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    Battle Arena Melbourne: Full Results

    MIDORI IS AUSTRALIAN!!! But thanks for writing an article
  2. Is there any VOD/YT channel that can be viewed for those of us who missed it live?
  3. Antwerp

    Hey my Dudes

    Pokkén is growing in Aus! I saw you got caught up in the Pokkén discord, but the best place to find events and learn about the scene is the OCE Discord (https://discord.gg/YBbHeyc). We have weekly online tournaments for Aus/NZ and any news about upcoming local events there
  4. These special attacks are probably piercing moves - these types of moves are often very slow, but powerful and completely break counter attacks. You can tell an attack is a counter pierce because the phrase "counter pierced" will come up if you try to counter it. For shield, I honestly don't know. You must've stopped pressing the block button, or have your shield broken. Having your shield broken is very obvious though, so you probably just dropped shield accidently
  5. Antwerp

    Terms Glossary & Shorthand

    I think it's from SF's Tiger Knee command