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  1. A couple things, first constructive: 1) No honorable mentions. Cut it at top 25. I know they're all up there because you wanted to do top 50 and was talked out of it, make those guys strive for the placings they want. Char put in the work, but he's getting shit because he's above names in the honorable mentions. Horrible. You need to stress the prestige of making top 25, and honorable mentions take away from that. 2a) what determined an A tier over an S tier or B tier? This should always be mentioned every time the rankings are presented, even if you sound redundant between post to post, because someone like me can't determine why say Winter Brawl is an A tier event and Thalia Beach is a B tier event. 2b) communication communication communication. Cant stress this enough. The reason the rankings receive negative feedback is BECAUSE there is inadequate communication somewhere. There's 6 names listed at the end, Fumu, Icysoapy, Burnside, H2, Mcdareth, Raikel. Of those 6, I can only recall Fumu would tweet out what tier an event was, and it would get a few retweets. Not an ideal situation, needs to be improved. 3) Consider allowing players to view their general standings during the season quarterly. Perhaps to do this, consider displaying only points based on tournament placing, and not on head to head or "hitlist" (whatever that is) 4) consider allowing players to vote on an X factor rating, which would showcase how other, well informed players feel their peers rank. This could be as simple as an excel sheet, have a panel of ~30-50 people *(shouldn't include anyone previously ranked)* rank players based on where they feel they should be ranked, and taking the averages of each player. This ranking does not have to be factored into their final placement, but would give viewers an idea of where the community thinks they belong compared to where they actually placed. would be another fun thing to display, and gets more people involved and excited for the rankings than the 6 fully involved. I can provide more details on how I think this should be done if this is something people are interested in. 5) No Japanese players? Just curious why Japanese events are not considered And of course, just positive: 1) presentation looks very professional, must've been one hell of a commission ? Seriously, thank you everyone who paid to put that together looks phenominal 2) Similar to above, I like how it was kept concise with top 25 over top 50. As you mentioned in your comments, if players do not meet the minimum tournament requirement they are left out of the rankings, and this will in turn cause miscellaneous players to jump on the rankings with low placements (~25th at several A & B tiers is probably more than sufficient to place). 3) Great job creating that "impossible to create" algorithm from the Wii U rankings. I remember complaining about how there was a severe lack in factors influencing placements, and so during the first rankings there was a feeling you guys had the intention (whether you publicly declared it or not) of showcasing equal representation from every region. Very glad this was addressed and a solution was determined. Take what feedback you want, discard what you don't want but consider everything.
  2. madluk

    Gengar (Ice cream) Social/Introduction Thread

    I am the mod here, so I think im still the only person "actively" checking the forums. Also wont say im the best anymore, as everyone else has definitely improved. I just happen to have a lot more stream time then they all do. Feel free to ask any questions you have man! if you're looking for new gameplay footage, feel free to check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCniqc9Kndtjv0iMnkIkrlzA, look for gangar_ouji, sasahune and apollo. The top 3 gengars in the world currently.
  3. madluk

    Gengar (Ice cream) Social/Introduction Thread

    thanks man! DX will definitely be a fun time for gengar mains, you'd be making a good decision if you decided to pick him up seriously : )
  4. madluk

    Current feelings on gengar MU's

    @TheCrimsonGunkGeno this was made when gunk was universally assumed to lose all mu's simply due to being considered the worst character in the game. But if I had to guess? Gunk cant zone out gengar like he can some characters (astonish beats zoning), his homing 1 is bad making him rely on poison jab and fY to shift, which (jab) we check with scooby and fY is slow, gunks main tool to break gengar zone in DP (venoshock) is super slow (punishable with astonish on reaction) so we need to be debuffed for you to catch jump. gunk Anti Air (8Y) is supposedly buns it has a garbage hitbox. Need a lot going for you to win but end of the day probably will be even of slight gengar advantage
  5. madluk

    Kara Cancels

    Well written guide. Unlike lotta stuff some people write, not overwhelming in length. Small criticism, didn't even notice you wrote words above the video when reading, might be me neglecting it but just because of how the site formats your work the video is the first thing people will see when they open the article, and then many (like myself) would likely read below the video to figure out whats happening. Idk could just be me tho
  6. madluk

