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  1. AqUa_iGamer

    FSBC Aura Blast Cup Results! (Top 100)

    Why did you post top 100 lol. That's crazy dedication.
  2. Someone told me it started at 4am and i got bamboozled till 7am
  3. Can't wait for the demo. It's gonna be so hype
  4. AqUa_iGamer

    Shadow MewTwo (AqUa Combos)

    I made a video showcasing some of Shadow MewTwo's combos: Most of these combos i found myself by messing around in training mode. If anyone has any critique for future videos or combo suggestions please let me know.
  5. AqUa_iGamer

    Summer Jam XI Feedback Thread

    Some of the commentary in the second pool was very bias so it made it boring to see the commentators drool over 1 person the whole time. Other then that i heard that grands was super boring which people have to get over cause they were playing with money on the line and entertainment isn't their first priority. I didn't attend i just watched the live stream