets knocked into a wallsplat, which can be confirmed into nYY, setting up knockdown at the wall into the transition to duel phase (putting you already at the worst position to be in this matchup) or setting up field phase oki. When Garchomp does get in, you gotta be careful not to get hit by Garchomp's pocket sand - aka forward Y. It's fairly quick at 17 frames and has a bit of range on it. Getting smacked by it puts you in an air tech during the transition to duel phase, giving Garchomp a bit of a positional advantage. One other move to watch out for in field is Garchomp's homing attack. It's a frame 10 homing, so it usually beats out ours when contesting it. Although if they use homing 1 on shield and start charging homing 2, you can often beat it out with Mewtwo's fY before it charges enough to pierce. Duel Phase: Key moves to look out for - Garchomp's Dragon Claw (5A), Sand Tomb (2A), running stance X, and ]X[ Should you win field, the gameplan from here is pretty straightforward - retain the life lead, keep Garchomp out, and be ready to react to what Garchomp does to try to get in accordingly. Psycho cut is pretty effective in this matchup as Garchomp can't avoid it without comitting to 2X or going into dig. Watch out if the Garchomp is running Emolga, however - Emolga will be able to punish psycho cut in duel phase upon activation. You can avoid the Emolga call in field by cancelling into a side dash. A lot of what Garchomp will be doing in neutral will be looking for an opening to land dragon claw in order to get a combo going or moving in and out of dig to either get in or bait out a reaction from Mewtwo to punish. If Garchomp jumps out of dig, be careful not to 8Y too early or else Garchomp can punish with a delayed JX. If you notice the opposing Garchomp is using earthquake out of dig, you can low stance earthquake (since Mewtwo's low stance will armor lows) and there'll be plenty enough endlag for Mewtwo to punish with 6X or fire punch. Sometimes Garchomp will try to close space in neutral or chase you while you're coming down out of an air tech by going into running stance. When he does that, be prepared to fire punch if he uses running stance X. Be careful about being too quick to fire punch simply on reaction to running stance, however, because Garchomp can use Sand Tomb out of running stance as well. You can also use fire punch to punish in reaction to Garchomp going in with dragon claw, but make sure not to mash the input or else dragon claw may outlast the armor. Simply input 2A once on reaction to dragon claw and wait for the critical hit from fire punch before confirming into ice punch. Should you get hit with Dragon Claw, however, Garchomp will often either confirm into J]X[ (jump release X) or go into running stance and go for a 50/50 by following with Sand Tomb. If they don't confirm into J[X], look out for the ensuing sand tomb. If they do confirm into J[X], they'll either carry into a wallsplat or set up for a knockdown in the corner And that's where this matchup reaches a critical juncture. How you'll act at this point depends on what oki option you think Garchomp is going to use. Knowing the Garchomp player's habits in this situation can help, but if you aren't sure what they'll go for, you'll have to watch very closely. If you see Garchomp charging sand tomb, you'll want to wait to react to the release of sand tomb. If they cancel out of sand tomb, there's a couple options they could go with. If they cancel out of sand tomb into J]X[, you can beat it with 8Y on wakeup. If they sand tomb cancel into running stance X, you could opt to block or go for the hard read and fire punch. If they release sand tomb or if they delay running stance, you can beat both with 2Y. 6YX is also a good callout against sand tomb. If you aren't sure if they'll sand tomb cancel into J]X[ , running stance X, or (if they're being real cheeky) stone edge, staying in block is a safe option as well. Be sure to keep in mind that Garchomp also has ways to call out your options as well. Like if the Garchomp is charging sand tomb and they're anticipating you'll 8Y to try to call out JX or J]X[, they can cancel out of sand tomb into dig. Same goes for using either of those aerials to call out 2Y. Garchomp can also call out 8Y, 2Y, and 6Y with a cancel into stone edge as well so you'll wanna watch for that possibility too. You'll also wanna pay attention to PSP count, as it can affect what you decide to do based on risk assessment. Say for example, if you've been knocked into a corner after a combo and estimate that Garchomp only has about 5-6 PSP left, it'd actually be better to eat a running stance X (which is 5 PSP) instead of risk taking a sand tomb, which is 0 PSP and can be confirmed into ]X[ for more damage than if you had just taken the running stance X. Be sure to also keep in mind that sand tomb isn't nearly as scary when at midscreen since it won't juggle so if you're on the ground at midscreen, don't be afraid to take the grab. Recommended supports: Togekiss - a good option for any matchup. Getting the speed boost will allow Mewtwo to be able to dominate Garchomp in neutral even more than he already can. Fennekin - a good way of getting out of oki situations in the corner, especially since Garchomp doesn't have any ways to punish fennekin outside of burst attack - and even that requires somewhat strict timing. I typically recommend using Fennekin over Umbreon since it charges faster. If there's anything I've missed or if you have any questions, be sure to let me know below.
  7. vs. Chandelure