    Garchomp vs Mewtwo

    my best guess would be that Farfetch'd doesn't offer full screen support, and I think that's what he's primarily referring to there. However, I also know rokso doesn't like to fuck with the duck, so could just be that he didn't suggest it cuz he personally doesn't like it
  7. madluk

    Edgestonishing as Gengar

    This is partly a repost from Pokkenarena.Boards.net Edgestonish - Simply put an Edgestonish is when you only hit once with Astonish (Rather than landing 4 hits). Ok simple. Ok so firstly: why is this important? Astonish gives 1 phase shift points for every hit, so by only hitting once we only get 1 point instead of 4. Also there is always a phase shift on the 21st hit of a combo, and so by doing less hits, we push the 21st hit further away. It also results in less damage scaling, so longer combos do more damage overall. Ok: How do you do it? Well, you can do it anyway you like, just hit with the very edge of Astonish, can also hit with just the top of it to get one hit. The thing is though, we've find a way to do it somewhat consistently, by using j6A . Basically, hold forward as you Astonish, putting the Astonish behind the opponent and hopefully getting an Edgstonish. Edgstonishes send the opponent significantly less high in the air, so it's more difficult than normal to combo off them, so you'll need to be fast and tight on your inputs. Anytime you see jY6AR, that is an Edgstonish, so you need to only hit once with Astonish. The difficulty of getting the Edgstonish varies between enemy characters a lot. I'd recommend practicing it versus Garchomp if you wanna try it out (Set Garchomp to Low stance to practice 8X combos). Finally, Edgstonish combos are often much, much harder than equivalent non-Edgstonishing combos, so beware with practicing, it might take a while to succeed even once! Also these combos are very new and so aren't in my combo video. I plan to make a video on the differences between characters on edgestonishing, because some people find it easier to do category A while others find it to do category B. Cat A - instant Garchomp Suicune Charizard* Machamp Gengar Cat B - delay Lucario Libre Gardevoir Sceptile Braixen Weavile Pikachu Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo Blaziken Impossible Chandelure
  8. This is a repost from Pokkenarena.boards.net SYNERGY BURST - 2X 4(A) - 7/10 Great setup for Mega Gengar, common setup, works at any range Combos into Sludge Bomb at short range which is good if you want to set that up SYNERGY BURST - 2X 66 ( X ) - 7/10 Very similar to Strat #5 Doesn't work at long range, and can't combo into sludge bomb (afaik), but generally leads to higher damage 6Y.X 2X.X 66 6(X) - 8/10 Great setup, common situation, off high damage, character independent Seems to work on all characters. Generally better than strat #3, since you can do the 2X.X for way more damage. 6(X) 2A Togekiss 5/6(X) CA (Crit) 3A Togekiss 5/6(X) Togekiss is Arguably one of the best support sets for Gengar, we get a free Togekiss heal, speed boost, and a buffer for this one While this is a repost, I removed some of the ones that are not advised, and left the ones I recommend. Keep in mind, all of these can just be backdashed, but when you dont know what to do for an option these are strong options to go for
  9. This is a Repost from Pokkenarena.boards.net Author - @Milln Guard Breaks Guard breaks are both simple and unusual in Pokkén. As you know, attacks will do a certain amount of “Guard Damage” to a Pokémon’s shield when blocked. Different attacks deal varying amounts of this damage, and as the shield gets more and more damaged, it begins to seep a darker and darker red. We’ll reference the damage a shield takes as a “guard bar”. Some Pokémon have a weaker shield than others and cannot handle as large of a barrage of attacks upon it. These Pokémon are Weavile, Chandelure, and Shadow Mewtwo. This damage does not go away over time. The only instances that a guard bar will replenish is on knockdowns, air techs, phase shifts, and entering Burst Mode. All of these put a shield back to full power minus an air tech, which will give it about half of its power back. Weavile also has the unique ability of replenishing its guard bar by spending time holding its High Stance at neutral. If a Guard is broken by a move that chips, the damage will carry over into the following combo which will cause training mode to yield a higher result than what the followup hits actually record. A second note that doesn’t have any use in an actual match is that if you continuously guard break with a chipping