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  1. Just a thought. I've played almost every Fighting Game, and seen so many different styles and concepts. My personal favorite is Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers 3, with Pikachu Libre coming a close second. Hsien-Ko is so random and quirky, and was one of the first characters I ever picked up seriously. I enjoyed her unusual tricks, etc, and still do today. It doesn't have to be competitive-wise, it can be by design or concept too! I'm just curious :3
  2. Plague von Karma

    Should 3v3 be a Standard in Competitive Play?

    I think 3v3 and 1v1 should be considered separate metagames altogether, and most likely be held in separate brackets like with Smash. 1v1 is MUCH faster, as the game itself isn't all that fast especially if you consider characters like Chandelure and Braixen (the stall fox, not the fast fox). Thus, to allow freedom of choice and to let the game live longer, keeping them as separate metas would be better. Also, if we keep the metas separate, maybe a Pokkén Teams concept could be put in for 3v3: one player to one Battle Pokemon. Can't do that in 1v1!
  3. Plague von Karma

    Tier List?

    Like in Smash 4, there should be a backroom for Pokkén Tournament. Use the top players, or maybe have people vote for their players. The only tier list this game has is fucking EventHubs: nobody uses that, especially FGC Players. To me, a Pokkén Backroom with reputable players is the only way anyone can actually get a tier list done with as little backlash and unreliability as possible. There's always backlash for every tier list, but an accurate list generally begins to come out after ~3 iterations. Basically, look at the Smash Community. Go from there.
  4. Plague von Karma

    Tier List?

    I see what you mean, but the lack of a tier list is what's stopping the more competitive folks from getting into the game. It's not that the game doesn't need one, but what part of the community needs one. Every fighting game has one, mainly because it's commonplace and a tradition. Traditions shouldn't be broken just because of balance: nothing is truly balanced.
  5. Plague von Karma

    Arcade Version to Receive New Balance Patch This Week

    Yeah, it's an unusual case. It gives Libre access to mixups going out of Duel Phase plus Enhancements/Attack Buffs, while forcing Libre to use her Field Phase Game a bit more. Given Electroweb was spammable due to the 50:50s made by it (what I call an Electroweb Semi-Loop), I think it encourages and rewards variety. It's both a nerf and a buff at the same time.
  6. Plague von Karma

    Arcade Version to Receive New Balance Patch This Week

    Just had a check on this in response to Pokkén DX. Electroweb isn't a nerf on Libre, that's for sure. If it causes a Phase Shift it means Libre has more access to buffs when bouncing in and out of Duel Phase. Extra Wall Splat Damage too when she gets you to the wall. Given it has an overall balance of Advantages/Disadvantages, I'd suggest changing it to Neutral rather than Nerf.
  7. Plague von Karma

    Tier List?

    Fixed. I personally think he's a solid mid tier, mainly because of my personal experiences. I'm not exceptional with making tier lists...
  8. Plague von Karma

    Tier List?

    My Tier List wasn't meant to be taken as gospel or as an accurate one. That was my opinion, which is why it is opinion-based. As for it being worth it, I already went over this.
  9. Plague von Karma

    Tier List?

