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  1. ~ Pikachu Support Tier List ~

    Thank you Pentao! I will keep this is mind when making more guides to give more examples. Like I said Victini was outclassed before, but the buffs in DX are just too good lol. He is a weird hybird between Eevee and Jirachi and should be played as such. You should be playing for meter like he is Jirachi (very slow field and spacing with side y) trying your best to win field, spaming high stance. And using him as a heal/ fake attack buff against others burst or just need the buffs in general like with Eevee. (I usually like to pop Eevee and burst during rage I do the same with Victini.) He's defintely harder to use becasue you are kind of mixing game plans and takes a little practice but again he's just a very solid pick and there aren't many downsides. The fact 8x becomes a combo starter is pretty silly. 7/8/9y is now a wall carry move and that is silly as well. Iron tail combo has one of the highest midscreen combo damage off of crit iron tail starter. I would recommend Support Cheer exclusively for Victini. Other cheers makes him not as effective. If I ended the last round in Syngery Burst (does not matter if I won or lost that round) I will pop Victini in the beginning of the next round typically. If I still have meter I hold onto him and usually wait for the foe to burst or me needing to burst again (pseudo attack buff and my moveset will change even more in burst). Sometimes If I'm getting aggro'd too much I will even call him so that his veritcal hitbox will make the opponent back off. Overall in my experiences Pikachu, unlike some other characters in this game, is not instantly oppressive or scary so you will usually play your games pretty slow. Victini's charge time in my experiences hasn't really screwed me over.
  2. ~ Pikachu Support Tier List ~

    SOOO PATCH 1.2 IS NOW LIVE SO THIS IS CURRENTLY OUTDATED SINCE ALMOST ALL THE SUPPORTS HAVE BEEN CHANGED IN SOME WAY AND WE HAVE A NEW SUPPORT SET (yay) WILL TRY AND UPDATE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (Hopefully in a week since I have to go through almost ALLL the supports again ;~;) So you decided to give Pikachu a go and are wondering which supports to go with. Hopefully this guide will be of use to you. It should also be noted there are not orders within tiers they are just listed. Below is the tier list for supports for Pikachu in Pokkén Tournament DX I will also outline the reason why I ranked the supports the way I did. Overall the main factors that went into choosing was how useful the supports are ~ 1. Overall is the support good? Is it maybe outclassed? 2. In what situations is this support helpful? 3. How well do these supports work with Pika's Moveset? Personally I would say the lowest you should ever go is C Tier you will usually get what you need from those Pokemon and above. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ S Rank ___________________________________________________________________________________________ These are the best supports and becasue of this they are never a bad choice to use and are helpful in ALL MUS it really comes down to personal perference with these 4. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Snivy is typically a very helpful and consistent support no matter which Pokemon you play in this game so it is not a surprise to rank Snivy this high. Snivy is mostly notable for being a good anti air Pika can rely on. While yes Pika's 7/8/9y did receive a buff in DX it only went from arguably one of the worst anti airs in the game to just mediocre. [Y] also has to be charged and locks Pika out of all of his light attacks. So this support covers this flaw. It is also notable that Snivy is adaptable. It can be used as a DP, a knockdown, or to even leave your opponent blocking and you will be + and approach closer. Notable situations being 5x spacing and your opponent will try and jump in to get a confirm; Burst thunder having to be blocked fully as if they try to jump the second hit of Thunder Snivy will knock them out of the air. Also beware while Snivy is a wonderful support it is easily BA punishable and even grab punishable up close. Of course with practice and awareness these downsides become non existent One of the common complaints about Pikachu is his mediocre damage output so what better way to cover this flaw than with an attack buff that lasts around roughly 12 seconds? The small heal is a plus also! To put it in perspective the basic combo 6:y 8x 5y:x 8a usually only does 166. With Eevee this damage becomes a respectable 223. Attack up also ignores burst armor so you are free to use moves like 5a and 2y even though you, yourself, do not have burst. Farfetch'd like Snivy is typically a very helpful and consistent support no matter which Pokemon you play in this game so it is not a surprise to rank Farfetch'd this high. Farfetch'd is a fast, safe support who can be used in a variety of ways. From relieving pressure on your block, to pressuring the opponents block. Farfetch'd is even a handy whiff punish tool to start a combo. Farfetch'd typically doesn't scale horribly so your combos will always have added damage. Field is easier to win in MUs where field is hard for Pika. It is also notable that Pika's j.y into Farfetched is a true