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  1. Good luck having anyone else working with Nintendo of America. Allister is the poster boy right now because of how he acts so unless everyone else decides to change up how they act and show themselves publicly, i doubt new members will be added. Good on him through. Good figure head for Pokkén.
  2. ... We are talking about the 3v3 King of Fighters setup that DX will have, not having teams of people.
  3. problem with that is there the amount of time. Wont be able to run both as the main competition of a tournament due to how long everything will take (number of setups and people to name two). There are also going to be people who only play 3v3 and only people who play 1v1 if the option is available which will stagnate numbers.
  4. 3v3 needs to be the new standard or else we fall into the same pitfalls we have now with a stagnant meta. With DX releasing, all we are going to see on streams are the new DLC characters people have been wanting to learn which wont be any different from the Suicune/Lucario/Braxian/Lamp/ majority driven matches we have now. 3v3 will require you to learn more but will give more a viewing pleasure to the audience that Pokkén needs in order to gain interest from not only long time viewers but new people who like the game but want to see more. Yes the matches will be a bit longer and the rules around Support and Synergy are different but overall I believe 3v3 will provide a new staple that Pokkén should embrace for not only the players but for viewership.