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    Focus Blast Oki

    Focus Blast when meaty: Is +4-5 on block Does 5-15 chip damage Is safe on not only counters but also reversals like ExtremeSpeed This makes is a pretty good oki option - and the keys to getting the most out of it are knowing how to set it up and being aware of how much PSP you have. Setting up Focus Blast Oki Field Phase You can set up for Focus Blast Oki in Duel Phase by landing charged or uncharged CA in field, either with the raw CA or as a followup from crit 4AA, as shown here: You can also set up Focus Blast oki after shifting with JX in field - but there's one condition with this move. The angle at which you land JX affects the distance the opponent is knocked back, affecting your followup options off of focus blast oki. The more directly above you are when you land JX, the shorter the knockback distance will be. If you land JX at a more diagonal angle, the knockback will be further and you won't be able to threaten with grab after setting up your oki. Duel Phase (Midscreen) You can setup Focus Blast oki midscreen either off of an aerial 2X knockdown during a juggle, or following a 6YX knockdown. The latter sets up for more overall damage so that one is usually preferable. You can set up for this best off a JY juggle either from an antiair or a launcher. Height control a key factor when setting this up in order to reduce how far your opponent is pushed back on the knockdown from 6YX: Unfortunately, you can't setup Focus Blast oki off of [CA] > 6YY in a way that puts you plus within grab range because you can't control the height of where 6YX hits following CA. You could also set up for this from midscreen by using wall carry to take the opponent into corner for the setup. Duel Phase (corner) There are a few moves you can use in the corner with or without wallsplat to setup for Focus Blast Oki at the wall such as 6Y/6YY: or JX: or even crit Fire Punch! Focus Blast Oki followups: High/Low and PSP One thing you always have to keep in mind with Mewtwo is that because he doesn't have any safe mids, it affects interactions in certain situations - this being one of those. Two of Mewtwo's best followups after focus blast oki are 5Y and 2X, neither of which are mids. You have to do some risk/reward assessment when deciding which option to go for because if your opponent tries to guess high/low and they guess right, you could either eat a low poke/sweep or a jump-in/divekick/aerial. With this in mind, 5Y is the safest followup of the two. 5Y also deals the most damage midscreen when there's low remaining phase shift points (PSP). iAD JY is a good followup if you don't wanna guess high/low, but the drawback would be that you'd be trading damage for covering high/low if you don't have much PSP left. After most Focus Blast oki setups midscreen, you usually have enough PSP to followup with either 5Y > 5AA or 2X:X/2X:X > 6X. In the corner, you can get more followup damage when there's low PSP with 2X. If you have low PSP or if you aren't sure how much PSP you have left, you can go for 2X > W! > JX > 6A for a nice, juicy 207 damage.
  2. There are a number of support options to consider when playing Mewtwo - but the question is which ones are best suited either for Mewtwo as a character or for dealing with certain matchups? That's what I'm hoping to answer in this guide. Now there is still some room for development in this part of the Mewtwo meta, so this may be updated with new support options in the future when we find some that are particularly useful for Mewtwo across a number of matchups or for a specific matchup. Here I'll list 2 supports that serve Mewtwo well across several matchups along with other supports that help Mewtwo out in specific matchups. Generally solid support picks Togekiss: The classic favorite among Mewtwo players in the west that was pushed by Thulius himself before becoming a common trend. Togekiss's speed increase makes Mewtwo's already strong neutral in duel phase even better and gives his homing attack in field insanely good ability to whiff punish or segway around certain options in field using side homing. The health Togekiss gives also grants Mewtwo a bit of