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  1. Reading that Elm didn't comment about me in the slightest makes me sad. Yet another good Interview. Thank you Midori.
  2. Hey folks, today I'm gonna start the discussion about a recent topic in our community: Coaching. Some parts of the community have considered to allow coaching in between games, some even in between rounds, while some have strictly raised their voice in favor of no coaching during a tournament set whatsoever. In this dicussion I want to hear your opinions on coaching in general and if there need to be certain rules or restrictions on it and why. Here are some basic points that you can focus your arguments around: - What is a coach able to do that a competitior can't? - What influence does coaching have on competitors mid set? - What extent of choaching is acceptable? (Number of coaches, duration, number coaching opportunites) - Does a coached player have an advantage over an uncoached player? - Whats your final verdict on the matter? Happy discussing!
  3. Cheer Skill Discussion!

    This whole debate has become stuck. Allow me to untangle some things, as well as point out what we have acheived until now at both sides: @Pentao has pointed out a very important points that needs to be adressed in an appropriate manner: - Whimsical won't auto-win you games and most of all won't allow you to beat someone way higher than your own skill-level. Since I already said that I don't think Whimsical in particular is broken but instead uncompetitive, I can't dispute this statement unless I am willing to discredit players a won game because they have been using whimsical. Even though it should be common sense, I will briefly say why this is impossible. 1: It's unsportsmanlike and rude af 2: Dictating a community how their game is supposed to be played and that there are "right" and "wrong" ways to do so, is extremely close-minded and will ultimately lead to a very stale unexciting competition and community, which no one really wants to be a part of. Even though I might have come across this way with suggesting to ban the mechanic, Pentaos arguments have made me aware that I have taken it a step too far. I apologize. From this point on, I'd like to focus this discussion on: "What are the strengths and weaknesses of whimsical and how to abuse them best" instead of "Should we ban this?". This should allow for more open minded conversation from both parties. Let us first try to agree on some basic points before we develop the conversation further: - Are there characters that benefit from Whimsical strategies more than others? - Are there characters that suffer from Whimsical strategies more than others? - What Strategies in particular does the use of Whimsical allow a player?
  4. Cheer Skill Discussion!

    Yeah. Thats what I wanted to say. I just couldn't word it eloquently. I agree. I agree with this too, but others don't, so I think we need to dive further into why we think like this. I'll explain that further down where I quote Scatz. Poker literally is a game that requires both Luck and Skill to win. With that said, you can be the best player on the world but still lose if luck isn't on your side. I can see where you are coming from, but for me this is actually an argument against Whimsical for me. Exactly because no other cheer skill can do that, Whimsical can actually be considered centralizing in that regard. And as I said 24,5% isn't too shabby for that job, going along with how I explained that Round 1 is the most important round to win strategy-wise, I don't see how this is a competitive strategy, since you use a boost you get by chance to overpower your opponent. You portrayed well how this is part of your scheme, but exactly because Whimsical makes this possible, I consider it uncompetitive. I wouldn't venture into the realm of "deserving" things, but you got a point. More often than you want, you will find your opponent being in situation solely because of whimsical, and I admit thats even a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, since the cheer can't always do nothing. But there are situations where whimsical can literally carry you a match and make you win, even though you made plays, where every other cheer skill in the game would have put you into a losing position. This is an issue that needs to be adressed. I can see how this affects Characters like Lucario, Pika and Sui less, because of their good defense but at the same time I can see this be a crippling issue for setplay Characters that have to play lead and have poor defense like Darkrai, Garde and Sceptile. Imo, that is simply not true. There are a lot of characters in the cast, that are really bad with playing on a disadvantage and Whimsical in the hands of a good player and skew the opportunities of an entire round in the users favor. The perfect example for this is Darkrai, being both dependant on winning field and one of the weakest characters against SB. Getting a 24,5% round 1 whimsical boost sets you up for the perfect condition to win the entire game. Let's say you are an 100cc character. Winning just ONE field almost instantly readies your Burst and allows you to save that burst until you enter field a second time, where you use it the decisively win field again. There is nothing much Darkrai can do there since their options against Burst are really bad. So you can argue that Whimsical is able (but of course not guaranteed) to skew reward ratios for playing correctly heavily into the users favor. Since its random, and there are no proactive countermeasures for it. I consider Whimsical to be uncompetitive. This is way easier done than you think. As a tiny correction: Getting the 40% Boost turns Gengar into a 150cc character. I'd argue this makes them get burst almost guaranteed, unless they misplay heavily or get outplayed, which will be entirely their fault. Please note that winning phases is not the only way how to gain meter. Calling Jirachi twice gets you 60CC. Losing health until you enter rage gets you about 30-40cc. The rest can just easily be obtained with CADC, playing a slow field to get meter by using moves or just straight up winning a phase. A Gengar winning Round 1 based on a 24,5% percent basis should also be set up to win the game entirely, they literally are not required to get anything more from the cheer to win the game, if they dont play it stupid. They can save up ressources to win Round 3 while forcing the other player to win round 2. This will be a test of skill for the opposing player since (depending on what they run) they might need to save their ressources to win Round 3. As you can see, they have been put into a really tough position, just because they might have just lost a single phase or RPS exchange. Furthermore, Whimsical is able to just say "lmao" and give you another decisive bonus for Round 2. Allowing you to win that one outright, altough you could argue thats a gamble, but its worth thinking about if you are in the lead and able to close it out.