    We also missed something. Chandelure's 6XX (both with and without the just frame) is -20 on block and is a free punish with fire punch or 6X
  8. vs. Gardevoir

    Overview: Mewtwo has a couple matchups that are pretty solidly in his favor, but the nature of the matchup requires some refined skill from the player in order to get the leverage Mewtwo can provide him. This is one such matchup. Mewtwo has the ability to get around or even exploit some of Gardevoir's zoning, but the player has to act quickly. Other times the player will just have to respect Gardevoir's zoning - because if he doesn't, he might pay dearly for it. Field Phase: Key moves to watch out for - Gardevoir's sY and f[Y] It's a little trickier for Mewtwo to deal with Gardevoir's zoning in this phase. Granted, he can walk or sidestep around Gardevoir's linear projectiles - but he has to be wary of sY as well as magical leaf. The former is more threatening, though, as it comes out faster and can be linked with other projectiles to do a decent chunk of damage and get the phase shift. If Mewtwo is running Togekiss, he can more easily navigate around the linear projectiles and even punish them with homing if he's within range. You also always wanna watch out for Gardevoir's f[Y] as it counter pierces and can be linked into followups that can not only do really good damage but also push you back, giving Gardevoir a positional advantage and keeping you in field phase. You generally wanna approach sideways while gradually moving forward, blocking any tracking projectiles along the way until you have an opening. Duel Phase: Key moves to watch out for - Gardevoir's 2X, Stored Power, and energy ball This is where Mewtwo can really thrive if the player knows what to do. From midrange, Mewtwo can fire punch all of Gardevoir's projectiles except for 2X. 2X can be punished from midrange or closer on reaction with iAD JY. Energy ball is especially exploitable and is one of the easier projectiles to punish, as it moves slowly and has a good amount of endlag. You could iAD JY over it to try to punish but energy ball's diffusion acts as an anti-air, which can be a starter for some big damage. If you also try to iAD JY energy ball from too far away, Gardevoir could 8Y your approach once the endlag ceases - so you generally just wanna fire punch on reaction to energy ball if you're within range to connect it. Thankfully, fire punch has pretty good range. Stored Power could also be fire punched but that requires more of a hard callout since it comes out real fast. Be aware of how many calm minds the opposing Gardevoir has stockpiled, because she'll look to use store power when she is maxed out. 4Y can also be a nuisance since it comes out so quickly and can be hard to react to. Since it's a low, however, Mewtwo can low stance armor it - but if you can't react quickly enough to do so, you can always just block it. This move can also be punished with iAD JY if it's used up close. One thing that's changed in this matchup with DX is that Moonblast can now be dash cancelled. Previously, you could just simply fire punch it on reaction but now Garde can use this new change to bait out a reaction or to keep you in shield - so be careful when trying to react to the startup of moonblast. If you're within range, your safest bet may be to throw out 2Y on reaction to Moonblast's startup. It'll stuff the attack's release if you're quick enough to react or could also catch a forward dash cancel. Some Gardevoirs may forward dash cancel out of moonblast and try to grab you if you're staying in shield. 2Y would also net you a little crit damage should they go for this. Recommended Supports: Togekiss - always a good option for any matchup. In this particular case, Togekiss can help Mewtwo to close space more quickly and can be especially useful for navigating around and sometimes punishing Gardevoir's field phase projectiles If you have any questions or anything else to add, feel free to let me know in the thread
  9. vs. Charizard