additional longevity. Eevee: Another favorite support pick among Mewtwo players all across the world, Eevee serves as a major boon for dealing with opponents in burst through the attack buff it gives - especially 100/150 CC characters that can get access to their bursts reliably once a round at least. The attack buff is also helpful for giving Mewtwo additional damage output, which is helpful for keeping up with damage output of certain characters or quicker finishing opponents with higher HP pools. Useful supports for certain matchups Magikarp: I've found Magikarp to be very helpful for dealing with Chandelure in duel phase as the only way Chandelure can get a knockdown while getting hit by Karp is by using 8X, which is pretty slow and plenty reactable (she could also push you back with smog to trade w/ Karp but so long as you air tech towards her after getting hit with smog, you'll be able to keep advantage on the knockdown). Karp allows M2 to get a free knockdown in duel phase against Chandy and enables him to approach and force an oki situation. Magikarp can also be pretty strong against zoners in general, as the looming threat of the knockdown from Karp makes them hestiant to throw out a button and can give Mewtwo an opportunity to get a grab. Fennekin: Fennekin acts as an invinicble wakeup option against characters with strong advantage states during oki - this allows you to wakeup without having to make a guess. Fennekin is also pretty helpful for dealing with Empoleon's aqua jet options on block, as it beats out all of the followups out of aqua jet except for Cut (I talk more about the full utility of Fennekin as well as other support options in this matchup in the Empoleon matchup guide). Just know that opponents in burst will be able to easily punish Fennekin calls when baited out and is not helpful in the Garchomp matchup anymore now that Dig can punish Fennekin using the projectile invcibility it has for several frames. Umbreon: Along the same vein, Umbreon performs the same functions as Fennekin does. The major differences with Umbeon being that while Umbreon charges slower than Fennekin, Umbreon's attack comes out immediately - making it harder to bait out and punish. It's also important to know that Umbeon's attack leaves you -4 on block, whereas Fennekin leaves you +4 so be sure to keep in mind. Pachirisu: Pachirisu can be an interesting anti-zoning tool as it creates openings for punishes with its projectile invincibility. Lately, I've also found Pachirisu to be helpful for clearing Sceptile's leech seeds in duel phase (Pachi can also erase bullet seed, but only while they're in the air before they hit the ground). Snivy: Snivy is pretty handy in the Charizard matchup, as a Snivy call in reaction to moves like Zard's field J[Y]/JY and sY can give Mewtwo a knockdown in field and a chance to setup oki. Snivy himself can also be used as an oki setup, as Snivy leaves you plus on block after Leaf Tornado and the hitbox is active long enough to help deal with wakeup CAs. Emolga: A support that keeps CA-happy opponents in check and is useful as a reactionary tool to certain options like Sceptile's leech seed planting or Aegislash's switch to shield form. Mismagius: ' A favorite counterpick against Aegislash, Mismagius can keep Aegislash's shield form in check with the advancing piercing hurtbox and can set up for an unblockable on oki. The attack buff also gives Mewtwo even more reward off of exchanges won in neutral, which can help end rounds quicker. Ninetales: The only support that will reliably bail you out of guessing on wakeup against Garchomp in the corner. Dig's projectile invincibility lets him iframe through Fennekin with ease and Umbreon with proper timing, but Ninetales' pushback prevents Chomp from punishing calling it on wakeup, neither by dig or by Burst Attack. Supports to be further evaluated Mega Rayquaza: With the recent buffs, I've been considering Mega Ray as a potential pick against Suicune (as a way to stuff Suicune's JY zoning or other aerial options) as well as against Aegislash. Will update this once I've done more testing myself or gotten feedback/evaluations/support about Mega Ray from the other Mewtwo players.
  3. Psyanide

