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  1. Gintrax

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Twitter handle @COMIC_GIRLS_IS_GODLIKE does not exist. Please clarify.
  2. Gintrax

    Version 1.3.2 Coming July 11!

    Link to the Patch Notes (provided by Pentao):
  3. Gintrax

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Thank you very much based Pentao!
  4. Gintrax

    Art Rewards - Project "EU Worlds Invasion"

    Art Reward #1: "Evil Chandy", drawn by Genesis commissioned and by Zetalure!
  5. Hello people! This thread collects all the comissioned art rewards drawn bei either Arpee or Genesis for the Project "EU Worlds Invasion".Everyone who donated 20€ or more, will recieve one of these personalized artworks by your chosen artist!
  6. Gintrax

    Story Rewards - Project "EU Worlds Invasion"

    RoksoTheSavage - Lawful Good RoksoTheSavage is the old reliable barbarian who puts his Tribestate before anything else. The qualities of a father, teacher and a fierce warrior combine in him and his benevolence for his people knows no bounds. Make sure not to end up at the wrong side of his blade... he doesn't take any prisoners. Zetalure - Chaotic Neutral In an age where people want your head, depending on what information you possess, Zeta lives quite a dangerous life. Working under the name "Final Flicker", his metier is espionage, with his only trusted friends being a dagger shrouded in purple flames. Zeta favors bare coin in exchange for his services... but be not mistaken! You could already be his next target... TytoVortex - Chaotic Good An extraterrestrial from the Lustrous Gaping Bed of Tornados, TytoVortex has only one mission: Infect everyone with the "Great Awesome YES". Her wings, embraced with a radiant rainbow aura, make her impossible to miss. If she catches you... prepare yourself for a new world... Galladeknight - Lawful Good An expemplar of justice and virtue, Galladeknight is the most trusted strategist in his kingdom of Jugdral. The legends of the battles he virtuously conducted towards victory are countless, but none is more impressive than he defeated the evil armies of the Loptyrian Cult once and for all. Nowadays he reserved himself to studying the infinite secrets of magic. Might he be plotting something? Or is this merely preparation... for an event he has already foreseen.
  7. Hello people! This thread collects all the short story rewards written by myself for the Project "EU Worlds Invasion". Everyone who donated 10€ or more, will recieve one of these personalized stories, set in a medieval fantasy world!
  8. Gintrax

    Project "EU Worlds Invasion"

    Happy to annouce that we are introducing donation rewards! 10$: A personalized short story about you! Written by me! 20$: A short story + a custom artwork, drawn by either Arpee or Genesis! You get to choose which artist you want to commission! Please note that the artists will have a limited workload and might not accept any more commissions at a certain point. Arpees art: Genesis' art:
  9. Gintrax

    Project "EU Worlds Invasion"

