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  1. Decidueye movelist (the better one)

    I'm offended by this title name you heck (jk luv you boli good job) Charges synergy
  2. On Effective Practice in Fighting Games

    How do you like posts again? Because this is a post in dire need of a like
  3. Hit me with those DX Lab requests! :)

    What state is Weavile in after one signal slash? (how long until he falls, does he fall immediately if you don't do a second one, etc.) and can you do a j.y, j.x, and or j.r after just one signal slash?
  4. In addition to Suicune and Weavile, Sceptile and Chandelure also have CA armor on their burst attacks. Also there are a couple character specific instances of i-frames such as Chandy's Minimize (in 1.3) and the attack portion of Weavile's taunt. Not sure if you wanted to add this or if the purpose was just to explain i-frames
  5. Pika mains say hi

    I play this character alongside Weavile now \o/ so hi!
  6. Possible New Tech

    You're killing me here dude, I thought I was all set with a hori pad, but this actually sounds cool. Granted I'll get nothing out of it with weavile but a couple other characters I'm picking up have useful charge moves that can benefit from this. With DX in mind it could mean using the handheld version with both joycons won't be too much of a downside... Also Dale Tech sounds pretty cool imo
  7. Pokémon Changes During Synergy Burst

    For Weavile, 6X has more knockback on aerial opponents. Oddly specific but it's evident in combos off of night slash
  8. Nintendo Switch Friend Code Thread

  9. Wanna beat Chandy? Heres how!

    You can input what would be night slash instead of knock off after 6x and finish that combo. I covered this in my bnb video so you can see it happening here:
  10. Shield Break guide and data (Dx Update)

    This is really good to know! I'll be sure to consider using Sylveon more often to deal with shield break set-ups Just out of curiosity, what would the effective shield health be with a defense buff and the opponent's attack debuffed? Also I could assume supports that deal shield damage can't break shields similar to the fact that they can't kill, right?
  11. Decidueye Movelist

    With 94 days until we get our precious birb, I thought it would be nice to gather a list of moves for the character based off of what we know. I made a google spreadsheet similar to the docs for the 4 arcade characters and put on it everything I was able to gather from the VODs available. Anyone who thinks I've missed something or see there's something wrong in what I've found can click the link I've provided below. It's set so you can't make direct edits (to avoid everything getting deleted) but you can comment on it and I'll look into it as soon as I can. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Djnig4_2QYwqcqcya557m8vKuCIse8PNCvlFVTyOKok/edit#gid=0
  12. Birdwatching - The Decidueye Video Thread

    More Footage! Tabletop mode
  13. Pokkén Stage Discussion Thread

    @swivz People don't like random because you can get a stage size that's disadvantageous for you against a certain character (ex. a long stage vs Chandelure or a small stage vs Machamp). Although Dark Colosseum is a big reason why random isn't tournament standard, King of the Hill strats with that synergy pillar
  14. CEO 2017 Feedback

    As a spectator, the only complaints I had were probably out of your control. The stream was spotty during a decent amount of the tournament, but I understand this was a problem with the venue as every CEO stream was having problems. I'm not sure how you scheduled pools, but I was a bit upset we didn't get to see loser's finals for each pool; don't know if anyone else shares that sentiment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Besides that and some little things not even worth mentioning, CEO was so much fun to watch, and from what I heard from the people that went, a lot of them had the best weeks of their lives. The commentary was clean, layout was nice, player cam allowed for audience hype in the back, not sure if I'm missing anything here, but I loved it!
  15. Birdwatching - The Decidueye Video Thread

    Demonstration before the PTDX Invitational. The devs showed off some Decidueye footage on the new Thalia Beach stage. Not much to see here, but still worth a watch Direct feed splitscreen gameplay showing off Decidueye