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  1. Hey Guys, sorry if this question was already answered over and over again, but since im new to Pokkén tournament DX (buyed it a few days ago) and also to this forum i have some basic understanding questions. The theorie of the fights in dual phase are easy: the triangle: attacks counter grabs, grabs counter counter attacks and counter attacks are countering regular attacks. And then are of course the shilds that are even protecting from damage that you cant counter/block with a counter attack like support pokemon attacks, ultimates (i dont know if this is the real name but i mean the powerful attack while your limit is activated) and missile attacks. But the longer i play the more i see that in reality the fighting mechanismn are way more complex than that, and since i often dont understand whats going on i wanted to search for help in this forum. So a game that i had just now shows my "problem" with this easy theorie right now. I played weavile and my opponent was a blaziken. He was a beginner like my self and you could see it because he had no variention in his gameplay: he did only attack. nonstop. Still he managed to beat me 0-2 and i didnt understand what happend. The next game i have faced him again, and this i did knew that he will only attack after attack i did just spam counter attack+ shild. But even so i barely managed to win this game 2-1 and i dont understand why. Now the thing was, that i have also witness in many other games against the AI or other players is that the shild and especially the counter attack is very...unreliable. And since i know that its not just random, but their is a certain logic behind it, i wanted to ask here for help to understand more of this awesome game. Because the problem that i often have with counter attacking is that some regular attacks are countered, you make a critical damage as intended and you are happy. But some attacks (especially from the high DPS characters like Blaziken and machamp) have "special" attacks that will hit you even when you press the x+a buttons that make the counter attack. (but i think i have seen this type of attacks also from other, non as "strong" pokemon) The same thing i have also seen in the shild, but not as often. While the shild seems to be a bit more reliable, their were still some attacks that could go through even when i continue to press the shild button even without breaking the shild. (i thing some of lucarios bone attacks for example could do this) So i wanted to ask you how exactly these attacks go through while normal attacks dont, and what would be the best option to deal with this attacks if regular counters like the shild and the counter attack dont safe you from them. Thank you for your help