move, the training room compounds the damage over and over, allowing you to get to ridiculous damage counts of 20,000 damage or more when, really, you’re not hitting your opponent at all! Finally, upon overcoming a shield, the Pokémon that accomplished it wins Synergy Meter if they are in Field Phase whereupon it will shift to Duel Phase, while the defending Pokémon loses an amount of Synergy Meter that appears to be equal to two or three Large Synergy Power pickups regardens of the phase. This value is not a set percentage, so a Guard Break will result in an emptier looking guage on Shadow Mewtwo, than Gengar. Proration Upon achieving a guard break, the attack that caused it will modify the damage, or prorate, in specific ways depending on the attack used. Each Pokémon is different! Some attacks will scale the damage down very heavily, some will prorate it back just a little bit, and yet still some might not even lower your damage at all! Explore your Pokémon to find the most beneficial and also the most practical ways to break a guard so that the proration doesn’t eat too much into your setup. Your attacks will only be prorated if you connect before the opponent recovers. This next bit doesn’t really relate to guard breaks specifically, but individual attacks, themselves, have proration values. It doesn’t follow on a “how many hits?” percentage reduction. For instance, someone’s 2Y may reduce the damage by a much greater amount than doing 5Y in the same spot. Image: Frequently, Sceptile will start a guard break setup off of a Giga Drain in the corner. Setups and Leading Into The Guard Break As far as setups go, it’s important to be very knowledgeable of not only your own capabilities, but also the capabilities of your target Pokémon. Chandelure’s Minimize, or Gengar’s teleporting dash might throw a wrench in your works. Also, most guard breaks can only be achieved off of a very specific attack that offers the positioning that leads into the situation where the shield can be pressured without letting up. If you know your opponent has guard breaks, make sure you start counting shift points, yours and theirs, so that you can know when it may be time to eat the next attack instead of deal with the guard breaking reset type damage, especially if a raw Burst Attack is coming. It’ll pay off in the long term to explore the options of the other Pokémon and learn where guard breaks usually start and what your options to escape are, whether it be eat an attack and take less damage from that combo, or maybe you can CADC out, or you might simply have to declare Burst Mode. Guard Breaks will usually involve key and specific use of particular support pokemon to keep you blocking, lower the value of your shield, or otherwise. Be sure to spot the supports that are typical in this. Common ones are Diglett, Dragonite, and Frogadier. Image: Calling Snivy on wakeup to gain guard point and reverse the situation. If you have trouble, you might even consider running a defensive support. Umbreon, Ninetales, Fennekin, and Pachirisu all have some sort of invulnerability and clearing capability. Magikarp will get you out of attacks. Snivy, Electrode, and Whimsicott all have guard point on them and the former two could even turn the tables!. All of these Support Pokémon are paired with another that, if you discover that you don’t need to worry about your opponent’s guard break setups, can be used in other interesting ways. If the incoming attack you’re meant to block isn’t meaty, then you could really wakeup with support and all of them should have some way of delaying the opponent, making them miss their normally tight shield pressure. You’ll prolly get hit doing this, though, so watch out. Since Guard Breaks will often require a specific Supprt Pokémon used in a specific time, it isn't unreasonable for the defender to use a Support Pokémon or Declare Burst to escape. All in all, Guard Breaks are a fundamental part of the game and it'll do you well to take advantage of this system. It is yet another mechanic to master and a concept you should comprehend. Pressuring your opponent's block is an important part of any fighting game. I can see the meta gravitating towards realizing the situation you're in and making the executive decision between taking a phase shifting hit, declaring Burst Mode early not to deal with an incoming mixup, and dealing with guard break and reset damage. Have fun discovering your own ability to both create and escape your opponent's guard breaks and reel in the damage! Questions? Comments? Want more detail? Drop a line down below.
  10. madluk