    If Charizard is constantly charging fireballs in field, you can CADC them for free synergy and get them to approach. You also wanna be careful about when you use 8Y against airborne Zard because JX can be cancelled while charging and a smart Zard will try to bait out a reaction. And one other note for those reading this thread - Zard's burst attack in the air no longer has frame 1 invincibility on activation so now we can contest Mega Zard X when he's in the air above us
  10. vs. Blaziken

    Since Blaze kick isn't a blockstring, it can be punished on block with fire punch. Although you'll wanna be wary if Blaziken starts getting trigger-happy with the flare blitz followup since it counter pierces. Also, when Blaziken uses High Jump kick on block, a JY followup will beat both 8Y and fire punch out of shield
  11. vs. Weavile

    Weavile's 2X is safe on block when used from max range. Otherwise it's -12
  12. Quick Tips: vs. Braixen

    Mewtwo generally wants to be in close proximity to Braixen because it forces her to guess. Braixen can deal with Mewtwo best when she keeps around midrange or beyond. Also, when Braixen uses 8X on block in the corner, fire punch will punish air dash JY without having to first dash
  13. vs. Chandelure

    Midrange can become an interesting game of high/low chicken. If the opposing Chandelure is relying a lot on moves like 2Y, will-o-wisp, smog, and hex at midrange, all of these can be beat by iAD JY. Once you start winning those interactions, the opposing Chandelure will be faced with the decision of continuing to use those options when you're at midrange or start using a couple antiairs. However, since 8Y has antiair properties starting at frame 1, it's not as much of a committment unless Mewtwo is in her face since it doesn't require the player to go for a hard callout or react super quickly at midrange. However, Chandelure's antiair options have enough endlag to provide an opening for a punish on whiff. In 8Y's case, this is somewhat negated by being able to special cancel it but getting predictable with followups can still provide an opportunity for a hard callout. Chandelure generally wants to keep Mewtwo beyond her 2Y range because he can't touch her from that range and it's a lot easier to react to anything the Mewtwo player may try to do hastily from that range.
  14. vs. Lucario