combo and great for wall carrying along with another j.y into 2x. The main selling point of Farfetch'd is that it is extremely flexible in its uses in matches. Victini stays true to its title of being the Victory Pokemon. Victini is here to give you a small synergy boost, a small heal, and arguably one of the silliest buffs in the game, all critical hits for around 10 seconds. With all the buffs in DX with critical when it comes to Pika this has pushed Victini from being somewhat outclassed by Jirachi and Eevee, to surpassing one and becoming even with another. With Pika being a 100cc character he gains burst very quickly, even though Victini's synergy buff is small it will fill Pika's burst gauge around 1/7 of the way. A good amount of Pika's combo game can also change when this support is used. Affected moves are 8y (will pop foe into the air even when grounded for j.x follow up), j.y ( pushes them father away for more wall carry), 8x (now becomes a combo starter into 9 frames moves midscreen and combo starter at the wall) and 2a (risky but is a combo starter for high damage). All critical hits also works as somewhat of an pseudo attack buff and will overall boost Pika's damage. With this support you are getting a little bit of Jirachi and Eevee plus more. While it is not as good as those two in their respective ways the fact that you experience all of these effects on a small scale at the same time is amazing. A Rank ___________________________________________________________________________________________ These supports are good for ALMOST ALL MUs and in some cases WILL WORK BETTER THAN THOSE IN S RANK. However unlike the supports in S rank they lack some consistency in being effective. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Emolga is a quick pierce that should be used as a whiff punish/ combo tool. The slower movement speed allows you to space in nuetral with your opponent easier. Emolga into 5a is almost always a combo and can be very handy for winning field phase, getting that confirm you needed to end the round, or getting a pierce since besides [CA] Pika lacks any. Just be aware that even though the animation seems quick Emolga is actually quite punishable by some characters such as Mewtwo up close. Frogadier is very solid and can be used as a pressure, mixup, and approach tool. It is also notable that even though Frogadier attacks are lights they will break through burst armor. Should be used at midrange or a little distance away. Up close Frogadier is punishable with grab since the call animation and startup of the attack is a bit slow. Being a support that enhances synergy burst and being a character that gains synergy burst quickly.... Jirachi and Pikachu seem like the perfect fit right? Well sadly this is not always true. However this does not mean that Jirachi is a bad pick, far from it actually! Just simply outclassed in some situations. This support does not enhance neutral nor the move set. Jirachi simply gives you a medium amount of burst gauge which will fill it around 1/3 of the way if it is not filled and an attack and defense buff when you burst on top of the boost you already get when you burst. This buff lasts around 12 seconds. The problems lie in the fact that Jirachi is only really active during burst while Victini and Eevee do not rely on this. It also forces you to play a "burst game" which can be very hard for Pika in some cases. Not only do you start to rely too heavily on your burst, against other bursts like Shadow Mewtwo, Weavile, and Gengar this buff just simply doesn't offer enough support. However Jirachi does allow for crazy amounts of synergy gain in rounds. Sometimes you might get burst 3 or 4 times a round with the right support cheer and play style. Umbreon is here with Snarl to give you around 1/5 of your meter if he connects with the foe and take away their meter as well while applying a nice debuff of no critcal hits. Also yes if you where wondering Umbreon does beat out Victini in effect so that is a major plus. Umbreon is typically somewhat difficult to punish but not impossible to so take care with your calls. Umbreon can be used offensively and defensively, a good DP to keep you safe. Just be wary of BA punishes! Togekiss is a wonderful support that will enhance Pika's overall game plan. The speed buff, which lasts for around 12 seconds, makes his lackluster dashes actually great and your spacing/ nuetral game will become something to be feared. In field phase many J[Y] combos become easier to confirm and you can even punish some moves full screen with a blistering homing attack. It is also notable that you will be able to dash in front of j[Y] you place to in field phase for some decent pressure and mix ups. Oh did I mention Togekiss also gives you a heal? Yeah it does that. So Cress received some nerfs, she is now a slow charge and her synergy gain is only a medium amount so you can only get 1/3 of your synergy gauge from her, however does this stop her from being a great choice? Absolutely not! You can only call Cress once a round. She will heal all status debuffs (minus no support) and give you a large heal. This an be a great tool to use in MUs where debuffs can play a big part but you still would like to "buff" yourself without risking losing said buffs. Examples where Cress shines is against characters like Chandelure, Weavile, and Croagunk. If played correctly you can potentially get burst as much as you would with Jirachi. B Rank ___________________________________________________________________________________________ These supports START TO FILL NICHE ROLES. They are still good but will take extensive practice to use effectively. