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  1. Dom

    Georgia Pokkén - GA is the strongest!

    In the Atlanta area, no. The closest thing right now are the training sessions on Saturdays in Fayetteville which is about 30 minutes from Atlanta.
  2. Been on the fence about that for a while. The pad is really comfortable now and I really don't want to mod either of my sticks again but I would definitely be down to try it out with a brooke.
  3. Dom

    Georgia Pokkén - GA is the strongest!

    So, the training session on Saturday actually went very well despite the fact that half of the people flaked out on us. Jokes aside; it was exactly what I hoped it would be in terms of content. It was one of the few times that I really felt an "arcade" level of community in GA and we will definitely keep doing it. The best part about it wasn't even really playing Pokkén, it was just being there for it. I'm fired up no matter what happens now. Good shit GA. but let's get better. I'll also be updating the OP with several GA community connections today. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1lDGLVNoARQxm See you at KiT.
  4. Goichi, Ouro, Tonosama, TJ and Thulius. Oh and Milln, he's my dad.
  5. Dom

    "What Pokemon are you?" Quiz

    Why does this keep happening to me? Every test gives me Charizard. This isn't funny anymore.
  6. Tekken and Super Mario Bros 2.
  7. Dom

    Game of the Year 2016 Thread

    Resident Evil 4. They can re-re-release that game every year and I will buy it. 2016 was a horrible year for games.
  8. Dom

    Introduce Yourself!

    I'm Dom, I'm a Georgia player, I play ?͢!̶@#̴?̢)@͠$̷. and here's my twitterino. As for as content creation or streaming, I haven't done much of either instead, I helped organize and run several tournaments. There are a few informative videos about specific things in Pokken but I would hardly consider that content creation. Come Season 2, I hope to be much more active and create better content. I play other fighting games! I'm the best 3rd strike player in GA, a pretty damn good Vampire Savior player and a horrible Melee Fox. I also shot Milln with a confetti gun.
  9. Dom

    Go To Your Locals

    ~GA Pokken Event Page This is south Georgia's only Pokken monthly thus far. Please RSVP here or on the facebook page so TOs can gauge interest!
  10. Dom