    Overview: Overall, this is a fairly even matchup. Mewtwo has the obvious advantage in field phase, but it's not unwinnable for Lucario by any means - he just has to be able to patiently deal with Mewtwo's zoning. In duel phase it can go either way, but whoever wins field phase will have an edge when holding the life lead, forcing the other to approach. Field phase: Moves to look out for - Lucario's sY and bone rush As I mentioned earlier, Mewtwo wants to keep Lucario out here, dealing as much chip damage along the way as possible until an opening presents itself to initiate the shift into duel. One slight change that has come about in DX that makes this aspect of the matchup slightly different is the nerf to field phase psycho cut. The hitstun and blockstun of this move was reduced - so if Lucario blocks this move in field, he can act sooner than he would before. I bring this up because you want to be wary of where you are when using psycho cut in field - because if you psycho cut and cancel into backdash too close to Lucario, he'll be able to catch you with bone rush as you're dashing back out of psycho cut. Speaking of bone rush - this is not the only move where you need to be wary of bone rush. Take Mewtwo's fY; it's a decent move to punish moves from midrange and punishing strings on block, but the move by itself is -27 on block - giving Lucario ample time to punish with bone rush out of shield. Lucario could also easily CADC fY on a read and punish with a crit grab or bone rush, so you don't want to rely on this move in neutral. When Lucario moves in midrange, you wanna also be wary of his side Y, which can catch if you let your guard down. It comes out pretty quickly and will shift to duel phase on hit. If the opposing Lucario is prone to using this move at mid-to-close range, however, you can CADC this move and punish it with a grab if you can predict when they will throw out the move. Duel Phase: Key moves to look out for in neutral - Lucario's 2Y, 8Y, and bone rush Now this is where things get real. How you play this phase usually depends on whether you won field or not. If you won field and currently have the life lead, you'll wanna be on the defensive - make Lucario come to you, and be ready to punish any mistakes or overexertions. This is where knowing how to option select bone rush with CA comes in handy. You could do the option select with Mewtwo's normal counter or with either of Mewtwo's command counters. Personally I recommend performing the option select with fire punch - it grants you 165 damage for just a few phase shift points and on top of that, it resets to a neutral where you have an expanded life lead. If you aren't in the life lead, however, you'll need to play neutral and approach carefully. Like with other matchups, Mewtwo has a couple offensive tools at his disposal, both of which he can threaten with within his long grab range. Those tools, of course, being iAD JY and 2Y. These come especially in handy in this matchup, as they can beat out some of Lucario's options when used at the right time. Note that Mewtwo's 2Y slightly outranges Lucario's 2Y - this allows Mewtwo to be able to poke from outside where Lucario can contest it with his own. This can also be used as a noncommittal option when you think Lucario is about to use 8Y but aren't confident enough to use a hard callout like 2X or fire punch. This matchup in the mid-to-close range has several possibilities for high/low interactions. When Mewtwo approaches, Lucario has to determine if Mewtwo is going to go for a grab, iAD JY, or one of his low options - either 2Y or 2X. Now the only way Lucario can really deal with iAD JY is either by blocking or going for 8Y as a hard callout. So if Lucario guesses iAD JY and tries to preemptively antiair with 8Y but ends up whiffing and Mewtwo remains in neutral, Mewtwo has a small window to punish with a couple options - either with fire punch to get the crit damage or start a combo with 6X or 2XX. But it's a small window because there isn't much end lag on Lucario's 8Y, so the player has to act quickly. If Lucario thinks you'll stay on the ground and try to approach and either go for 2Y or grab, he may start going for 2Y. If Lucario is going for 2Y a lot at mid-to-close range, you can make him pay for it with iAD JY. iAD JY is also good for beating out Lucario's CA if you see him constantly see him charging it up and releasing it, as Lucario's counter is a low mid. Lucario's 2Y is also a good offensive poke and pressure tool in the corner, so be wary of it when Lucario is on the offensive as well. This is especially true in the corner - where Lucario can really force high/low shenanigans. Crossover JY is a good way to get out of the corner but can be stuffed by Lucario's 8Y if you get too predictable with it. If you anticipate a crossover JY callout, you could callout his callout with 2X. You dont wanna try to fire punch 8Y when you're up close because 8Y will interrupt it. This is a matchup where you dont want to overrely on any one option - if you constantly use iAD JY in neutral, you'll eventually get called out by 8Y and take a good chunk of damage. If you go for too many 2Y's and/or grabs in close range, both of those can be beaten out by 8X, which is also a combo starter and can really rack up damage on crit. You'll wanna keep this in mind and play neutral carefully. Another good thing to be aware of in this matchup is Lucario's frame traps. For example, if you block Lucario's 6[X] oki and respond with fire puch while Lucario is +8, Lucario will be able to stuff it with 5YYYY. And one last note I wanna make about playing this matchup is that you DON'T want to throw out fire punch in neutral, as Lucario can punish it easily with ExtremeSpeed. Recommended Supports: Togekiss - a solid pick for any matchup. Togekiss makes Mewtwo's already solid neutral even better, which is a big help in a matchup that involves a lot of footsies Eevee - always a good support in matchups against characters that get quick access to burst. If you fear having to deal with Mega Lucario without being able to use your lights, Eevee will be there to lend a Helping Hand. If there's anything I've missed or if you have any questions - be sure to let me know below
  15. Probably aiming to show up in the early afternoon on Saturday