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Litten is a pretty cool support just sucks that he requires you to have at least half your health gone before the jank happens. No matter the level he will always travel the same distance in field phase which is actually a good distance. He can be a good whiff punish and combo tool, just again a shame your health has to at the very least be half gone before it becomes somewhat decent. Litten's call is also a slow one so be careful with calling him too close to the foe. Grab punishes will happen. Popplio is a very unique support Pokemon in that he is the only enhance support in the game to give you two buffs at the same time. Popplio can be great for clearing debuffs and buffing yourself at the same time. The attack buff will last around 8 seconds and the double jump buff lasts around 12 seconds. Sadly the attack buff just simply does not last long enough to be notable in most situations however the double jump buff can be used to cross up the opponent and even whiff punish anti airs. Should be noted that a thunder cancel does not count as an "action" and you can jump again afterwards. Too bad Pika's aerial game is just so linear all you can do after a thunder cancel double jump is simply land on the ground, j.y, or j.x. Braixen's little brother likes you provide you with a very safe DP that will give you the space you need in a match. Very few characters can flat out punish Fennekin if they are not in burst. While offensive Fennekin is hard to master it does work well with Pikachu and can be helpful in MUs where Pika has to try and force situations. It can also be good in matches where the foe likes to take advantage of Pika's lack of a quick and reliable anti air. Remember that combo dojo with nuzzle into Lapras? Yeah probably not what you are going to actually be using Lapras for most of the time. Lapras as absolute tracking in field phase as in the opponent can not just simply dash to the side to stop Lapras from following them. Lapras is either going to force two options, block or jump. You should always pressure if there is a block or punish if there is a jump. Lapras can also be used as an anti zoning tool for approaching. Finally Lapras does a good around of shield damage. At the wall a simple 5y:x 6:y into Lapras and then Iron tail will cause a shield break. Syvleon is possibly the worst buffing support Pokemon you can pick for Pikachu and that's saying a lot when she only ends up in B tier. Syvleon is good for aggressive players who need or want to force situations. The defense buff lets you play the match 2 more times then you usually would have. It is very true when people say Svyelon saves lives. It should also be noted that Syvleon does makes your shield stronger. You you are having problems with shield pressure or your shield breaking this is the support for you. Resh is simply a heavy whiff punish tool and anti air tool that can only be used once. He can also be used to approach Zoners or push Grapplers away. As far as I have tested there are no notable combos off of him. The attack down buff is appericated. Best used in Dual Phase. Yveltal is a good combo and pressure tool. Like Lapras he will force block or jump. Anyone foolish enough to CA the pool after the first hit is open for nuzzle. Locking your opponent synergy gauge is a great debuff to make use of. Yveltal also gives you synergy. Pika receives around 1/5 of his gauge off of a confirmed Yveltal. Just a shame Yveltal is only one use now for Pika as we used to get 2 or 3 Yveltal calls a around depending on the support cheer. C Rank ___________________________________________________________________________________________ These supports fill NICHE ROLES ONLY. They usually involve having a set ups that can be somewhat inconsistent or just usually not worth your time using in the long run. These supports are more for counter picking some Pokemon in the cast exclusively. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Mismagius is a pressure and oki tool, she comes with an attack buff that last around 6 seconds which is usually the amount of time she's active. She has absolute tracking and will always follow the opponent no matter what. She can be good to try and win field phase or to do the infamous Mismagius unblockable in duel phase since your grab has great base damage. However Mismagius' call time is extremely slow, this support requires practice to use effectively. Croagunk is all about creating space and pressure. There are good times where you can set up Croagunk when the foe is against the wall and try to force options. He will also true combo into burst declare and apply defense down however the scaling afterwards is so huge you might as well not continue with a combo. He also applies the wonderful debuff of defense down even if he is blocked which can make shield breaks easier. The bad part is that you cannot just call Croagunk to create this pressure he has to be placed in effective