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  1. This was a pretty good read guys keep up the work!. And I would like to thank Thankswalot for answering my question. Do your best Thankswalot!.
  2. Acetalos

    Player Profile: ThankSwalot

    Can you guys ask him this?: How can someone be this good with sceptile? and why did he pick him as his main
  3. I'm going to have to get them both when I get a switch XD. I wonder if they'll add anymore dlc. I they do I would like to see infernape or maybe luxray.
  4. Acetalos

    Weekend Watchlist: October 27-29, 2017

    Man I really love the fact you guys are doing these watchlist stuff. Please don't stop!! :).
  5. Acetalos

    New DX patch announced: Includes online Team Battle

    Even though I don't have Pokkén dx ( let alone a switch),these features sounds like lots of fun especially online team battle