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  1. TytoVortex

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    I actually picked up my tag in 2012 after watching Legend of the Guardians, the Owls of Ga'hoole for the first time. "Tyto" is a species of owl, mainly tying in with barn owls, masked owls, and others of the sort. When I was younger, I was always fascinated with tornadoes and weather, which is where the suffix "Vortex" comes from. Funnily enough, SM2 has a move called Vortex which coincidentally ties in quite nicely with my name! The reason I get so heated when people pronounce Tyto (tie-toe) wrong is because of my passion for owls, which are my favorite animals. "Tito" absolutely will not fly! All jokes aside though, I've always liked my tag for its originality. I've never met anyone else with an IGN like mine.