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  1. All in all, I thought this tournament was super fun despite some difficulties on pools day. Friday 2v2s were a cool start to the weekend, people had fun and we got introduced to the venue (which was really classy and comfortable). Saturday setups were locked which would have been a problem, but a solution was found and due to the efforts of Big E and Xerick (who was a star all weekend) we only started about 30 minutes late, which isn't too bad for FGC pools standards. The stream worked fine as far as I can tell, and there were plenty of unexpected and hype matches that made it fun to watch. Sunday was also really nice, we got a comfy section of the main ballroom with a projector, speakers, all that good stuff. I had fun playing and after it was over we were given our payouts right away. I super enjoyed myself this weekend: the community was awesome as always and Big E treated us well as always. That one pools snag could have sucked, but the swift response of players and organizers prevented it from being too bad. 9/10 would go again
  2. Twixxie

    Community Roundup #1!

    This is really excellent. I will steer people to this in my stream from now on I hope it does well!
  3. Twixxie

    Final Round 20: Top 8 Recap + Full Results

    Thanks for the awesome followup, Jetsplit! What a crazy top 8. We laughed, we cried, we cringed at all my PDA, but in the end it was still a really fun tournament and a killer way to end it. I hope to see you all at the next one!
  4. Twixxie

    Aurora Beam is so laggy...

    Aurora Beam is so laggy that I can lose to it in round one of pools, make the losers run, come back in grand finals, and STILL have enough time to punish the recovery.
  5. As someone who has only ever played Chandelure, in my personal experience it's like... A: B: This game is incredibly well balanced in my opinion, so there are just a few characters I have an easier time against, and everyone else seems to be on about the same level. Player skill is way more important than the character you pick, even more so than in most fighting games. Like this