  5. Cheer Skill Discussion!

    I'd like to hear a proper example on this? How are you supposed to deal with holy grail rounds? Obviously not lose but how do you actually adapt your strategy to something thats entirely random? Obviously not lose fields but what else? How do you adapt on a strategic level? Actually my example are 100ccs and 250ccs. 100ccs are mosty able to burst after just one phase shift. While 250ccs should be able to get their burst when well played at the end of the round. Especially with Gengar, this can skew the way some MUs are played due to Mega Gengar. I also expect the two players to be equally skilled so I won't accept a "just outplay them" response. The earliest form of Chess, also known as Chaturaji had used dice, which was also removed to make to game more rewarding for skill. Early Street Fighter games up to SF3 inflict random amounts of stun with each hit, which would sometimes cause dizzy very quickly if you manage of maxroll a lot. This was also changed to a fixed amount for the same reason. (I know these are technically not bans, but changes to a competitive game to remove luck and reward skill.) Regarding the counterplay thing. Yes of course a good Whimsical roll wont instalose you the game, but with my most favorite example, being Gengar, that really can change the course of a match. The lack of counterplay that I talked of was not referring to the actual gameplay itself but to the lack of reliable strategy you can come up with. Even when you avoid them winning Round 1 with holy grail. They can still get the same holy grail again. And I also wouldn't say counterplay is always that easy. I like to say that I consider getting the whimiscal holy grail is everything with 40-30% synergy and the chance for that is a 24,5%. Not too bad. Also assuming both players are on an equal skill level, nothing prevents the whimiscal player to play the game to the best of their opportunities. The game literally gave them an advantage that they should capitalize off.
  6. Cheer Skill Discussion!

    Something I think you overlooked with your video is the "strategic use" of cheer skills and how they interact with each other. With "strategic" I mean how reliably your cheer skill can set up favorable situations for you and timeout strategies are a big part of this. Since winning by timeout locks you out from your cheer skill bonuses for the next round. I'll use an example with the cheer skill that has imo to best strategic use: Pressure Focused Pentao already beat me to explaining how good Pressure is. Let me just quickly rephrase it and tell my personal story. Pressure Focused is by far my favorite cheer and I began using it after seeing Elm use it at Dreamhack Sweden and I know players like Azazel and Momo use it as well. Momo himself also recommended me to use it several times. Pressure itself is a cheer that becomes viable with Pokemon starting at 200cc burst gauge or in other words: "Can't burst reliably every round unless you really outplay your opponent." Since you might barely not be able to reach burst round 1, I believe special to be a poor pick since it can "overfill" your meter and synergy is the most important ressource to gain from cheer skills, so you dont wanna waste it. Pressure however lets you set up a strategy the most reliably. Its more pressure for the opponent than it is for you and I will explain why. Since Round 1 usually starts on neutral ressources, winning this one is most important for both players because it forces their opponent to win the next one. This might sound simple but with the right strategy you can capitalize on this A LOT. The basic premise of how I use pressure, is to win either round 1 or 2, depending on when I get burst and then win round 3 with the obtained ressources. However if you observe your opponents cheer skill and thats what I mean with "interaction of cheers" you might be able to set up a strategy to counter their cheer skill. I'll illustrate with an example: My opponent is a Gengar running a cheer that I dont know yet. I am Sceptile and I'm terrible at fighting Mega Gengar so I usually lose the rounds where they get burst and I can't burst back. - I win Round 1, they get support from cheer. Since Gengar Burst is the only threat or "lose condition" to be, I assume they are running special, which lets me come up with the following strategy: Play Round 2 as slowly as possible. At this Point Gengar should sit on 40-70% meter. Since bursting early in the round is a bad decision, you want to force them into an unfavorable burst decision (since they still need to win the round). That means you want them to burst without access to rage or much recoverable HP. Playing slow in this scenario also sets up for another plan: "If you can't win