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  1. Helios42

    Version 1.3.2 Coming July 11!

    Wait, isn't the change to chandelure that Will-o-wisp now has decreased knockback. I don't believe smog was changed.
  2. Helios42

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    no worries just a small thing. Looks really good overall Thanks!
  3. Helios42

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Quick question on Aegislash: Isn't "後ろ入れ強攻撃" enhanced 4X not 4Y?
  4. Helios42

    BadIntent's Game Corner

    Agreed with the added recommendation I always have to new players is stick with someone for a while before jumping around (after they've explored the roster).
  5. Helios42

    Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    Favorite 2 things: 1. Hoping that the young online warriors find their way to the forum when they realize they want more and using it as a link to our offline scenes. 2. Repository for game info that isn't transient like twitter!!! I reference the character boards all the time!
  6. Helios42

    Basic Guide to Counter Forme- I mean Shield Forme

    Great guide! I treat shield form on their burst/emolga as I would a CA - free punish. Only the iframes can save lol. Accidental shield entries plague me too
  7. Awesome work as always! Working from this to establish my BnB's
  8. Helios42

    Aegislash Move Theorizing

    Exciting work pulling all of this together! Seems like it'll require a lot of paying attention to play the sword 'n shield haha
  9. Helios42

    birbo combos

    Hey, so I found for 6XXX last hit 6AA6R jY 6XXX - 267 lmao. And it seems easier to me to pull off EDIT NVM i forgot I had rage on when I did this oops
  10. Thanks for this. This will be helpful looking forward. (also I believe it's waterfall not dive but that's minor lol)