    vs. Pikachu

    Overview: This matchup is one that is generally in Mewtwo's favor. Being able to hold his own in field, exert strong aerial pressure in neutral with iAD JY, and camp Pikachu with a life lead and force an approach allows the genetic pokemon to give Pikachu a hard time. However, don't sleep on the electric mouse - as he can also camp Mewtwo, take advantage of superior frame data in close quarters, and exert considerable pressure with a strong, long-lasting burst mode. One that, as a 100 cc character, he can get access to often. Field Phase: Key moves to watch for: Pikachu's J[Y], JX, fY This is a pretty important part of the matchup, as whoever wins field phase sets the tone of the match. Should Mewtwo win, he can sit back in low stance in duel phase (low stance armors 5A, the only attack Pika can throw at Mewtwo from long range), hold the life lead, and force Pikachu to approach. If Pika wins, he can also camp Mewtwo in duel phase by sitting in low stance (which ducks under Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam, the only moves Mewtwo can throw at Pika from long range), hold the life lead and force Mewtwo to approach. Not only that, but Pikachu will have 40% of his meter just by winning field phase once. You'll want to mind spacing when using certain zoning options because if Pika jumps one of your projectiles, you can expect him to quickly JX to catch you during your endlag. Speaking of JX, make sure you're familiar with how to punish it. How you can punish it depends on the height that it's used at, and there's a little variation with spacing - but usually if Pika hits above Mewtwo's hand in shield, you can punish with homing attack. If Pika hits around Mewtwo's hand or the middle part of the shield, you can punish with grab. But if Pika uses JX from a low height and hits the lower part of your shield, he's only -5 so you can no longer punish them with grab. You could eat a homing attack if you try to grab when they're safe so make sure you pay close attention. Another good move Pika has in field that you can punish is his forward Y. Now normally the move is safe on block, but both hits of the attack are not a true blockstring so you can CA in between them. There's a few ways you can punish it by armoring between the first and second hits - either with CADC grab, using your own forward Y, or with barrier into drain punch, which will not only win you field but snag you 100 CC of meter ahead of Pika. These options go for both when Pika uses normal fY or fY(1) into 5A. Just keep in mind that if Pika uses fY from the max range of Mewtwo's fY or drain punch, he'll recover before either can hit him - so you may want to opt for drain punch for the less risky option on block. You'll often see Pika charging up J[Y] in field. If you can get psycho cut out before Pikachu releases J[Y], you can preemptively stuff it. Otherwise, if the J[Y] hitbox comes out as psycho cut does, it'll just trade since they have the same priority. Mewtwo's sY has less priority but often one or two of the disks will get past J[Y] because of how spread out they are. The same happens when Mewtwo's and Pikachu's sY interact. Duel Phase: Key moves to watch for: Pikachu's 5X, 5A, 6Y, SB 2Y How you go about playing duel phase depends on who's got the life lead - you or Pikachu. If you're the one with the life lead, simply sit outside of Pika's 5X range in low stance and force them to approach. If they like to use 5X in neutral a lot, you can make them pay for it with iAD JY. Since 5X is a mid low, jump will avoid it starting at frame 5. If they try to jump in with a thunder cancel, wait until after the thunder cancel to put out 8Y. If you try to anti-air too early, you could get smacked with a delayed JX. Keep in mind that JY and JX are both plus on block, so it would be wise to respect the frame advantage. Once Pika is in close, knowing Pika's frame data and the gaps in his strings are important for dealing with his offensive pressure. 5YX, 5YYX, and 5YYYX are all +4 on block with or without their just frames but the weak hits into the strong hit is not a true blockstring so you can CA between them. Just be careful not to get too CA-happy when you see a Pikachu using 5Y/5YY/5YYY on your block because they can special cancel into nuzzle as a mixup. If Pikachu is using 5Y on Mewtwo's CA, he can beat it out with 2A due to it being a low crush. The same goes for confusion. If Pikachu is up close and tries call out iAD JY with [Y], remember that you can punish both the unenchanced version (-16) and enhanced version (-12) on block. If Pikachu uses 8Y on Mewtwo's shield, don't immediately try to catch him in the air with 8Y as Pikachu can alter the trajectory of where he moves into the air with 7Y or 9Y and further maneuver around and behind Mewtwo with a thunder cancel. Don't let him bait you into whiffing 8Y, giving them the opportunity to punish. You'll want to stay in shield until Pikachu is out of the air. If you go into duel phase and Pikachu is the one with the life lead, you'll want to carefully approach and look for an opening. Play footsies within iAD JY/2Y/grab range while being wary of Pikachu's 5X. If Pikachu tries to call out iAD JY with 7Y/8Y/9Y in neutral, wait until he commits to an aerial followup to antiair him. You'll want to be especially careful when Pikachu is in burst mode, as Pikachu's synergy burst 2Y becomes a looming threat whenever you're within range of it. Watch carefully and look for an opportunity to call out 5X or 2Y with iAD JY if they like to throw it out a lot whenever they're in range. You also want to be careful about using fire punch in this matchup, as Pikachu can ignore the Fire Punch/Ice Punch 50/50 with 8A - but if you space it far enough, you can make fire punch safe against 8A. If at any point you suspect Pikachu will use Nuzzle either in neutral or on oki and want to call it out, use 6YX instead of 8X because both will result in a hard knockdown on crit against nuzzle but 6YX will net you more damage. Also pay attention to whether the opposing Pikachu is hitting their 6Y just frames or not - as it'll make the difference between them being -8 or +4 on block. If they're not getting the just frames, try testing the waters with 2Y to see whether they block or keep pressing buttons during -8 situations. You can also use 8Y if they're going for highs after 6Y on block or you want to push them back and create space. Recommended Support(s) Togekiss: The go-to support in this matchup as this is a very neutral-heavy matchup and getting that boost to your footsies with speed buff will go a long way to making life difficult for Pikachu. Eevee: Another option if you're wanting to be able to use your lights against Pika in burst, but it'll be more for being able to anti-air burst Pika with 8Y as your light pokes (2Y/5Y) won't do you as much good against burst Pika since he can outrange both of them with his 2Y. If I've missed anything or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below
  4. Don't worry - I'll try to get as many people to see that Empoleon is the worst character in the game and that Blaziken is not bottom 3 as I can
  5. Psyanide

    Maining the Wrong Pokemon

    I did for a time, but I found out I was lacking something and was able to better play my character once I corrected it
  6. Psyanide

    Newbie Q&A Thread

    It somewhat depends on the individual matchup but a few solid general options for support include ones like Togekiss (the speed boost adds to Decidueye's already high mobility and improves his neutral and the healing gives Decidueye a little more longevity), Eevee (attack boost increases Decidueye's already good damage output and helps Decidueye deal with opponents in burst), and Frogadier (helps Decidueye get through zoning as well as applies pressure and sets up for unblockables with the right timing). As for cheer skills, most players will run special for synergy gain but you could also run support if you're really needing support for a specific matchup or even whimsical if you tend to play defensively and get a lot of timeouts (you won't get support benefits if you win a round by timeout except for whimsical - it'll do something regardless of the outcome of a round)
  7. Psyanide

    vs. Empoleon

    Overview: This matchup might seem a bit difficult at first or even overwhelming if you have no idea how to deal with Aqua Jet, but in actuality this is one of Mewtwo's better matchups. The keys to doing well in this matchup are knowing how to exploit Empoleon in field phase, knowing how to deal with various aqua jet options, and exploiting Empoleon's weaknesses on offense and defense in duel phase. Field Phase: key moves to watch for: Empoleon's nY, sY, Aqua Jet (5A), Ice Beam (6A) This is the phase where Empoleon's the easiest to deal with. You can treat field phase Empoleon a lot like Suicune - almost all of his options can be walked around (nY, Aqua Jet, Ice Beam) and his sY can be stuffed on reaction with psycho cut when it's done from midrange or further because of how much endlag the move has. Even if they try to immediately follow up with fY, psycho cut will still beat it out. If you block raw sY up close, Empoleon is safe unless they're right in your face - in which case, you can punish with homing attack. However, they might try to follow with fY so it's a bit of a 50/50. You also don't wanna get too happy with psycho cut, as Empoleon can negate it with defog or go for a hard callout with ice beam. Additionally, you always want to mind your spacing when using psycho cut into a straight backdash. If you're using it too close, Empoleon can catch your backdash with aqua jet. If you cancel your psycho cut into a sideways dash, though, Empoleon wont be able to punish it. A good Empoleon player will patiently try to approach you. When they're closer up, they're likely to go for nY or go in with a homing attack. If they use nY into aqua jet around midrange or further, it's a blockstring so you wont be able to interrupt in between the 2 moves with CA. When used up close, however, you can CA after nY to punish aqua jet. BUT you should be wary of using normal CA in this specific instance because it's inconsistent. The reason being that it can be beat out by aqua jet through a few different ways: if used in closer spacings, Aqua jet will actually avoid an uncharged CA because Empoleon lingers in midair for a bit during the endlag of the move; in any spacings where nY > aqua jet isn't a true block string, Empoleon can stuff CA with surf followup; rock smash followup out of aqua jet will beat uncharged CA. Barrier will usually catch the aqua jet followup and confusion will punish except at a very specific spacing where the aqua jet followup hits during the 2 frames of barrier's startup when it's not active yet. I'll talk more about aqua jet and how to deal with its various options in duel phase. Empoleon's homing attack is 21f and can anti-air like ours. However, none of the hits following homing 1 is a block string so if they keep going after homing 1 you can easily stuff it with CA. Another good thing to know here in field phase is that Steel Wing (JA) is punishable regardless of height or number of hits that are landed. If Empoleon gets both hits of JA, Mewtwo can punish with grab. If Empoleon only lands one hit of JA, it's a guaranteed homing attack punish no matter what height he is at. If you wanna sneak a 20% synergy gain, are just feeling cheeky, and/or just want a positional advantage going into duel phase, you can also punish a single hit of JA with a quick drain punch depending on the height. When single-hit JA is used above where Mewtwo's hand is when he's holding shield, you can land a quick 4AX. Duel Phase: Key Moves to watch for: Aqua Jet, Steel Wing, Ice Beam, JY The