outright. Force them to win by Timeout." Since I already indentified their cheer skill as Special Cheer, playing the clock and forcing them to win by timeout while still making them use their burst sets up for the best possible round 3 situation, with all the stuff I get from Pressure and them getting nothing at all. A situation that you should always win. Another example: - I lose Round 1, they get 40% synergy. Losing Round 1 to Gengar is usually an indicator that you are doing something terribly wrong. (Except when they got burst by Whimsical BS) Thats a bad situation, but still winnable. At this point the should sit on >80% of their meter. And you probably should too. The game will come down to a burst clash and you will need to play well to succeed, however you're not out yet. Winning the round with non timeout will net you your Pressure Bonuses and even if you win by timeout, Gengar will start with only their support round 3. Another good opportunity for you to win at this point. As you can see from this: The optimal route for me to fight Gengar is Win R1, Whatever R2, Win R3. Pressure allows me to just give everything I got in R2 as long as I force them to waste their ressources. That also goes for every opponent but is most effective at 200cc+ characters. Some words on the other cheers: Synergy Focused: I used to think this one sucks because of the poor pacing. 10% Synergy on a win is bad since if you get it, that usually means you need to win again and these ressources dont set up for this well. However I think that Synergy Focused should be renamed into Timeout Focused since that is the Cheer Skills that synergizes the best with this cheer skill. Using the rule that you dont get cheer skills on a win and forcing every match to be a timeout, you still snag yourself the 10% Synergy in round 1 and the whopping 40% synergy on a loss. Since you never ever should die with full meter, this also rarely overfills your meter. I use this in timeout heavy MUs and it always did me greeeeat favors. Support Focused: This Cheer is nice and easy to use. Its a no-brainer for low-cc characters since they can OS their Victini/Jirachi with it. But other chars that need their Support for neutral or getting in also can make great use of this. I don't use it but I can clearly see its points. Special: This seems to be everyones favorite cheer next to Support Focused. I don't like to run it tho since imo it creates very momentum heavy matches. I often feel in a Special Cheer mirror, the person who wins Round 1 is almost disadvantaged in the long run, since they basically need to win R2 or in the worst case force a timeout loss. If they fail to do so, the momentum shifts heavily to he opposing side due to how the cheer works. Whimsical: Oh boy, you've been waiting for this, haven't you? I hate Whimsical solely because of the fact that it can give you powerful Round 1 bonuses which can both overturn strategies as well shift the momentum heavily in ones favor, just based on pure chance. If Whimsical would be inactive round 1 but would never fail, I'd be super totally fine with it, but I digress. Since Kemo already leaked out a debate that I held with close friends first before going into the public with it, let me fill you in on my stance. I am the origin of the #BanWhimsical debate. I didn't want this opinion to go public yet and especially not as poorly portrayed and with no arguments whatsoever, but thanks to Kemo we got specifically this case and my timeline is full of memes and shitposts, so allow me to present my thought process in this post: I think cheer skills are a deep strategic decsion and I hope I demonstrated that too, having Whimsical as cheer not only puts your strategy on a dice, it also forces your opponent to adapt their strategy to the boosts you are getting. Constantly. Round 1 lucky bonuses are the worst, since timeout strats to lock out Whimsical won't even work there, so if you get really unlucky, the opponent might get the whimsical jackpot in round 1 and 3. This is my worst case scenario for tournament sets too, where sets are mostly BO3. Whimsical in itself is not broken or in any case overpowered, however I find it to be uncompetitive, and thus should be banned from tournamets due to the following reasons: According the Magic the Gathering creator Richard Garfield, adding luck to an "Orthogame" (which is basically a game that has winners and losers), reduces the impact of skill by distributing the chances of winning to their specific mechanics, in this case Whimiscal. I don't believe that people are losing games just to whimsical boosts alone, and the mere thought is ridiculous. But it might set up situations that wouldn't be possible otherwise... based on a chance. In a tournament environment, where