    Pokken At Gwinnett Brawl

    (REGISTRATION LINK TO BE POSTED HERE) Registration for each game closes 30 minutes before that game's bracket begins. (e.g. Melee teams registration ends at 1:30. SF5 registration ends at 5:30.) Whether you sign-up online or in person, you must finish registration half an hour before your tournament starts. On-site registration is cash only. LINE-UP AND SCHEDULE: 12:00 PM: set-up and on-site registration begins 2:00 PM: Melee teams, Pokken 2:30 PM: The King of Fighters XIV (PS4) 3:00 PM: Melee singles, Smash 4 teams 4:00 PM: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev (PS4) 5:00 PM: Smash 4 singles, Marvel 3 (PS4) 6:00 PM: Street Fighter V (PS4) If you register online, we will put you in the bracket even if you're late, but if you do not arrive by the end of the 1st round of the tournament, then you will be kicked down to the losers bracket. If you do not arrive by the end of the 1st round of losers, then you will be disqualified from the tournament altogether. Stream: twitch.tv/sixfortyfive COST OF ENTRY: $7 venue fee per player (can be waived; see info below) $5 entry fee per player per game Example: If you want to play in Smash 4 singles ($5), Smash 4 teams ($5), and Street Fighter ($5), then the total cost for you would be $22. If your venue fee is waived (see below), then it would be $15. "LONGEST TRIP" REWARD: We will waive the $7 venue fee for the driver who makes the longest trip to the Gwinnett Brawl venue. At registration, present your driver's license and the shortest Google Maps trip route from your home to the venue (either on your phone or on a print-out, with the total mileage clearly visible). The trip length must be at least 100 miles long in order to be eligible for a venue fee waiver. BRINGING A SETUP: If we need additional setups for any of the tournament games and if you can bring one for us, then we'll waive your $7 venue fee. A full setup includes: display, console, game, plus anything else needed to run it (e.g. a Gamecube controller adapter for Smash 4, a memory card for Melee, etc). You should also have all tournament-legal gameplay content available (unlockables/DLC). Our preferred displays for tournament play are LOW-LATENCY 1080p LCD COMPUTER MONITORS with HDMI input. We will accept any such monitor that is rated 10ms or lower by DisplayLag (displaylag.com/display-database) or by other reputable sites using the same test method (Leo Bodnar device, average measurement). HDTVs tend to lag more than computer monitors and are unlikely to be accepted unless we can verify that they meet this threshold. We have a lag testing device that we can use if you wish to have your display tested. The prize pool for each game is taken from the entry fees for that game and split among the winners based on the number of entrants for that game. * If 2-5 entrants: Winner takes all * If 6-13 entrants: Top 2 split (2/3 for 1st; 1/3 for 2nd) * If 14-29 entrants: Top 3 split (4/7 for 1st; 2/7 for 2nd; 1/7 for 3rd) * If 30-63 entrants: Top 4 split (8/15 for 1st; 4/15 for 2nd; 2/15 for 3rd; 1/15 for 4th) * If 64-131 entrants: Top 6 split (1/2 for 1st; 1/4 for 2nd; 1/8 for 3rd; 1/16 for 4th; 1/32 for 5th) * If 132 or more entrants: Top 8 split (16/33 for 1st; 8/33 for 2nd; 4/33 for 3rd; 2/33 for 4th; 1/33 for 5th; 1/66 for 7th) UNIVERSAL GAME RULES: Game options are generally set to their default values unless otherwise specified below. Unless players can agree on the stage to play, stage selection is random (except for games which have their own stage rules, like Smash Bros). Most tournament matches are best 2-out-of-3 games per set (unless otherwise specified in individual game rules below). Winners final, losers final, and grand final are commonly run 3-out-of-5 games per set (if time permits). This can change on a per-tournament basis depending on how much time we have to run the event; check with your bracket runner if you are unsure of the set length. The winner of a game usually has to keep the same selections (character, assist, team, etc.) for the next game except in instances specified below. Glitches that halt gameplay entirely (e.g. anything that causes the game to freeze) and exploits that are only possible via hacking (e.g. Galactus and duplicate characters in UMvC3) are banned. Other glitches will be judged at the tournament organizers' discretion. A draw game counts as a win for both players, and the next game of the set (if required) must be played with identical settings (same characters, stage, etc). If a draw causes both players to reach set point, then an extra tiebreaker game will be played. Pausing a game in progress will allow your opponent to take the current round (in traditional fighters) or your current stock (in Smash). Exceptions will be made in instances of "inevitability" (e.g. pausing in the middle of a cinematic super attack that is guaranteed to KO the opponent anyway). All in-game button config options (e.g. 3-punches, one-button dash) are allowed. Turbo fire and other hardware-assisted mechanisms are forbidden. Wired controllers are strongly encouraged in order to avoid syncing issues and to keep the tournament running smoothly. Wireless controllers are permitted, but you risk disqualification if your controller causes any mishaps in another player's match. PS4 players should remember to delete all old controller pairings every time they sit down to play a match. Wii U players should remove their controller batteries when not in use. Cronus brand converters are banned. The legality of all other controllers, sticks, and converters will be decided at the tournament organizers' discretion. You are responsible for your own controller/stick/converter. We cannot provide them for you. For PS4 games: when you sit down for your match, it is YOUR responsibility to delete old controller pairings from the previous match(es). Make sure to delete all unused bluetooth devices from the system menu whenever you get ready to play a tournament match. If a non-competitor's controller disrupts your match, you and your opponent must ignore the disruption and continue playing as if there was no interference. If a disruption turns off the game entirely, then you must replay the game that was interrupted, using the same settings (characters, etc). POKKEN TOURNAMENT RULES: - LAN Mode - Skill = Off - Stadium Only - Loser of last match may change fighter Pokemon. - Both players may change assist sets and cheer type between matches.
  11. GA Pokkén Facebook Nearby Events Final Round - March 10th - March 12th (GA) Pokkén at Gwinnett Brawl - February 11th (GA) Momocon - May 25th - 28th (GA) CEO - June 16th - June 18th (FL) Hello Pokkén! Guess I'll be posting the GA thread for the revival.
  12. Dom

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Loves Memes < Loves Memes v Loves Memes