objective of playing against Empoleon in duel phase is to make him feel as uncomfortable as possible for as long as possible. What I mean is you actually want to consistently be in close quarters with Empoleon. When Mewtwo is in close range, there is little Empoleon can do to counter him. Trying to call out iAD JY with 8Y is a risk because it's 11f punishable, and he really doesn't have any other defensive options. Empoleon's CA is a mid low, so you can beat out the release with iAD JY. You want to make Empoleon fear iAD JY while also threatening grab as well as your other pokes like 2Y and 5Y. Both have pretty good range so when you're in close-to-mid range, Empoleon has to guess as to what you're going to do. It's when you're beyond mid-range where Empoleon is more of a problem to deal with. At this distance, Empoleon can try to zone you out with JY and follow up with ice beam or level 3 aqua jet for a block string with the right spacing. Don't try to CADC JY, as Empoleon can catch you with ice beam during your dash. Mewtwo can armor ice beam with low stance, so keep an eye out for Empoleon trying to use it in neutral. The startup is slow enough for you to be able to react to it. This gives you a way to get a little synergy and be able to respond sooner to sliding followups afterward. And now we come to one of the more knowledge-heavy aspects of the matchup - dealing with aqua jet: Level 1 aqua jet - Mewtwo's 8Y beats all followups except for rock smash Rock smash and Surf (all aqua jet levels) - can be jumped over. JY/JYX can help stuff rock smash after jumping over it Cut and waterfall can be CA'd as can Surf, but you'll have to hold CA longer to absorb all of the hits. Barrier will absorb surf as well Rock smash can be preemptively beat with grab at all levels of aqua jet but it's a hard callout - and a risky one, at that. Burst attack followup out of aqua jet can also be jumped If you do happen to get hit by Aqua jet and put into a knockdown, you should be prepared to respect Empoleon's oki options. Some common oki setups include rock smash out of defog or drill peck, 2X slide into steel wing or hydro cannon, or whiffed defog followed by grab. When you see them starting to slide out of 2X, watch for the hydro cannon startup and be ready to CA it. If they mess up on getting both hits of JA when using it for oki or in neutral, it's important to know how to be able to punish it. Unlike field phase, getting both hits of JA makes the move safe on block. Single-hit JA is only safe when used very close to the ground. Higher than that, the frame data varies based on the height it's being used from. I'll be using Mewtwo's hand when he's holding shield as a reference. At the height of Mewtwo's hand or lower, single-hit JA is -16. Above Mewtwo's hand or higher, single-hit JA is at least -20 so it's a free 6X punish. Barrier can be helpful in this matchup as a way to call out aqua jet-happy penguins. Just be aware that you have to treat crit confusion on aqua jet as an anti-air, as Empoleon stays in the air during the stun animation so you'll have to followup with an 8Y combo starter. Overall Strategy Make sure you win the first field phase. Stay fairly close to Empoleon in duel phase and assert your dominance in neutral against Empoleons that are respecting your options. If they're not being respectful, be ready to make them pay for pressing buttons. If you go into field phase with the life lead, you can play keep-away by zoning him out, walking around his projectiles and beating them with your own when you can. Recommended Support(s) Fennekin: The best support option for this matchup. iFrames allow you to avoid every followup out of Aqua Jet and punish all of them except for Cut. However, just having Fennekin available could condition Empoleon into using Cut (which you can fire punch) or using no followup at all, allowing you to take less chip damage and ending Empoleon's pressure earlier. Fennekin can also help you get out of unwanted oki situations should you be put into a knockdown. Snivy: Used for the same reasons as Fennekin but it charges faster while guaranteeing a punish on Cut and trading with Rock Smash. However, it can still be beaten out by a burst attack followup out of aqua jet and can be beaten with a meaty rock smash as well as JA oki. Umbreon: Does what Fennekin does better, but takes longer to charge. Still a solid choice if you don't mind waiting for another 10 seconds before being able to use it If there's anything I've missed or if you have any questions, be sure to let me know below
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    vs. Garchomp