    Gengar Shield Damage Data

    This is a Re post from Pokkenarena.Boards.Net Context (Feel free to skip) Over the last 2 weeks I labbed HARD against shield, looking for shield breaks with Gengar. After becoming more and more frustrated with it, I managed to find a few setups that are character specific. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any true blockstrings that lead to a shield break, with or without support assistance, because our oki trap in shadowball does not last very long. However, while I worked I began to question, 'How does the shield work?' I think I answered that question after 2 weeks. Shield Health I believe the shield has 100% HP, and that specific hits on shield cause the HP to deplete at different percentages. "Madluk, why does this matter, no one really cares how the shield works we just wanna know how to break it." With this theory, if you know the amount of that 100% HP that each move does, one would be able to break the shield every time with various moves, so long as the percentages add up and are greater than or equal to 100%. To save everyone else the time of finding these out, I sat down and grinded them out pretty much all day, along with the help of ExplosiveChaos The shield doesn't actually begin to change colors, (the opponents indication their shield is getting low) until around 60% shield damage has been received, so using this knowledge, coupled with your knowledge of frame data, it could already be too late for that poor opponents shield. Margin of Error Due to the methods we have at obtaining this information, there is in fact a Margin of Error (MoE) for every move. The % listed for moves is close to what it actually is, but it is not 100% correct because there is no true way to tell. The % listed is somewhere in said MoE, but without a base that is known to have no MoE it is impossible to know with 100% certainty any other number. The closest we can get is within approximately .5% for Gengar, other characters would potentially have larger or even smaller ranges. This being said, If anyone discovers anything false in the data, feel free to inform me, and I will adjust the MoE to fix the error. Other Characters Seeing as this took me about 8 hours with help to complete one character, I will not be doing this for other Pokemon. If members of the other boards approach me and inform me that they would like to add their character to the data, I am willing to grant the right to edit to one representative from each of the other characters, most likely the mod but if they do not wish to step up then someone else can assume the responsibility. For a general, significantly less mathematical look into guard breaks and proration, check out this very well written guide by Milln Milln information on Guard Breaks in Pokkén Tournament Finally, The link to the data. Enjoy Shield Damage Data IMPORTANT It is known that the computer takes longer to go back from reaction setting to normal setting than to go from normal to reaction setting, but up until now this was previously just annoying, because it made it harder to test setups that confirm to break shield. This "shield lag" may serve an in game purpose however. In one setup I discovered, the opponent is in shield lag for the whole setup, and the shield breaks. However, If you do the setup piece by piece on the opponents shield, pausing in between the individual hits, it gets dark red but doesn't break. Although this is by a small amount (just throwing out a number <5%), it does make a difference in these setups. One theory for this multiplied effect could be that opponents in shield lag take increased shield damage. This is a one variable idea. Another could be that opponents in shield lag suffer from a reversed scaling effect, where hits in succession deal increased shield damage by a factor, with more hits in rapid succession dealing more shield damage. ie. +1%, +2%, +4%... <-something like this anyway. My last idea is that when an opponent takes a hit on shield their shield stays up, but their character model moves according to how powerful the hit on shield was (Gengar shadow punch moves the model significantly more than 5Y). This animation could be an indicator that the opponent is open to take more shield damage, and seems to come in 3 sizes of minor motion (weak hit), medium motion (decent hit) and maximum motion(strong hit). This is a rather farfetch'd idea and the same flinching motion could simply be used to animate block stun, but I felt as though it was an interesting enough idea to consider it. This is one of the problems with looking for the data in this game, you think youve understood something, but then one experiment causes you to need to revise or even scrap the whole idea. Some Setups In burst mode, a few setups that break shield. None of them are true block strings unfortunately but they cover a lot of options. Drop wall combo, I prefer to do this off of a sludge bomb for the attack drop. Can also start with a curse in the corner. Then for the OKI shield pressure/break, its an Instant Shadowball (Using Shadowball right as it turns into the slow moving one, before the game auto releases it), Full charge CA, Dragonite, 66, 2X. If done correctly, the only escape appears to be between the CA and dragonite, and CA is +12 on shield so the opponents options are significantly limited. This setup loses to both sceptile and chandelures command grabs, and potentially a few other options that I havent tested yet. Against Chandelure, Weavile, and Shadow Mewtwo, we have more options for pressure because their shields break faster. The main benefit here is we can pressure the shield from anywhere in these matchups, It doesnt just have to be the corner. After a curse from anywhere or dropping a wall combo in the corner, Instant Shadowball, Full charge CA, Emolga, 66, 2X. Theres several Holes here, the biggest one being that 2X unfortunately does not actually confirm. The opponent has several (9?) frames to jump out of the way. Jump can be covered as an option by 6X, but by doing so you sacrifice significant damage to proration. Another interesting one against Chandy Weavile and SM2, so you can do knockdown against wall, Instant Shadowball Croagunk, Instant Shadowball, 5YY4A, you can then drop the wall combo and do a similar pressure string of Shadowball CA full charge 2X or X or whatever. This results in a double debuff if your initial Knockdown was off of the sludge bomb setup. This only works because of the buff to defense down in patch 1.2, where an opponent with defense down receives more shield damage.
  11. madluk