you are supposed to find out who's the best. Keeping a random element that has the possibility to make a huge impact doesn't seem logical to me. Competitive games are usually in favor of banning luck based factors. Thats how the Smash Community turned their game from a party game, to a competitive platform fighter. By getting rid of items and random stage effect, they were able to attain a stable competitive game, that rewards skill over luck. Whimsical isn't centralizing, but it can make a huge impact when combined with characters like M2 and Gengar. Since I don't see any points how a healthy tournament environment could benefit from keeping Whimsical, I consider it best to be just removed from the formula. For everyone who's pulling the slippery slope argument of arguing that "Croagunk is also RNG, should they be banned??", listen to this: Banning a character is largely different from banning a mechanic and even then the important thing is the options you are left with in the worst case or in other words: Counterplay. All of Gunks "lucky setups" return all chip damage dealt all recoverable HP to you as opposed to just 1/2. So even if you are caught in the most unlucky setup, as long as you dont mash, you wont get hit and you are also able to get your recoverable HP back by proper play. Furthermore, almost all the Gunks RNG moves are heavily punishable, which gives aware players an opening. However Whimsical does not have any counterplay to it, apart from either picking Whimiscal yourself to hope to get as lucky as your opponent, or timeout losing to prevent the skill from working, but even then you are completely at the cheer skills mercy for round 1 and (if you manage to lose this one) the theorethical round 3. Thanks for listening to me. I'll be willing to discuss this properly. Additional sources: Richard Garfield's lecture on luck in games:
  7. Welcome to week #2 of our weekly Tierlist. Looking back at our week #1 list, we made some changes and we are going to present our reasoning for the changes: Sceptile: Moved from lower A to lower S-Tier. We jumped to gun too hard on Sceptile, and most of this was my (Gin's) fault. I behaved very defeatist in regard to his changes and disregarded his potential and even his new tools. He's still a top tier threat and shouldn't be slept on. Empoleon: Moved to the peak of A-Tier. People slowly realized his potential and started to do good stuff with him. Some even say hes stronger than Darkrai. I actually think so too. However Empoleon stuggles against proper counterpla in field and has to work very hard to win some MUs. SM2: Moved from B-Tier to mid A-Tier. Popplio and SM2 have become best friends. He can do incredible things with the support and they complement each other really well. I'm anticipating very good stuff to be seen with him. Croagunk: Moved from B-Tier to mid A-Tier. Watsky thinks Gunk is ridiculous. I don't really see it but I'd like to be surprised. He has some good stuff and is certainly not a troll pick. Garchomp: Moved from B-Tier to lower A-Tier. Imo Garchomp needs to be way higher. Somewhere around where Scizor is. Watsky thinks he has crippling weaknesses that doom him to be bad... I agree... But Garchomp also has oppressive strenghts that shouldn't be disregarded. Gengar: Moved from B-Tier to bottom of A-Tier. This is the other char where I cant agree with Watsky. For me Gengar belongs in S-Tier directly behind Sceptile. The character was always good and has just gotten better. Gengar has really good damage now, especially in the corner and his mixups benefit from proper mindgames now. Watch out for this Character! Scizor: Only bumped down... A little. DAMN YOU MILLN! MY CHARACTER IS SHIT NOW! REEEEEEEEEEE! ...No seriuosly, the charcter is good. Yes of course he has weaknesses. But at the same time you can see the Japanese Scizors deal with these well and so should you. The character has a lot going for him and this archetype always comes with defining weaknesses as well. In the end, those who will be the most passionate and resilient with triumph with this character. Thats it for this week, please leave any questions or opinions for characters placings and we will do our best to respond and implement your feedback on next weeks tierlist. Thank you! - Gintrax
  8. Pokkén Dx Character Rundown Charts

    While playstyle and decisionmaking with Pikachu is straightfoward. I think his execution qualifies him as a "hard" character. Usually 6!Y just frame needs to be frame perfect. You can cheat this by kara canceling 5Y into 6Y to get the just frame, however most combos won't allow you that so thats more of an oki thing. So yeah, just frames. If you want get them consistently even in tournament pressure, your execution has to be precise.