    Well that figures lol
  9. Psyanide

    vs. Garchomp

  10. Psyanide

    vs. Garchomp

    That wasn't me LOL I've only been to MWC 2016, KIT 2017, Final Round 20, and MomoCon 2017.
  11. Psyanide

    vs. Garchomp

    No I live in America lol and like I said, I'm at Gwinnett Brawl every month - which is where Georgia's Pokkén scene has their local brackets. If you don't believe me, there's vods up on youtube. It's the only local Pokkén scene we have within 400 miles of where I am
  12. Psyanide

    vs. Garchomp

    ??? I go to Gwinnett Brawl every month...? We even have our own resident Garchomp who does fairly well (Horndrill). If I'm so horribly wrong about this matchup, do tell me where it is that I went wrong.
  13. Psyanide

    vs. Garchomp

    Overview: This is a matchup that Mewtwo does pretty well in with regard to both phases... but there's one catch. Should you find yourself knocked down in the corner, you could be taking huge chunks of damage if you anticipate the wrong oki option Garchomp is going for. Knowing what your counters are for each potential oki option is one of the keys to doing well in this matchup. Field phase: Key moves to look out for - Garchomp's JY, fY, and homing Mewtwo can handle a lot of Garchomp's options in field pretty well. As long as Mewtwo can keep Garchomp away or react properly to certain options, he can effectively deal with Chomp here. One of the things that makes this matchup different from others, however, is that Garchomp bypass Mewtwo's zoning by way of dig. Garchomp has to be careful how close he approaches using dig and what he does out of it, though, because Mewtwo can exploit dig more easily in this phase. If he approaches too closely, Mewtwo can intercept with his homing or punish if Chomp commits to dig fully on block. Because of this, one of Chomp's safest options is to come out of dig and use JY from midrange. Mewtwo often has to respect it because if he gets hit by JY he gets knocked back into an airtech or gets knocked into a wallsplat, which can be confirmed into nYY, setting up knockdown at the wall into the transition to duel phase (putting you already at the worst position to be in this matchup) or setting up field phase oki. When Garchomp does get in, you gotta be careful not to get hit by Garchomp's pocket sand - aka forward Y. It's fairly quick at 17 frames and has a bit of range on it. Getting smacked by it puts you in an air tech during the transition to duel phase, giving Garchomp a bit of a positional advantage. One other move to watch out for in field is Garchomp's homing attack. It's a frame 10 homing, so it usually beats out ours when contesting it. Although if they use homing 1 on shield and start charging homing 2, you can often beat it out with Mewtwo's fY before it charges enough to pierce. Duel Phase: Key moves to look out for - Garchomp's Dragon Claw (5A), Sand Tomb (2A), running stance X, and ]X[ Should you win field, the gameplan from here is pretty straightforward - retain the life lead, keep Garchomp out, and be ready to react to what Garchomp does to try to get in accordingly. Psycho cut is pretty effective in this matchup as Garchomp can't avoid it without comitting to 2X or going into dig. Watch out if the Garchomp is running Emolga, however - Emolga will be able to punish psycho cut in duel phase upon activation. You can avoid the Emolga call in field by cancelling into a side dash. A lot of what Garchomp will be doing in neutral will be looking for an opening to land dragon claw in order to get a combo going or moving in and out of dig to either get in or bait out a reaction from Mewtwo to punish. If Garchomp jumps out of dig, be careful not to 8Y too early or else Garchomp can punish with a delayed JX. If you notice the opposing Garchomp