    So in the run-up to Pokkén Tournament DX, I decided to return to the Pokkén Community a couple days ago. So yeah, for anyone who didn't know...hello from the Twitter side of the community? First thing I expected to see was a Tier List by now, as it's DEFINITELY not "Too Early" anymore. The only difference I've seen is, well, that Kara Cancels exist. Not sure why a Tier List hasn't been made yet, as Smash 4 had one out within months of it's release. Pokkén hasn't had one in over a year. I remember having that Ace Trainer System for the old forum getting a half-finished matchup chart going, but it never took off... The reason I'm asking for a Tier List is mainly because the Wii U Version is clearly not getting any updates, and it's only right to give this version it's own Tier List for Legacy Purposes. After all, the Wii U and Switch Versions will have VERY different metagames, and some people may not move to the Switch for a while. On top of that, some people may be trying to get into the game in the run-up to Pokkén DX, and it's only right to give them some kind of guide to go off of. Let's be kind to those new players, eh? I guess I'll throw in my personal Tier List in an attempt to speed things up. Pretty sure I'll get shot because on the internet you're always wrong. Note that this game is...*hides Braixen*...incredibly balanced, so tier positions aren't easy to choose. I may have some minor mistakes here and there, but hey. S Tier Braixen Immense Field Phase Game, epic Burst Mode, improved by various techs that just keep being found. I don't think she has any matchup less than 50:50 tbh. Sceptile Has a Duel Phase Semi-Infinite, super fast, anyone who uses him is a wizard or some shit idk A Tier Pikachu Libre If you're in the corner, you're fucked. Also has various techs that improve her Duel Phase a ton. Lastly, Slippingbug exists. Issue here is that she's very momentum based, although very good at keeping it. Mewtwo Deals a shitload of damage very quickly, only hampered by the fact he goes into Burst once a century rather than once a Round or two. Pikachu All around character, can adapt to many situations. Predictable, however. Lucario The same as Pikachu, really. Up A is very punishable, although a great anti-air move if used correctly. Great combo ability, easy to pick up and play unlike the above. Weavile Interesting Field Phase, good combo ability overall. Can't approach very well, though. B Tier Garchomp Almost got an A from me, but being read based isn't doing him any favors. Incredible mindgames coupled by some nasty Sand Tomb combos. Charizard Seismic Toss nukes your HP if you're caught, Schiggy Special is cool. Chandelure If it wasn't for his nerfs, he'd be replacing Weavile in A Tier. Otherwise a great character that does zoning correctly. Blaziken I only ever see people who can't cook their KFC correctly because they keep burning it, so I don't know how good this wonderful piece of fried chicken really is. Suicune He can be taken to extremely high levels, but all of his projectiles can be CADC'd, with Blizzard opening him up for a massive meaty. Countered by Libre, hurt severely by Garchomp. Machamp I used to think he was terrible, but then I got THKO'd by him. Shadow Mewtwo You go into Burst in 3 seconds, ok. However, his HP is way too low and he keeps going from 480 to 100 in 10 seconds just to get that Burst. One read and he's dead. C Tier Gengar I really want to play Gengar, but honestly, he's just too slow paced and lacks hitboxes. I get that he's meant to be like MvC Phoenix Wright, but he's way too slow for that. Gardevoir Nice zoning, incredible close range combos. However, she just has too many issues to be considered relevant. ??? Tier Darkrai No idea since he's unreleased, but I personally think he'll be at the top of B Tier. Empoleon The Ice Mechanic looks fun, but he's a little slow. Maybe the middle of B Tier? Croagunk Tonosama says he's terrible, so let's say top of C Tier? Scizor Honestly, I may Secondary him. Looks to be around the bottom of A Tier to me. Decidueye No idea, but the arrow looked pretty big. I'll leave him here until the game comes out, I guess. So I guess we should start discussing when the Wii U Version gets it's Tier List?
  10. Any chance of this being updated?
  11. Plague von Karma

    Operation: Synergy

    Will you just show evidence to support your side? I've backed up my statements with evidence and links to reliable sources yet all you've done is breathe down my neck and tell me to "get over myself". I've shared facts and a theory supported by plenty of evidence. It's high time you tried to disprove them rather than act like a child.
  12. Plague von Karma

    Operation: Synergy

    You missed something big here. You're saying that people would buy the game, play the DLC and then drop it. Would the Wii U be any different in this circumstance? No, but the Switch is different in that people buy the game. Then they may play it and keep playing it since they may have not bought a Wii U (note low sales), or got bored and had their fire rekindled with the new characters. You're acting like everyone got the Wii U, when barely anyone did, let alone keep it.
  13. Plague von Karma

    Operation: Synergy

    My opinions have a factual basis. I don't see why you aren't trying to refute them. Don't sidestep the question: can you or can you not refute my points? I have been relatively calm with you, and I don't know why you're getting so worked up about this. Please, stay civil in this forum.
  14. Plague von Karma

    Operation: Synergy

    There's a difference here: The GameCube was a somewhat successful console while the Wii U is one of the biggest flops Nintendo has made. With access to the very successful Wii, that's why Melee survives to this day. I already brought up the crazy differences: read plz. If you think I can't then counter my points in the post. Don't TL;DR and refute every single one. I brought up a substantial argument and you have no proof. If you don't have counters to any of the points, then leave.
  15. Plague von Karma

    Taunting: Play a little dirty, eh?

    Taunting isn't for everyone, and I have already asserted the risks of it to themselves if they don't pull it off right. Players should do whatever they can to win, but only if they can do it. Also, any Fighting Game Player who has been to a tournament should know this quote: "There is no respect in an eSports Tournament." Have you ever seen Leffen remotely respect an opponent in Melee? No. How does he win? Through that reputation. There is never, ever any respect. Good sportsmanship maybe, but never any true respect. What is "respect", and where is it placed? Before the match, during the match, or after the match? I'd say before and after. During a match, it's you or him. Do you see respect in a boxing match? Of course not. Tennis? Nope. You never see any chances given to the opponent unless they are completely confident about winning. Wrestling Matches often feature trash talk, and fighting games are no different. It's important to psyche an opponent out, regardless of background, if you want to get the psychological background. >Easily Tilted >Uses Taunting as reasoning for loss. You have to work on that. You can't simply disregard a loss to a valid strategy. Disrespect is in and of itself, a stratagem that is meant to tilt players. Here's a simple answer to pretty much everything you said: Nobody is bringing down your skills with taunting. You bring down yourself as you disregard it, and don't try to hone your brain to tune it out. Tune it out of your brain, not your list of things to work on countering.