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  1. PaperSak

    DX Season 1 Feedback Thread

    The #1 thing that made me nervous was "the next season is gonna be a lot shorter." This could make things more exciting, but it also drills a hole into competitors trying to meet the 3 bracket requirement. That puts several players in top 25 at risk, depending on when their 3 or 4 events occurred. Also, anyone at 5 events would fall off the ranking half of the year if 3 were required each ranking, possibly being replaced by people who were just blasting through as many events as they could to make the requirements, like madluk mentioned. I also feel like there's a busy season and a dead season in terms of majors available, so that could make half of the year somewhat awkward. That all being said, I don't think it was ever specified how long the new seasons were planned for nor did anyone say what the event requirements would be. I can't really see more than 2 seasons happening in a year unless the rules were changed like crazy (and maybe that's part of the plan). I was initially against downgrading top 50 to top 25 but I think we wound up featuring the strongest of players; 25 seemed like a good number in the end. Which why it'd make me kinda sad if some of these players vanished if they had to attend 6 events to be ranked all year. Heck, if you wanted to make shorter seasons you could have shorter rankings; however I found the top players to a certain point kind of predictable in part because they were attending so many events; just featuring those players over and over would be kind of repetitive. I like that the others in top 25 were given the spotlight for their efforts.
  2. ... h...how??? I feel like I've had a similar glitch on a CPU in training mode, who refused to drop block despite being on AI, but never this many. o_0
  3. PaperSak

    Unlocking Characters on Pokkén DX

    The only other way I can think of "many" characters having locks would be if you accidentally turned on the Demo version. I know you mentioned you bought it, but just making sure. I can't remember if the icons are much different...
  4. PaperSak

    Help finding a main?

    I wanna second Weavile for that above average mobility. He doesn't have a lot of HP to afford going ham, but his movement and frame data are fantastic. You're low on projectiles, but at least he still has some, and you can use supports to make up for what's lacking. I'm 100% biased because I play(ed) Weavile, but for similar reasons. Also agree with trying out Braixen and Libre.
  5. PaperSak

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    ^ At least after the last patch, I don't agree Suicune is bottom. Has some bad matchups, sure, but overall Suicune has more tools being able to cancel stuff and having fewer things to cheese. It's like... not surprising they picked popular characters. They wanted people to buy the game. There were def some underrated choices that I didn't see coming but yeah overall it was based on Japan popularity, apparently. I can only speak for two Garde matchups: Aegislash and Weavile. Weavile is godawful for Gardevoir, I can't sugarcoat that. Playing as Aegislash is a nightmare, though. With how fast you can pierce counter, I can't get into shield forme easily and I often just surrender field phase, intentionally or unintentionally. I kind of dabble in Darkrai and yeah it seems about even... but I'm naturally gonna get hurt because I don't main Krai. D: I guess it's a good thing they nerfed his teleport? As Ouro implied but I'ma be more on the blunt end, it's probably not just the character. If you cannot keep out Machamps, you need to set up better. I have this problem when I play as Darkrai. Slow characters seem to weasel their way in even if the matchup is drastically in my favor, but it's because I'm leaving holes in my setups. You... should not be too far if you want that to land, then. Every player needs to space properly; this isn't a Gardevoir problem. Isn't that the pink move with lots of end lag...? Counter it if it's too high. Lucario is actually aggrivating, not gonna lie, hahaha. No matter who I play, Luc has an answer for everything. But it's not really fair to compare Lucario, Garchomp or other straightforward-ish characters to Gardevoir because they play completely differently. Your tools under "normal" conditions are *supposed* to suck because you excel at a different range than other characters. Lucario's job is to have an answer to everything; technical characters' jobs are to make the answer really hard to find. This is why Gengar has iframes and Darkrai lays stuff all over the field. Your character is guessing in the sense that it's all mind games: make it hard for them to get in and trick them into pushing the buttons you want. Also, I'm not sure what supopse you're using...? That could make a big difference.
  6. PaperSak

    So What can I do Close Range

    If they got in closer than your 5Y range, you're gonna need a miracle to get outta there, depending on the player. Overheat is a last resort, but people will often be trying to bait it. Should you use that move, you may wanna look into a support that clears or replaces debuffs. Smog is okay unless they jump, in which case it's terrible. 8Y is great if they do jump. Minimize is good if they're clearly going to do something that's an attack, but it can be grabbed. While it's an awful position to be in, you have some ok options.
  7. PaperSak

    Aegislash Supports

    While Mew is good for minimal synergy (probably multiple times a round) and occasional crit, bear in mind that Aegislash can give himself an attack buff already. More easily in some matchups than others. Although you're not the first person I've heard who still likes Mewgislash. I lean toward disrupt supports more than enhance since switching to shield forme deletes your buffs. Dragonite, Lapras, Frogadier... honestly, I'm still looking at options since Dragonite can be cheesed. I like stuff that gives me time to get my attack buff.
  8. I'm confused why it matters between sets versus between rounds. I guess it's a compromise between people who hate coaching and people who encourage it. I feel like if we're gonna allow coaching, just allow all coaching and go ham. It boils down to how you want to grade people in bracket: on execution or on knowledge? If you want to award people with knowledge, coaching wouldn't be allowed. If you only care about execution, go ham with coaching. I confess I like grading people more on knowledge checks, but it might just be me wanting to get away with janky looking things...
  9. This is awesome. I love how no one can agree on Empoleon and Blaziken, among others, hahaha.
  10. PaperSak