is using earthquake out of dig, you can low stance earthquake (since Mewtwo's low stance will armor lows) and there'll be plenty enough endlag for Mewtwo to punish with 6X or fire punch. Sometimes Garchomp will try to close space in neutral or chase you while you're coming down out of an air tech by going into running stance. When he does that, be prepared to fire punch if he uses running stance X. Be careful about being too quick to fire punch simply on reaction to running stance, however, because Garchomp can use Sand Tomb out of running stance as well. You can also use fire punch to punish in reaction to Garchomp going in with dragon claw, but make sure not to mash the input or else dragon claw may outlast the armor. Simply input 2A once on reaction to dragon claw and wait for the critical hit from fire punch before confirming into ice punch. Should you get hit with Dragon Claw, however, Garchomp will often either confirm into J]X[ (jump release X) or go into running stance and go for a 50/50 by following with Sand Tomb. If they don't confirm into J[X], look out for the ensuing sand tomb. If they do confirm into J[X], they'll either carry into a wallsplat or set up for a knockdown in the corner And that's where this matchup reaches a critical juncture. How you'll act at this point depends on what oki option you think Garchomp is going to use. Knowing the Garchomp player's habits in this situation can help, but if you aren't sure what they'll go for, you'll have to watch very closely. If you see Garchomp charging sand tomb, you'll want to wait to react to the release of sand tomb. If they cancel out of sand tomb, there's a couple options they could go with. If they cancel out of sand tomb into J]X[, you can beat it with 8Y on wakeup. If they sand tomb cancel into running stance X, you could opt to block or go for the hard read and fire punch. If they release sand tomb or if they delay running stance, you can beat both with 2Y. 6YX is also a good callout against sand tomb. If you aren't sure if they'll sand tomb cancel into J]X[ , running stance X, or (if they're being real cheeky) stone edge, staying in block is a safe option as well. Be sure to keep in mind that Garchomp also has ways to call out your options as well. Like if the Garchomp is charging sand tomb and they're anticipating you'll 8Y to try to call out JX or J]X[, they can cancel out of sand tomb into dig. Same goes for using either of those aerials to call out 2Y. Garchomp can also call out 8Y, 2Y, and 6Y with a cancel into stone edge as well so you'll wanna watch for that possibility too. You'll also wanna pay attention to PSP count, as it can affect what you decide to do based on risk assessment. Say for example, if you've been knocked into a corner after a combo and estimate that Garchomp only has about 5-6 PSP left, it'd actually be better to eat a running stance X (which is 5 PSP) instead of risk taking a sand tomb, which is 0 PSP and can be confirmed into ]X[ for more damage than if you had just taken the running stance X. Be sure to also keep in mind that sand tomb isn't nearly as scary when at midscreen since it won't juggle so if you're on the ground at midscreen, don't be afraid to take the grab. Recommended supports: Togekiss - a good option for any matchup. Getting the speed boost will allow Mewtwo to be able to dominate Garchomp in neutral even more than he already can. Fennekin - a good way of getting out of oki situations in the corner, especially since Garchomp doesn't have any ways to punish fennekin outside of burst attack - and even that requires somewhat strict timing. I typically recommend using Fennekin over Umbreon since it charges faster. If there's anything I've missed or if you have any questions, be sure to let me know below.
  14. Psyanide