    Current feelings on gengar MU's

    Gengar is a character who unfortunately does not do well at all against Weavile and M2. Additionally, he struggles against Sceptile if not in advantage state, and loses FP, making it even harder to deal with. As far as DLC goes, They are ranked purely on observation as well as players of that characters opinions on the mu. For EX, Rara believes scizor beats gengar, and Scizor's kit from the footage I have seen is well equipped to dominate gengar. Feel free to discuss, let me know what you think.
  12. Late to the party but there were 8 FULL SETUPS available to use for pools, that's 16 Wii U's available. If it was communicated we would have 16 setups this was most likely in error, as they likely meant 16 systems. It was also addressed prior to the tournament by bigE that something went wrong and he requested we bring systems or copies of the game. Anyways, Of those 8 setups, some numbskull got it in his mind to record EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH. of pools, but then we didn't have enough recording devices to do so, and so only 5 setups were actually used. At any given point during pools you could look over and see open setups not being played on. I frequently asked Fumu to send players over to the 3 setups not being played on to speed up the pools. Personally, I played very poorly, which I take the blame on; however, gengar is incredibly hard to play cold and this has effected me at several events in the past, FR evidently was no exception. This comes back to pools running extremely late, but additionally I was caught off guard when I was told I have approximately 45 minutes until my pool would begin by Soul and then 5 minutes later Fumu called a match in my pool. Poor communication imo, although both of these men did a PHENOMENAL job, I do not blame either of them for any of the problems at the event. The seeding was done terribly. If Applebooms claims are true that he is seeing something different than we were when we were viewing pools, then someone get him a guest account on smash.gg or something because there should not have been nearly as many errors as there were to deal with. I've worked with smash.gg before for tournaments and I honestly don't know what he was looking at. I've tried to be nice in the past always in regards to these events, and things are being changed for the better which I love, but pools/seeding has always been a problem. It's late but NEC pool 6 had 5 or 6 players who all could've made it out of that pool, and only 2 players who could in pool 1. WB pools 1&4 were free af, while pools 6&7 were pretty damn tough ( That's disgusting how that happens. If I have to be brutally honest, A seeding committee of like, myself, scatz, milln, and someone west coast should handle seedlings for the future. (Just my example, but I strongly agree on having scatz and milln on said committee if this does happen). We know all the players and can avoid problems such as these for the future. This problem is in no offense to Apple, I am well aware he is busy and unable to keep up with all the streams and players, however I feel it needs to be addressed if this is the case. Other than that, not many issues with the event. I found it hilarious when the vendor tried to sell me a $160 Pokkén pad that "was modded to work on Xbox and PlayStation" so I could use it to play like, tekken 7, and then I proceeded to play tekken 7 on my Pokkén pad (heh suck it ww). I hope no one is dumb enough to buy that thing lmao. I loved meeting everyone, so many players I met had actually assumed we had met in the past, like during season 1. This was my first tournament out of state which is the reason I'm bummed about not doing well, and most likely (75% sure) won't be able to make another event of its size until NEC, I only hope I can meet even more people then. Again, sorry about the bluntness in this post, but it's what's on my mind.
  13. madluk

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    My initials are MAD luk is the ending to my last name gamertag.
  14. until
    Catch me outside, or inside! Uchi games back again once again with a new event. Come on out if you can! https://www.facebook.com/events/748552708630859/
  15. madluk

    THE Gengar Combo Thread

    We've had alot of attempts at having this thread, and frankly none of them have worked. Finally time I sat down on a google doc and wrote everything up, with damage values, PSP and all. I am not going to do every combo, only the full length versions of them and their alternatives you will need to know. Here is the google doc with all the combos. Edit: So far I have the listings completed for Midscreen and wall combos for regular Gengar, Mega gengar will be next and then FP combos and Support combos 2nd Edit: The reference sheets are basically done, with the exception of the FP stuff which I marked. If anyone has any combos or anything they wish to have added to the list, please comment in the thread below and I'll be more than happy to add it!