    Hello everyone, my name is Gintrax. I am a competitive Pokkén player and leader of the european Pokkén Tournament community. I'm presenting you the project "EU Worlds Invasion"! The european people discussed together and now it's starting to get into motion! This this is a crowdfunding project that aims to bring european players to the Pokémon World Championships in Nashville from August 24th to 26th. The players that are eligible to be flown over won't necessarily be top-competitive players. Instead its focusing more on these criteria: - Integration with the community - Ability to travel (people who cant travel as much should be favored) - Contributions for the community In order to support this project, you can donate a desired amount of money and pass three votes to @TCL Gintrax#8178 on discord. Once the required money for a flight is reached, the player with the highest money/votes ratio will receive a flight from these funds. This process is repeatable until one week before worlds! This is the paypal donation link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/85svJTnRy4 The players that are able to be voted for are: - Quiscale - Arpee - MillerTime - Foowig and his dad - Sabrewoif - Skyward Finchster - Rubs - Boolerex In order to get to know the players a little better, let me tell you some stories about them: - Quiscale There is a player Named "Quiscale" or "Arrowni" who is from france and is a dad. While being hopelessly shitposty on discord, on events is always nice and brings the best french food. And he has been in very long He doesn't have the ressources to qualify, nor does he have the time to be a top player because he takes caring for his wife and family seriously. He cares a lot about us, and I know he has been struggling because Pokkén means a lot to him. So it would be a nice gesture to send him to worlds. - Arpee and MillerTime I'm sure you've seen Arpee? Small girl, full of enthusiasm and energy! She just got her applied animal science degree lately and she's deeply ingrained in the Pokkén community. Even longer than I am. Arpee can be very headstrong sometimes, but thats just because she loves the community so much. I'm sure going to Worlds would mean the unbelievably much to her. I could say almost the same thing about her boyfriend MillerTime, who switched over to Pokkén from VGC. Both of them are super competitive so they sure make a fiery duo. I got some rivalry stories going on with Millie but he's a very good person and an exceptional player. He also tries very hard to teach players about the game by creating and spreading ressources. - Sabrewoif Then of course, I gotta mention Sabre. He fell from grace after some things didnt work out in his life. Thats also when I took over all the community duties from him. He might be cynical, oversatirical and have an NSFW twitter feed as of late... but hes very good at heart. He embodies the story that most FGC players unfortunately face: Struggle. He knows what he wants, he knows how to get it, he just can't do it. So what's his relief? The strong bonds with the friends he got in this community. The people he struggled alongside him. No loss ever truly feels like one, when you are with your friends, and he shows it the strongest. He's like an edgy anime character~ - Foowig Did you ever meet Char and his dad? They are adorable together, I know! The EU equivalent to that is Foowig and his dad! His dad accompanies him to every event Foogie travels to. No matter where it might be. I really love seeing healthy familiy realtions like this... It makes me so happy! My parents didn't really support my love for Pokémon back in the day... So I guess thats why I feel so strong about this. - Skyward Finchster Then there is Skyward Finchster, who also came from VGC. He jokes around a lot, posts Pokemon content and helps me tease LCF (which is very important)! He actually managed to attend worlds in season 1, where the requirements were a lot more lenient. I'm not sure how he would feel about seeing worlds again, but I'm sure everyone would be happy to have him. - Rubs Rubs is best described as a friend. He might be competitive and might resort to a lot of whack play to get what he wants... But he's always so honest and fun about it. He's just so likeable... Its almost like he doesn't compete to win, but competes to make friends instead. Whenever he loses, he finds some silly excuse to brush it off and then continues being funny. (This also makes him fun to tease!) His voice also sounds like Mr. Toad! - Boolerex Bool is our execution god here in EU. He's rather timid and doesn't talk too much but his Croagunk is the real deal! His combos even rival those of Antwerp! I gotta admit... I'm his bracket demon... But I am convinced his his skills and the work he puts in. He's burning for a chance to prove himself and I'd really like to provide it to him. Conclusion: That was my short little essay about the EU people that I'd love to send to worlds. The EU community might not be as big as the NA or JP community, but it's way more tight knit. The Pokkén EU community feels like a second family to everyone. We all have our special little stories with each other and we all are connected by the passion towards Pokemon. This community means so much to me, I'd send them all to worlds if I could. It's why I am so glad to be a TO, run good events for them and start projects to make everyone feel, that their passion for Pokémon, has found a warm, friendly home. Please help me make them a present that they will always hold dear in memory. - Gintrax
  10. Reading that Elm didn't comment about me in the slightest makes me sad. Yet another good Interview. Thank you Midori.
  11. Hey folks, today I'm gonna start the discussion about a recent topic in our community: Coaching. Some parts of the community have considered to allow coaching in between games, some even in between rounds, while some have strictly raised their voice in favor of no coaching during a tournament set whatsoever. In this dicussion I want to hear your opinions on coaching in general and if there need to be certain rules or restrictions on it and why. Here are some basic points that you can focus your arguments around: - What is a coach able to do that a competitior can't? - What influence does coaching have on competitors mid set? - What extent of choaching is acceptable? (Number of coaches, duration, number coaching opportunites) - Does a coached player have an advantage over an uncoached player? - Whats your final verdict on the matter? Happy discussing!
  12. Gintrax

    Cheer Skill Discussion!

