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  1. I will be doing donation streams throughout Jan starting 1/7/18 because of a development in the taxi limosine commission. I have most of the money I need for the tlc application but I am short by 80 dollars, I need to submit an application before Feb 1st or else I won't be able to apply one for 5 years since the new rule is you have to have 5+years of driving experience and I can't wait that long. So I'm doing the donation stream to raise the 80 I need this week and if anyone can help I will appreciate it. This will help me open up a better future in my life and I don't want it to slip away because of a technicality. 

  2. It was an amazing event run as smooth as it can despite technical difficulties got to meet people I wanted to meet but couldn't play all of them since we had no time to play much. However this event I will never forget and I will do my best to make it out to more of these events in the future.
  3. OMG two weeks get here fast for Pokkén DX 

  4. Lupo

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Hi there names Lupo. 2. Staten Island, New York 3. Played since day one and learning as well as my 2nd but getting Decidueye as my 3rd for 3v3 in DX. I also play for fun :3 since I also main him with lucario in super smash bros wii u. 4. Twitter is @nyclupo as well as my Twitch account NYCLupo. I also have a Discord as well @Lupo#9222 5. I am a streamer and hopefully one day to be partnered up with twitch for Pokkén and smash bros. 6. I'm a fun loving guy who loves to fight all challengers whether you're a beginner or a grand master bring it on. I'll be doing viewer battles each time I go on twitch and I may stream smash bros wii u as well.
  5. Lupo

    Nintendo Switch Friend Code Thread

    If you guys can't see it clearly SW-6010-3710-8157 I'll be streaming everything Pokkén DX when it drops.
  6. Hello Everyone Name is Lupo and I main Lucario in Pokkén and I will be streaming matches soon :)