  9. Regardless of the results, Sceptile took a heavy hit in both arcade and Dx patch, which ultimately puts a halt to the insane pressure he once had. Traps are now way less rewarding and momentum is less valuable for Sceptile. His pressure is fake and Giga Drain mixups are reactable. Once people actually figure out how to play the MU they will realize what the patch did to him.
  10. Hello everyone my Name is Gintrax and I am a competitive Sceptile player from Germany. Today I want to present to you these Character Rundown Charts I made in preparation for Pokkén Tournament DX! Here is how they work: - Each Character is rated by six attributes: - Damage: How much potential damage the character can get with their midscreen, corner and grab confirms. - Pressure: Options and ways to pressure your opponents in advantageous situations like positive on block, cornering or oki. - Defense: Options and ways to escape pressure and punishes in disadvantageous situations to either reset neutral or getting the advantage yourself. - Neutral: The quality and quantity of a character's viable options when neither player possesses a distinct position or situation based advantage. - Mobility: How well your movespeed, cancels, aerial mobility, offensive- and defensive movement options benefit your character. - Burst: A general rating of how strong a burst mode is considered in direct relation to how fast/easy this burst mode is achieved. - Transparent bars show an increase in the attribute when the character is in burst. - Special colored extensions of bars show an increase in the attribute when a certain condition is met. This condition will be noted on the picture. These cards will be also featured in a detailed character rundown video on which I am working on right now, stay tuned! Decidueye will be added when Dx is out!
  11. Shield Break guide and data (Dx Update)

    Effective shield strength with attack down and defense up is 200/160. Yes, supports can't break shields by themselves.
  12. Support counterpick guide by Gintrax

    reserved for future posts
  13. Hello everyone my Name is Gintrax and I am a competitive Sceptile player from Germany. This is a Support counterpick guide. Here I will present strong support options against a certain character, I will also describe said options briefly. Without further ado, let's begin: - Snivy Snivy destroys Blaziken. You can literally snivy everything that makes them airborne on reaction and get a nasty punish for it. 20 seconds recharge timer makes it easily accessible and a perfect candidate for special cheer. - Eevee Theres this one moment where you REALLY don't wanna fight Blaziken. It's when they have burst and you don't. Eevee's attack buff making you able to ingnore bursts light armor takes care of that. - Emolga The zoners option to shut down Blazikens approaches. Easy to use and stragihtforward in terms of reward. - Croagunk Croagunk punshies suicidal Blaziken hard. Use it to oki a knockdowned Blaziken and Croagunks attack will immediately get rid of their recoverable HP. - Pachirisu Pachi is by far my favorite support in the game and there are a lot of reasons for it. Pachi has iFrames on call and will fuck many of Braixens popular okis up, since they can't support cancel on whiff. This results them mostly resorting to unsafe oki. Pachi will eat the Yveltal projectile. It will however NOT eat Emolga for some reason. - Whimsicott If you need to deal with projectiles and can make the one engage count that Whimsi might give you, this is your support. It's not my style but it deserves a mention. - Duck and Emo Serve similar purposes. Punish Braixen for zoning attempts at unsafe ranges, allowing you to get close. - Emolga I guess this is what everyone uses already. Its really important for some characters to use this to get in. - Farfetch'd Duck is the auto-win button in field. You can stay in range and react to everything that won't immediately phase shift you, call duck and get an easy phase shift. - Quagsire Kinda unorthodox but insanely powerful! Did you read my shield break guide? Chandelure has a weak shield and Sceptile for example has an unblockable shield break setup on Chandelure with this that also deals absurd chip damage prior to the break. Its disgusting. Chandelure has no quick or powerful options to get out of Quag, so when you get a knockdown on them, its time to play dirty. Literally. - Snivy This is actually the best thing ever against Zard. Limits their options in neutral severely and shuts down every non-grab oki. Please use! - Duck Duck will help you winning more field phases which will both help you overwhelm Zard and prevent them from getting burst themselves. - Reshiram This will make Zard reconsider if they want