    This whole debate has become stuck. Allow me to untangle some things, as well as point out what we have acheived until now at both sides: @Pentao has pointed out a very important points that needs to be adressed in an appropriate manner: - Whimsical won't auto-win you games and most of all won't allow you to beat someone way higher than your own skill-level. Since I already said that I don't think Whimsical in particular is broken but instead uncompetitive, I can't dispute this statement unless I am willing to discredit players a won game because they have been using whimsical. Even though it should be common sense, I will briefly say why this is impossible. 1: It's unsportsmanlike and rude af 2: Dictating a community how their game is supposed to be played and that there are "right" and "wrong" ways to do so, is extremely close-minded and will ultimately lead to a very stale unexciting competition and community, which no one really wants to be a part of. Even though I might have come across this way with suggesting to ban the mechanic, Pentaos arguments have made me aware that I have taken it a step too far. I apologize. From this point on, I'd like to focus this discussion on: "What are the strengths and weaknesses of whimsical and how to abuse them best" instead of "Should we ban this?". This should allow for more open minded conversation from both parties. Let us first try to agree on some basic points before we develop the conversation further: - Are there characters that benefit from Whimsical strategies more than others? - Are there characters that suffer from Whimsical strategies more than others? - What Strategies in particular does the use of Whimsical allow a player?
  13. Gintrax

    Calyptus Cup Essen x Smash Valley

    Calyptus Cup Essen x Smash Valley
  14. Gintrax

    Cheer Skill Discussion!

    Yeah. Thats what I wanted to say. I just couldn't word it eloquently. I agree. I agree with this too, but others don't, so I think we need to dive further into why we think like this. I'll explain that further down where I quote Scatz. Poker literally is a game that requires both Luck and Skill to win. With that said, you can be the best player on the world but still lose if luck isn't on your side. I can see where you are coming from, but for me this is actually an argument against Whimsical for me. Exactly because no other cheer skill can do that, Whimsical can actually be considered centralizing in that regard. And as I said 24,5% isn't too shabby for that job, going along with how I explained that Round 1 is the most important round to win strategy-wise, I don't see how this is a competitive strategy, since you use a boost you get by chance to overpower your opponent. You portrayed well how this is part of your scheme, but exactly because Whimsical makes this possible, I consider it uncompetitive. I wouldn't venture into the realm of "deserving" things, but you got a point. More often than you want, you will find your opponent being in situation solely because of whimsical, and I admit thats even a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, since the cheer can't always do nothing. But there are situations where whimsical can literally carry you a match and make you win, even though you made plays, where every other cheer skill in the game would have put you into a losing position. This is an issue that needs to be adressed. I can see how this affects Characters like Lucario, Pika and Sui less, because of their good defense but at the same time I can see this be a crippling issue for setplay Characters that have to play lead and have poor defense like Darkrai, Garde and Sceptile. Imo, that is simply not true. There are a lot of characters in the cast, that are really bad with playing on a disadvantage and Whimsical in the hands of a good player and skew the opportunities of an entire round in the users favor. The perfect example for this is Darkrai, being both dependant on winning field and one of the weakest characters against SB. Getting a 24,5% round 1 whimsical boost sets you up for the perfect condition to win the entire game. Let's say you are an 100cc character. Winning just ONE field almost instantly readies your Burst and allows you to save that burst until you enter field a second time, where you use it the decisively win field again. There is nothing much Darkrai can do there since their options against Burst are really bad. So you can argue that Whimsical is able (but of course not guaranteed) to skew reward ratios for playing correctly heavily into the users favor. Since its random, and there are no proactive countermeasures for it. I consider Whimsical to be uncompetitive. This is way easier done than you think. As a tiny correction: Getting the 40% Boost turns Gengar into a 150cc character. I'd argue this makes them get burst almost guaranteed, unless they misplay heavily or get outplayed, which will be entirely their fault. Please note that winning phases is not the only way how to gain meter. Calling Jirachi twice gets you 60CC. Losing health until you enter rage gets you about 30-40cc. The rest can just easily be obtained with CADC, playing a slow field to get meter by using moves or just straight up winning a phase. A Gengar winning Round 1 based on a 24,5% percent basis should also be set up to win the game entirely, they literally are not required to get anything more from the cheer to win the game, if they dont play it stupid. They can save up ressources to win Round 3 while forcing the other player to win round 2. This will be a test of skill for the opposing player since (depending on what they run) they might need to save their ressources to win Round 3. As you can see, they have been put into a really tough position, just because they might have just lost a single phase or RPS exchange. Furthermore, Whimsical is able to just say "lmao" and give you another decisive bonus for Round 2. Allowing you to win that one outright, altough you could argue thats a gamble, but its worth thinking about if you are in the lead and able to close it out.