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  1. Cat Fight

    Chandelure WB XI Matches

    vs CherubicCherry (Blaziken) vs Rasenryu (Gardevoir) vs Jamm (Suicune) @Twixxie, @SoulGuitarist, and whomever else feel free to drop your matches in here so we have a one-stop destination for our tournament sets to watch.
  2. Cat Fight

    Pokkén Height & Invincibility Interactions

    Pinned the heck out of this.
  3. Zenkuri, Mins, and Rokso have always been favorites of mine to watch. I also like Yamato and Haruyuki even though their footage is hard to come by.
  4. Cat Fight

    How would you describe your play style?

    Defensive, or "cold" as the Japanese might say.
  5. Cat Fight

    Introduce Yourself!

    Oi, oi. I'm Wes or Cat Fight. I play a lamp, and soon a shadow, as well. I rep NJ and all of tri-state (I've grown up in all 3 states). I'm pretty active on Twitter, so if you'd like you can follow me here. I frequent Hitbox Arena events in Kinnelon, NJ, but I try to travel as much as possible. I'll be streaming and creating Pokkén content in the new year, so expect that from me soon. Couple fun facts: I was the first S# rank in NA, my favorite genre of music is atmospheric black metal, I have 6 cats and 2 dogs, if I could live anywhere for the rest of my life it'd be on a beach somewhere, my favorite anime is Kaiba, and uh, I'm just someone who really likes competitive (fighting) games. Happy posting everyone! :3
  6. Cat Fight

    The Great NorthEast; Where Pokken dominates

    Best thread. Rokso, you gonna be updating OP with new events that get announced? Could throw Uchi's Kazoku up there, too. It's April 15th.