    vs. Chandelure

    We also missed something. Chandelure's 6XX (both with and without the just frame) is -20 on block and is a free punish with fire punch or 6X
  15. Psyanide

    vs. Gardevoir

    Overview: Mewtwo has a couple matchups that are pretty solidly in his favor, but the nature of the matchup requires some refined skill from the player in order to get the leverage Mewtwo can provide him. This is one such matchup. Mewtwo has the ability to get around or even exploit some of Gardevoir's zoning, but the player has to act quickly. Other times the player will just have to respect Gardevoir's zoning - because if he doesn't, he might pay dearly for it. Field Phase: Key moves to watch out for - Gardevoir's sY and f[Y] It's a little trickier for Mewtwo to deal with Gardevoir's zoning in this phase. Granted, he can walk or sidestep around Gardevoir's linear projectiles - but he has to be wary of sY as well as magical leaf. The former is more threatening, though, as it comes out faster and can be linked with other projectiles to do a decent chunk of damage and get the phase shift. If Mewtwo is running Togekiss, he can more easily navigate around the linear projectiles and even punish them with homing if he's within range. You also always wanna watch out for Gardevoir's f[Y] as it counter pierces and can be linked into followups that can not only do really good damage but also push you back, giving Gardevoir a positional advantage and keeping you in field phase. You generally wanna approach sideways while gradually moving forward, blocking any tracking projectiles along the way until you have an opening. Duel Phase: Key moves to watch out for - Gardevoir's 2X, Stored Power, and energy ball This is where Mewtwo can really thrive if the player knows what to do. From midrange, Mewtwo can fire punch all of Gardevoir's projectiles except for 2X. 2X can be punished from midrange or closer on reaction with iAD JY. Energy ball is especially exploitable and is one of the easier projectiles to punish, as it moves slowly and has a good amount of endlag. You could iAD JY over it to try to punish but energy ball's diffusion acts as an anti-air, which can be a starter for some big damage. If you also try to iAD JY energy ball from too far away, Gardevoir could 8Y your approach once the endlag ceases - so you generally just wanna fire punch on reaction to energy ball if you're within range to connect it. Thankfully, fire punch has pretty good range. Stored Power could also be fire punched but that requires more of a hard callout since it comes out real fast. Be aware of how many calm minds the opposing Gardevoir has stockpiled, because she'll look to use store power when she is maxed out. 4Y can also be a nuisance since it comes out so quickly and can be hard to react to. Since it's a low, however, Mewtwo can low stance armor it - but if you can't react quickly enough to do so, you can always just block it. This move can also be punished with iAD JY if it's used up close. One thing that's changed in this matchup with DX is that Moonblast can now be dash cancelled. Previously, you could just simply fire punch it on reaction but now Garde can use this new change to bait out a reaction or to keep you in shield - so be careful when trying to react to the startup of moonblast. If you're within range, your safest bet may be to throw out 2Y on reaction to Moonblast's startup. It'll stuff the attack's release if you're quick enough to react or could also catch a forward dash cancel. Some Gardevoirs may forward dash cancel out of moonblast and try to grab you if you're staying in shield. 2Y would also net you a little crit damage should they go for this. Recommended Supports: Togekiss - always a good option for any matchup. In this particular case, Togekiss can help Mewtwo to close space more quickly and can be especially useful for navigating around and sometimes punishing Gardevoir's field phase projectiles If you have any questions or anything else to add, feel free to let me know in the thread