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  1. I hear the one and only MillerTime will be there too
  2. MillerTime

    Ultimate Guide to Pikachu Matchups

    Hi, I'm MillerTime, and am a devoted Pokkén player from the UK. When DX came out, I fell in love with using Pikachu and couldn't stop playing him. Recently, I embarked on a mission to create a guide on all of Pikachu's matchups, the project took me 3 months and is finally finished. Shoutouts to the Pikachu discord for help and advice along the way. Feel free to comment either here or in the Pikachu discord for any questions you may have. Without any futher ado, the link to the google document is below, lets make 2018 Pikachu's year! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rk_R7JdHldCEsJfREDTCFrRra2POlBqZOxlgG6x59AU/edit?usp=sharing
  3. So at this point in the metagame, he is still basically a top tier threat, as evidenced by yours and Afro Kami's first place results. I'm interested to see how long it takes for people to adjust and if your worries about the character really translate into him shifting from top 5 to 13th.
  4. Garchomp is too low imo, should probably be put somewhere around just after Libre. Mustafa made T8 at SoCal without utilising the high level chomp tech such as tiger knee or CARC. Sceptile is also too low, Gin won the first online weekly with him.