to play the pressure game with you. Zard has a hard time approaching and this is basically a get-out-of-the-jail-for-free. Same applies here, never call against bursted Zard. - Pachurisu/Emolga I know Darkrai isn't out here yet. But from watching tons of Arcade footage and talking to the japanese. It's already clear for me what to do here. Darkrai has an incredibly centralizing and boring FP which is however beaten by Pachirisu and Emolga. Darkrai can't hide behind his shit anymore and you will be free to engange with your better buttons. Beware of Dark Pulse however. - Umbreon Active Umbreon will make Garchomp not wanna oki you and might net you a wakeup grab at least a free wakeup if they are obvious about baiting it. Its actually scarier for them to keep this active instead of burning it asap. If you hit it however, not being able to crit cripples Garchomps corner damage immensely. - Latios Garchomp is bad at defending space and with a solid strategy you can make them suffer for it, this will also make you win field easy. - Reshiram Resets full screen neutral and doesn't give a shit about drill approaches. - Emolga Same as Reshiram but may be called out and punished, also a worse neutral option but faster charge time and speed debuff instead. - Farfetch'd Many characters struggle against Gardes FP and Duck will make this easily winnable with proper reactions. - Pachi/Whimsi While Pachi is more of a DP asset, Whimsi works in both and will make you feel like you are playing a different game. - Pachirisu Are you noticing a trend? I absolutely love this support. Gengar is one of the MUs where it truly shines. It gets rid of j.A (Astonish), Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis (it will just erase the grab hitbox) and Sludge Bomb and will also give you the option of not losing burst to an oki grab/hypnosis if you feel like gambling. - Eevee Lil Eevee will make you able to kill Gengar is less exchanges which effectively means robbing them of opportunities to get burst. Also it will give many chars an easier time of fighting back Mega Gengar. - Snivy Gengar has problems to get in and Snivy might help you getting a tight zoning in to wall Gengar out. - Eevee Most of the time, this should be your go-to option. Mega Lucario is broken and you will find ourself overwhelmed a lot of times if you lack the strategy/power to kill it, especially if they run Jirachi. Eevee will help you get your quick punishes to work and will also make the Jirachi variants feel actual damage again. - Yveltal This is your approach if you are playing rushdown/pressure oriented. Yveltal will rob them of burst access for 8 seconds. I used to play this but I realized that Lucarios camping game is strong and if your buttons can't match theirs, they might just camp you out for these 8 seconds. - Umbreon If you hit them with it, they will lose a lot of meter. Be careful though. Lucario has plenty of hard hitting punishes for a whiffed umbreon. - Emo/Duck/Reshiram They all serve a similar purpose. To keep Machamp out of the range where they can seriously hurt you, or to trade hits in your favor. Be careful not to call Emo or Duck too close, since that might net the Champ a guaranteed punish. - Cresselia Difficult to use and requires you to play in a certain way but can be very effective nontheless. You effectively want to time-out M2 with this setup. Play the clock as much as you can and wage your resources carefully. - Farfetch'd Helps you combat M2s stupid FP mixups, epecially those involving thier homing attack. - Jirachi This broken piece of bull already gets a special mention at the end of the post but I felt it had to get a special mention here. With this you can overwhelm M2 with your burst mode. Be careful nontheless since their j.Y beats burst armor and is a strong combo starter, so don't overcommit. - Togekiss Beat Thurias at his own game. - Eevee Pika has burst for almost half the round. With this you will fight burst Pika easier and be able to kill annoying Jirachi variants. - Cubone This is actually very effective for space control and denying Pikas their pseudo zoning. - Mangeton This is more of a meme but still viable. If you can confirm a thunder, this will severely weaken Pika. - Cresselia This is the most consistent support for this MU for almost every character. Speed debuff will give you a lot of troubles winning field, which is very important in this MU. Cress takes care of that and will also provide you with the health and synergy to outlast Libres innate tankiness. - Togekiss Same purpose as Cress but a more offensive oriented approach. If you have speed buff only, you are talking the momentum in your hand. You can acutally trick airdashes with your insane speed and confuse