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  1. RickyThe3rd

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Bless you Pentao ??? Wouldn't have known about a good amount of these just from Serebii's translations, this has me really excited for Wednesday!
  2. RickyThe3rd

    Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    Too many people don’t realize what a blessing it is to have Pokkén Arena available to them. It’s not only a good place for developing players to post their thoughts, but for newer players to find a place to learn and get involved with the community. The fact that this forum is the first thing that comes up when you google “Competitive Pokkén” makes me glad considering what it has to offer. While i will admit I personally spend more time on the discord, Pokkén Arena has been a WONDERFUL place for documentation and thoughtful discussion. Being able to rely on a resource like this for insightful comment, a soapbox for new players, and character specific information (bless you Mitchel for your work in the Weavile board) has been extremely helpful growing as a Pokkén player
  3. RickyThe3rd

    Empoleon vs Pikachu (Notes)

    and player, @Corgian, recently gave his thoughts on the Pikachu matchup in the Emp Discord. I'm pasting his exact text in attempts to start putting more matchup knowledge on the forums! If you have anything to add about how to fight Pikachu as Empoleon feel free to reply to this thread! \o/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before anything, I'm going to be 100% clear. Empoleon has counterplay options against some of Pika's kit, but this MU is hard. You have to be patient and watch what your opponent is doing. Just some general things that are nice in this MU: 1. AJ has low-invulnerability, which allows you to use AJ to hard punish tbolt call with AJ, train yourself to react to the start of thunderbolt. It also allows you to avoid Pikachu 2Y pokes as well as a call out. Pay attention to where your opponent uses their 2Y, and you can start getting free damage in these scenarios. 2. Pikachu cannot Volt Tackle (8A) out of Rock Smash. Not really that important, but it should make you feel more comfortable in the MU. That said, against all characters make sure you're mixing up your follow-up options. If you need to know what mixups are good, feel free to ask. 3. Pikachu will often go for thunder cancel mixups above your head knowing you really don't have that much to hit him up there. That's fine, don't contest him use this opportunity to AJ out of a bad situation, like if you're in the corner. Empoleon doesn't really have that great of defensive options, so you're better off just leaving the problem area entirely. 4. When you're going for your jY bubbles in duel make sure you're moving left and right while you're using jY. jY has air control properties and maintains momentum from when you jumped, as well. This is something you should be doing regardless of MU, but if you jump in place against Pika, you're at risk of getting thundered and you're an easier target for electro ball. 5. 2[X]4 is +8 on Block, and Pikachu doesn't have that many tools to catch you while you're sliding away. Use this to your advantage. Hydrocannon laser is your fastest option out of retreating slide, bubble will eat armored options, and you can do a jump forward jY out of the backwards slide and by frame neutral on your opponent's block. If Pika has full meter, which yes, Pikachu will, it's a good idea to simply use X to fast slide away after touching Pika's shield as it will allow you to escape the burst wave, meaning Pikachu won't be able to reset its PSP on you. 6. If Pikachu goes for the thunder pillar (bY, I think?) in field, charged or uncharged, he's punishable by ice beam on landing. If you didn't punish him for it and he's farther than midrange, side-dash to remove the tracking on it. If he's closer than midrange, either walk towards or away from it and shield. Pika has some dumb setups out of the thunder pillar so changing the positioning and timing of the move can mess up the Pika's timing. DO NOT COUNTER THE THUNDER PILLAR. DO NOT DEFOG THE THUNDER PILLAR. 7. Playing around Pikachu in burst is difficult if you don't have your own Burst. I personally recommend using Eevee in this MU, since it'll make your basic tools ignore Burst Armor. Having access to AJ is really nice to have and same with jY because it will allow you to waste more of his meter. The less time he remains dominant in burst the better of a time you'll have. Just remember, you're an Emperor among Penguins and this is a disgusting rodent. He owes you respect, make him give it to you. The reason I said that last bit is because as I mentioned earlier, Empoleon doesn't really have that great of defensive options. You have to be completely aware of when Pika's turn is over, and take complete advantage of your window to turn things around. If you play scared against Burst Pika, you'll get steamrolled.
  4. RickyThe3rd

