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  1. If an opponent bursts in your face, typically you are forced to respect it and take the chip, shield damage, and potential mixup afterwards. However, if you have a full burst meter, you can use your own burst declare to gain some iframes and avoid their burst attack. Not only that, but some burst attacks give the opponent enough iframes to avoid the burst declare shockwave, making them continue with the full animation of their whiffed burst attack and granting you an opportunity to punish! This can be done at certain frame advantages depending on the character if you predict them to burst out of a bad situation correctly, but for a handful of characters you can time burst declare after their burst attack start up cutscene, removing any guesswork and letting you punish any instance of burst attack in neutral. (note that I input L+R after I saw the Blaziken go for burst attack, no prediction required) Characters you can punish: Aegislash (i27 punish) Aegislash-shield (i27 punish) Darkrai (i27 punish) Shadow Mewtwo (i23 punish) Blaziken (i19 punish) Chandelure (i19 punish) Scizor (i15 punish. Sometimes you can get an i19 punish depending on how early you burst declare) Croagunk (i15 punish) Characters that get hit by the burst declare shockwave: Pikachu, Lucario, Gardevoir, Pikachu Libre, Sceptile, Decidueye, Machamp, Braixen, Blastoise, Suicune, Charizard, Garchomp Weird interaction: Weavile (depending on the timing, Weavile will either get hit by the shockwave, or avoid it. If he avoids it, the Weavile will be at either -9 or -10 i.e. you can’t punish but your i19 moves will beat out his i11 moves afterwards. This cannot be done from shield, only standing next to him, at least from my testing I cannot get it to work while in shield) Final Notes: Despite the usually large buffer period, you cannot buffer inputs during the time someone is using their burst attack. Because of this mashing burst declare is not advised. Spend some time practicing the timing in training mode to utilise this tech that allows you to take away an otherwise extremely strong button that many players will throw out under the impression that there is no counterplay. They all have different windows to perform it successfully, with Shadow Mewtwo and Darkrai seeming to be the easiest. While you can’t punish the characters that get by the burst declare shockwave, you do avoid chip, reset both characters’ PSP, and are left at +8, albeit with some distance between you. Whether this is worth going for at the risk of getting hit by burst when you can just burst declare after the blocked burst attack is up to how confident you are in timing it right, but I wouldn’t recommend it. From what I can tell, the frame advantage is the same in both field and duel
  2. Antwerp

    Battle Arena Melbourne: Full Results

    MIDORI IS AUSTRALIAN!!! But thanks for writing an article
  3. Is there any VOD/YT channel that can be viewed for those of us who missed it live?
  4. Antwerp

    Hey my Dudes

    Pokkén is growing in Aus! I saw you got caught up in the Pokkén discord, but the best place to find events and learn about the scene is the OCE Discord (https://discord.gg/YBbHeyc). We have weekly online tournaments for Aus/NZ and any news about upcoming local events there
  5. These special attacks are probably piercing moves - these types of moves are often very slow, but powerful and completely break counter attacks. You can tell an attack is a counter pierce because the phrase "counter pierced" will come up if you try to counter it. For shield, I honestly don't know. You must've stopped pressing the block button, or have your shield broken. Having your shield broken is very obvious though, so you probably just dropped shield accidently
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    Terms Glossary & Shorthand

    I think it's from SF's Tiger Knee command