Libre. - Emolga Will punish every trap setup on reaction. Resulting in a hard reset to neutral and an unhappy Sceptile with severely worse dash and mobility options. - Whimsicott Will singlehandedly make Sceptiles FP a joke. Also usable in DP but Giga Drain will remove the effect instantly. - Pachirisu Allows you to get out of Leech Seed unblockables and opens up a lot of punishing potential since a lot of Sceptiles stuff is very minus of whiff. - Croagunk Same reasoning than with Blaziken but much more viable in this MU. SM2 will suffer from the frog. - Eevee "I didn't notice he already died." - Duck This is my preferred support in this MU. Thanks to Duck you can be a lot more agressive and win more game deciding trades. It will also help you extending pressure and shutting down field phases in your favor. - Emo/Duck Their purpose is to limit Suicunes jumps and punish if they dare to. Emo is stronger in limiting CA options too but Duck on the other hand will get you harder punishes and everything that connects. - Whimsi/Cress For Suicunes that want to play the clock with you. Both are catered to different playstyles so find out what you are more comfortable with. Whimsi gets rid of Suicunes everything while Cress gives you burst pressure. (Still researching) SUPPORTS THAT HAVE TO GET MENTIONED OR FURTHER EXPLAINED Jirachi I can already imagine many of you shitlords going through this guide and thinking "Uhhhh why shouldn't I just pick Jirachi and win??" Yes, Jirachi is broken. Yes, Jirachi is easy to use. Yes, Jirachi should get nerfed. In all honesty tho, I just didn't want to include the obvious chioce in every MU. If your character is 200cc or less and you want to beat an opponent that wants to burst before you? Just go with Jirachi. Jirachi makes MUs where the opponent runs Jirachi as well considerably easier since risk/reward won't be absolutely skewed in their favor. Sylveon I used to really like this support but lately it has given me issues. Sylveon is absolutely awesome at keeping you alive and in the game but it will lose horribly to Jirachi meta since they will just sit at rage eventually and you wont be able to fight back without risking half of your HP anyways, thats the reason why I dropped it. Snivy Underrated and underexplored. My homie Galladeknight originally tinkered with this support, back when no one dared to touch it. Snivy sets up for unblockables see below: Credits to meLo for finding this very useful setup. Reshiram If the attack debuff wouldn't depend on how many hits you get in, I would play this more. Minimum is 4 sec if you only hit one or two pillars. Maximum is 12 seconds if every pillar connects. Reshis 20% scaling sets up for high damage setups in the corner where to opponent won't get launched by the final hits because of the wall. Quagsire I love Quagsire and can't wait for it to get buffed. There are many chip setups and shield break setups that involve it and since this support is so underexplored right now, I am very curious what people will do with it. Frogadier In this game they nerfed Greninja so hard, it devolved into Frogadier. I feel its a good support with solid potential but nothing more. Its poor aim offsets me and I feel other supports can do its job more consistently. Especially once the opponent figures out Frogadiers weaknesses. Lapras This is cool for high damage combos or clearing the field against zoners. But I don't think its worth giving your support slot for it in most MUs. Mismagius I remember the hypocrites that always blamed Sceptiles for their unblockables but immediately went to use this when it became public that it sets up for an unblockable. It would be really good if the attack buff it provides would be sth like 12 seconds but it is 6 however and that feels way too short and unrewarding for me. It has however some cool shield break setups to it. Croagunk Another support that I used to very like and play a lot. Gives you zone control but your opponent needs to respect it. If they dont respect Gunk, its as good as useless. This support would actually be top-tier if you could combo out of its hit and if the hit itself wouldn't be avoided that easily. Please buff. Dragonite Deals stupid chip and shield damage. Usable in every MU except Suicune, since they can mirror coat it. Excels in only a few MUs however. Shield breaks are real with this. Pachirisu My favorite support. I absolutely love it. Thats it for now. I will edit this guide and fill in the missing two chars on which I have no data up to now. I will consider doing a general support tier list and guide if there is interest. Just tell me! Thanks for reading!
  14. Shield Break guide and data (Dx Update)

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