distances. It is also notable you can always lay gunk down in field phase and use s.y to gain synergy meter and stay away. In DP however this is not effect since not only does Pika lack s.y but usually from far away Pikachu is not oppressive Cubone can swallow projectiles and is a quick full screen punish tool to bring Pokemon in who like to zone. With DX buffs Cubone from full screen is now a true combo. Cubone is good, just simply outclassed most of the time when compared to other combo confirming supports. He also comes with Diglett which does sucks and hurts his overall usefulness. Latios is a mixed bag, on one hand he was buffed in DX for field phase allowing for easier trapping but on the other hand he is now only one use. The set ups with Latios are good for prohibiting movement and creating pressure. Just a shame he's only one use now. Electrode is a good DP with great damage and a good anti zoning tool. He is just extremely exploitable and punishable so just take care when using him. Dragonite is good for creating space, chip damage, and trying to set up shield breaks. His call is slow and is easily punishable up close. Use him to punish opponents who happen to jump at mid range or as an approach tool. Dragonite is also good for calling when your opponent burst declares and you want to push them away from you. D Rank ___________________________________________________________________________________________ These supports fill EVEN MORE NICHE THAN THE ONES ABOVE. We are starting to come up on supports that tend to be outclassed in most situations. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I got really nothing positive to really say here, at the wall you can create some silly pressure with the Will-o-Wisp wall up and Iron Tail or Thunder during burst. You're better off using Croagunk in my opinion if you want to play that game. Maybe notable that Ninetales' attack debuff does last for a long time. But here's the thing, calling Ninetales does not immediately punish the foe like Umbreon will or how Fennekin can. They will just be pushed away and have to walk into the Will-o-Wisp wall again to get the debuff. Ninetales tries to be like Umbreon and Croagunk together but usually just not worth your time. He can maybe used for a more defensive play style that likes to play keep away but once again Pikachu is typically not oppressive from far away. Whimsicott is great at what she does, she protects you from projectiles for about 6 seconds and gives you a small heal. She even has armor on her call and you can use this to sponge single hit moves and punish. The problem isn't really with Whimsicott herself but rather who she is paired with which is Jirachi. Typically you are going to be using Jirachi the whole time but if you are struggling to get through some zoning or need a small health boost Whimsicott is there for you. Magikarp is here with some buffs that make him a somewhat ok choice. The call time to the actual flop is around 10 seconds. With practice and timing this can make for some cute unblockables to happen. The speed debuff lasts for around 13 seconds. Magikarp is good for letting you overextend your pressure but supports like Farfetch'd also do this and overall do a better job helping in other areas. Oh? You want to do chip set ups? Just use Dragonite, he comes with Victini and has more utility anyway. And no, the armor on his call is not worth using him over Dragonite. The only reason Quagsire is not in E rank is becasue if you do choose to do chip set ups with him then the damage output is pretty decent. If you wanted anti air help use Snivy. Rotom is exploitable and his attack is too slow to really catch many of the Pokemon in the cast out of the air. Even the combos you use with Snivy scale harder with Rotom and are harder to do. Just overall not really worth your time, stick to Togekiss. E Rank ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Literal bottom of the barrel. Not worth your time. THESE SUPPORTS ARE EITHER COMPLETELY OUTCLASSED OR JUST USELESS TO PIKACHU. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Just use Whimsicott, seriously. Pachi does eat some projectiles that Whimsicott doesn't but she lasts for about half the time and doesn't give you a small heal. These same exculsive projectiles she eats mostly got nerfed to one use like Yveltal, Latios, and Reshiram. "But Kukkii Pachi has I frames!!!" Ok so? Just delay your oki and punish. There are better DP supports out there like Fennekin, Umbreon, AND EVEN NINETALES. The only time I can recommend Pachi is that if you are a zoner (which Pikachu is not) and they are using Whimsicott against you. Pachi will nullify the substitutes. I don't have much to say here other than just use Cubone becasue he will pull the foe in torwards you. If you wanted a support to appraoch or chase people down you're better off with Lapras or Mismagius. Magneton is usually too slow to catch the foe in the air. The double debuff also don't last long enough for how hard it is to confirm the hit. Magneton base damage isn't even that great being only 104. Unlike Snivy and Rotom you can't really combo off of magneton either I am done here honestly, use Cress. Want to clear debuffs and buff yourself? Use popplio. Could maybe use useful for healing chip? But again just use Cress. That is all.