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  1. Hi! I made a video about punishing some of the DP assists we have in Pokkén. (Snivy/Fennekin/Umbreon) If y'all have any more feedback or questions about things related to the video, let me know! Thanks.
  2. Fosh

    Braixen Combo Thread! [Updated!]

    Damage will be listed the next time I get a chance to lab a bit, these are just all the combos I could think of while I was at work one day so I couldn't test for damage. Or if someone wants to be cool, they can help out by getting damage totals for me :3 Combo added, too.
  3. Fosh

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm Fosh and I'm a Braixen main! I live in SoCal, but far away from events like WNF lol. Twitter (@xFosh) is probably where I'm most active, but I can also be found in the Braixen discord if you need to get ahold of me. I have a YouTube channel (JGFosh) where I post sets or just a few Ranked matches probably once a week. I don't stream too often, but here's my Twitch channel if you wanna follow it. Interesting facts, uhhh I dunno. I first got into fighting games with Skullgirls about 3.5 years ago and I've recently been trying to pick up BBCF? I also like to lab a lot and post dumb things I find on Twitter from time to time.
  4. BIG LINK TO THEIR SITE SMASH.GG LINK Frosty Faustings is a pretty large tourney out in Chicago that's gonna have a Pokkén event! There's currently about 16 people registered with a 32-person cap, but we might be able to convince them to make that cap bigger if we turn out in force soon. They have a huge slew of other games there, so if you've got other games you like to play, they've probably got a tourney for it for you to win! FFIX also runs all their games as single day events, with Pokkén currently running on Saturday, January 28th. [Schedule link.] Online registration is currently $35 + $10/game with a cap of 6 games, closing on Friday, January 13, 2017 at Midnight CST. On-site registration will be $40 + $10/game with a cap of 3 games. [Source] Hope to see you there!
  5. Braixen can do combos. Here’s a quick rundown while the Braixen discord scrambles to write everything down and figure out formatting. This is not a conclusive list of combos, just a starting point. 66 is used to indicate a forward dash. FCC is short for “Flame Charge Cancel,” explained here. ]A[ is used to show the release of the A button to gain a Sunny Day charge. 6Y [DP] or f.Y [FP] combo starter is assuming the opponent is crumpled on hit, unless otherwise stated. Duel phase combos are written using default layout and numpad notation, explained here: Link to the Basic Combo Spreadsheet Basic Combos Support Combos Example Videos To-Do List: - More combos, duh. - Field phase combos Please point out mistakes or improvements that could made to this thread. Changelog: