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  1. Since I had a hand in the seeding I'd like to give mt $0.02 here. SEEDING A few people were confused about seeding and matches happening at odd times. And here's what I can tell you. Brocooli v Twixxie This was honestly an oversight on my part and the people I showed the bracket to. The fact they were seeded in the same pool a major 2 weeks back was my fault. However this time Broccoli was not double eliminated by Twixxie but sent to losers by him, then lost to Obscure. DJWhiteyWhite & Madluk Another oversight that this happens more frequently than Broc v Twix. They were on opposite sides of the bracket and did not actually play so it wasn't that big of a deal. In retrospect I should have just swapped DJWhitey and Brocooli as they were they same seed. Rasenryu v EveryDamnDay Yes this was a "high skill match" early on in the bracket, but as EDD reg'd on site he went in unseeded and made an upset. Rokso v CoachSteve (offstream) This was not a product of bad seeding but a product of tournament upsets. Coach Steve getting sent to losers early on and Rokso getting sent to losers by AshGreninja before winners semis threw that match into loser's offstream pretty early on. If the tournament wasn't running late there might have been an exception to putting that loser's match on stream. SketchySmeargle v Franke Sisto This match being the first match into Wave 2 is a product of the pool. There was 1 extra person in the pool putting them in "round 0" so they were just the first match that was streamed. CLOUD v Son Dula This is the only one I have little to no explanation for. CLOUD was originally seed 4 in Pool 1 (SuiMaster/Oreo pool) and not pool 3. Somehow after shifting people around after some 'complaints' outside the hands of myself and Appleboom, Cloud ended up 5th seed to Dula's 4th seed in pool 3 causing them to play first. Maybe something from the Big E team after causing some switches but as Dula and Cloud don't have a crew/sponsor name in front they wouldn't have known the wiser. Now that I put that out of the way here's the biggest issue everyone else had. Tournament Experience Look I'm glad that our pools started later in the day and not at 10 in the morning like every other tournament in existence, but this caused a huge cascade of issues being the time it was. Setups The setup situation was something weird, and similar sounding to Final Round. The phrase "the other setups are in storage" was definitely the same I heard over at Final Round. We had a total of "3" complete setups initially, 6 systems, however 1 complete setups discs were having issues, thus 2 had to be purchased (to my recollection/knowledge). Which was quickly and promptly done by Xerick. This caused a bunch of us (Oreo, Brocooli, Myself) to bring our setups down to use for the tournament. This was a little bit annoying to do as we had to break down room setups to use for tournament. The people who came up to help were concerned about being DQ'd when they were up gathering setups. This was all fixed but caused a delay in the tournament start. TO Presence This isn't saying the TOs aren't doing their job, but their job is to at least be around and be proactive. The people who asked and were in the know, knew that Xerick was running the pools. But at the height of the "we need the setups" Appleboom was playing off in his ARMS/Soul Calibur pool. With Xerick trying to get the setup situation settled out Apple SHOULD have dropped from his pool to asses the rest of the Pokkén situation, or have more TO hands if he was interested in playing in his brackets. 2 people is fine enough but that's if they both don't enter other games. Playing in the event you're TOing isn't that big of a deal, but playing in other games at the event can cause conflict if your team is small. A good example is at Defend the North. You have Johnny being the main TO while Oreo, Rokso, Whitey, and EDD were doing their jobs as bracket runners, commentary, and other TO duties all the while they all entered the event. The team was large enough to do such. It's not as bad as it seemed it was just a bad look. Commentary This isn't from me but from a bunch of people who spoke to me. A majority of the time their stream volume was set to mute. THIS IS A PROBLEM. They all had the same answer and that was the people on the mic. Now there was a good chunk of people who watched and listened but a lot of players who were interested in Analysis were turned off by the constant screaming and memeing. This isn't an attack on anyone. This is a wakeup call saying people aren't really liking the yelling and hyping of the match going on. There are nice moments when you can scream but when you're always yelling and screaming it's an issue. As for the good news of it, KPB did a good job although they really don't have mods for the Pokkén section of the chat. Maybe we should have been proactive about that. I'm pretty sure that was more than $0.02 but just some things I wanted to say