    New Player here

    Welcome! o/ If you have any questions feel free to ask in the respective part of the forums. We've got tons of experiences players for each character that are willing to help with any specific problems!
  5. RickyThe3rd

    Pokkén Tournament DX Version 1.3.0 Patch Notes

    I'm actually glad to see there weren't too many changes in this patch, 1.2 has only been out for a couple months so it's better that we have more time to get used to the changes already put in place with the Aegislash release
  6. RickyThe3rd

    Newish Chandelure Player

    It's hard to say without seeing footage of you playing or simply knowing what you're having trouble with. If you have any specific questions about movement with Chandelure you could take a look through their character boards on here, or ask some Chandelure players directly in their character discord: Chandelure Discord Any other questions you have about the game feel free to ask here!
  7. RickyThe3rd

    Optimals and BnBs!

    Knowing the most damage you can get out of a combo is an important part of getting better. Here's a list of combos and bread and butters to help do just that! All combos use numpad notation which is explained here: Other notation includes: sf. = slide forward sb. = slide back j. = jump [] = charged CA = Counter Attack BA = Burst Attack (If any of these are either inaccurate or unoptimal just reply with the optimization and I'll update this as soon as I can) BASIC "GOOD-TO-KNOWS" 5A(1/2)~Y - 92/112 (5A~X - 124/144) 5A(3)~A - 139 + Def. Down (5A~B - 174) (Burst) 5A(3)~BA - 250 4A~B - 152 (Burst) 4A~BA - 228 (Burst) 4A~A - 137 + Def. Down j.Y > 2Y > 5A(1)~Y - 106-112 (5A(1)~X - 114-120) (aerial) 8Y > 8A~X - 139 6[A] > sf.A - 136-192 MID-SCREEN OPTIMALS: j.[X] > sf.X > 6[A] > sf.A - 198 (Burst) j.[X] > sf.X > BA - 250 5X > 6[A] > sf.A - 190 (Easier route) 5X > 4X > 2[X] > j.Y > 6YY > 5A(3) ~ A - 178 + Def. Down (Debuff route) 5X > 4X > 2[X] > sf.Y > 4A~B~R > j.Y > 6YY - 186 (Damage route) 4X > 2[X] > sf.Y > 4A~B~R > j.Y > 6YY > 5A(3)~A - 199 + Def. Down [CA] > 5X > 4X > 2[X] > j.Y > 6YY - 149 (Burst) [CA] > 5A(3)~BA - 184 WALL COMBOS: Empoleon's wall combos tend to have the same route regardless of the move that wall splats. Because of this, Starters and Routes are listed separately along with any exceptions worth noting Routes: Starter > 8Y > 8A~X (Easier route) Starter > 2[X] > sf.Y > 4A~B~R > j.Y > 4A~X (Main route) Starter > 5Y > 4A~B~R > j.Y > 4A~X (Character dependent) Starter > 2[X] > j.Y > 6YY > 5A(3)~A (Debuff route) Starters: -Cut / 4A~Y / 5A(1/2/3)~Y / 2Y > 5A(1)~Y / j.Y > 2Y > 5A(1)~Y** -sf.A / 6[A] > sf.A** -j.A*** / j.[X] > sf.X > j.A* -8X -2X** / [CA] > 2X** -6YY / 5X > 6YY -(Drill Peck and Surf also wall splat but shouldn't be used to start wall combos) *End combo with 5Y > 8A (or 8A for consistency) **Debuff route does not work ***For double hit j.A use 8Y > 2Y > 4A~B~R > j.Y > 5A(1) ~ X
  8. RickyThe3rd

    Special Cancelable Tick Throws

    Doesn't Mewtwo have Telekinesis tick throws? Otherwise, good post!
  9. RickyThe3rd

    Night Slash Reset Route

    You can also substitute doing 5Y > One 2Y with doing 5YY. It leads to the same amount of damage and it's easier to do! Going for 5YYY would result in them air teching
  10. RickyThe3rd

    New player!

    Welcome! There are many places you can start but I'll list a few for now: Normally you'd want to start by picking a character, but seeing as you're asking for suggestions I'll assume you're still deciding. Most people will tell you that every character in this game is viable (myself included) and that none of the characters are necessarily "OP". Although you're new to fighting games, it's still better to think about what play style you would like better and picking a character based off that. If not, just mess around with the characters in training mode and their move/combo dojos until you find someone you like! The in-game tutorial is surprisingly effective at teaching the game's mechanics. It's a bit long, but everything they have to offer there is worth taking the time to learn. If you're looking for even more coverage of the game's mechanics as well as some more advanced knowledge of the game, you can check out BadIntent's Basics guide (still in the works but he has a lot done already!) http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/677-pokkén-basics-a-comprehensive-pokkén-tournament-guide/ If this is your first fighting game, I'd suggest (with whatever character you decide to start with) learning his moveset [move dojo], a couple combos [combo dojo], and starting out by getting a hang of the game in the campaign mode. They're not the best CPUs to practice with, but it gives you a general idea of how the game is played. It's up to you when you want to stop playing campaign and start messing around in online mode (don't be too timid towards starting early real people are a lot better to play than CPUs). If you're worried about starting the ranked ladder, you could always ask people for friendlies to get experience against real people in without risking the ladder. In the end though, ranked matches aren't nearly as important as experience offline, in fact a good amount of top players skip the ranked mode entirely As a side note it's important to know you're going to have some losses along the way, that's only inevitable. But losses are extremely important to getting better at the game, you learn from your mistakes and find a way to better yourself from them, so don't take losses too hard on yourself. Everyone wants to win all the time but there will be struggles along the way. If you have any other questions be sure to join the discord at https://discord.gg/Pokkén ! From there you can ask general questions about improvement or be linked to the separate character discords who can teach you more about a certain character you're interested in (by typing !yourcharacterdisc in the #nia channel replacing yourcharacter with the name of the fighter).
  11. RickyThe3rd

    Planning on joining in the Aura Blast Cup

    I know my response is coming too late, but in the future you´d be able to find the competition by looking under ¨Recommended Groups¨ in Group Battles Online. And regarding participation, feel free! Competitions like this are meant for players of all skill levels to participate and learn. You´re not losing anything for going for a placement and failing, so why not try! If you´re interested, another dev-hosted competition is being held from 11/24 to 11/27 but for 3v3 battles. If you still want to play then you can join the group right now and just wait for the date to come.
  12. RickyThe3rd

    Empoleon Combo Thread

    6YY starter from between mid-screen and wall 6YY > 5A[2]Y (W!) > 4ABR jY > ijA > 5Y > 5A[1]X
  13. You might be able to get more traction in the Libre discord or on the Libre character boards. I can still give a couple pointers after watching even though I don't play the character: Scizor's CA is a high meaning if you crouch before the attack comes out, it will whiff completely granting you a free punish of your choosing Try not to get antsy with moves live Spark (j.A) or Wild Charge (2A) as they're punishable on block and smarter players will punish them 100% of the time It's good to make a habit of blocking on wake up, especially if your opponent hasn't shown that they like to grab. Most of the time your opponent is gonna attack you on wakeup for a ton on damage, and block is usually the best option Take some time to memorize combos and true punishes, meaning know what moves you can follow up starters like Counter Attack and 6XX with, and know what moves from other characters grant you a free hit when they hit your block I wasn't able to watch all the videos, but I thought these tips would be helpful after watching a couple. Again, a Libre player could probably help you more than I can
  14. RickyThe3rd

    Decidueye movelist (the better one)

    I'm offended by this title name you heck (jk luv you boli good job) Charges synergy
  15. RickyThe3rd

    On Effective Practice in Fighting Games

    How do you like posts again? Because this is a post in dire need of a like