    Upping my wakeup game

    It kinda depends on your main and who you're fighting. Certain obvious okis from your opponent (ex. Weavile 6 [X]) can be dodged, but often you want to just block and take the grab. I feel like the only reasons you ever shouldn't block are if a) you can tell what the oki is and dodge it, b) your opponent is doing the same thing over and over again on oki that you can counter/dodge/crush, or maaaaaaaybe c) you're going to die no matter what option you take and you suspect that your opponent thinks they've scared you into blocking.
  11. Intro Pokkén Aegislash would not represent his main series counterpart if he couldn't switch between Shield Forme and Blade Forme. Similar to the games, Shield Forme doesn't protect you from everything, and a lot of buttons switch you back to Blade Forme. However, the similarities sort of end there. Shield Forme is actually more of a risky state to be in than Blade Forme, depending on how your opponent reacts. (and I swear it's Forme with an "e" when referring to the stance by its name, but "form" when using a generic noun to talk about it) Basic Notes A.k.a. the cheat sheet When you are in Shield Forme... You have nonstop counter armor as long as you don't push anything. If you're hit with a normal attack, you will parry it and shift to Blade Forme. If you shift to Blade Forme successfully, you will get an attack buff. Unsuccessfully = you're grabbed, counter pierced, or interrupted mid-attack from Shield Forme. You have a different moveset. You cannot have buffs. You have no high stance, low stance, grab, or (default) counter. But I'm not sure why you would want the last one... You have no jump, shield, or dash. Instead, those buttons will shift you into Blade Forme. You technically can call support, but it defaults you into Blade Forme. You miss out on the form-switching attack buff. Your burst attack has a different hitbox (is a laser) and different damage. Getting into Shield The fastest way into Shield Forms is 6AR. Arguably the most effective way into Shield Forme is King's Shield, since you can rack up a nice combo if you catch them with the hit afterward. You may want to familiarize yourself with the other options, though, to prevent putting yourself into a pickle and/or to get out of a pickle (such as the ones at the end of this guide). The following moves can be cancelled into shield by pushing R afterward: 6A Field nY s.Y nX The following moves will always put you in shield, so long as they aren't stuffed: 4A (King's shield) Counter (Duel) 5YYY 8Y 2YX j.YX Last note, when I said "you can't have buffs," it's not that it isn't allowed… it's that the game, under normal conditions, makes it impossible. Buffs will vanish when you enter Shield Forme, and there is no way to get them while in said form. Supports and hits from others will all take you into Blade Forme. Sure, you can use a support that buffs you… if you don't mind losing them to Shield Forme. It's up to you and how you want to apply pressure. Things to do in Shield Forme As previously mentioned, you have an entirely different moveset. Many moves have a great range for good reason: you are extremely weak to grabs. If your opponent is throwing things from a distance, staying in shield until you're hit isn't a bad plan. Obviously, beware of piercing projectiles, but Shield Forme is quite safe from characters whose ranged moves never pierce. You can avoid quick projectiles entirely by guard cancelling out of shield, making use of the iframes. On the offensive in field, you have bullets and mini lasers to toy with your opponent. You have counter armor on startup, but beware that the armor briefly disappears (try having two swords spam f.y; notice that one of the swords will lose). It's also quite easy for characters to just walk around these lasers. They're okaaay oki options/ knowledge checks, but spamming them once the opponent is free will get you wrecked. s.Y and s.[Y] are also options to stun your opponents who try to run sideways, although the diagonal hitbox is hard for me to explain. s.[Y] shifts Aegislash to the side at the last moment, as a possible option to avoid (and punish) linear projectiles. Once stunned, you can knock them into Duel. b.Y is your anti-air. To win field phase in Shield Forme (without switching to Blade beforehand), you need to land a homing attack (two hits), b.Y, YY, or f.Y. Doing so will start you up in Duel in Blade Forme with an attack buff. In Duel phase, you retain a few Y moves and gain a diagonal ground laser (now 5Y). But if you want to stay in shield, this phase will be a lot less eventful. Unless your opponent is camping camping at a distance (and zoners/intimidated opponents may do that), there's little reason to stay in shield. Although at least you get to use tiny little lasers...? An important reminder about being in Shield Forme is your burst attack becomes a ground laser. SF's attack power is stagnant due to the inability to have a buff, but it does slightly more base damage than Blade Forme's burst. Getting out of Shield Not only do you want to leave Shield Forme not because it's an incredibly vulnerable position to be in, but also because you become a sharp sword! Yes, the true beauty of getting out of Shield Forme is that shiny attack buff that sharpens all your moves. I'm really only going to cover that exit step here, and save all of the Blade Forme descriptions for another guide. Any Y move will keep you in SF (except for 5YY in Duel, but that's technically a Poke Combo). Every other button will get you out of Shield Forme. But what do you use? To crush or tech grabs, any strong (X) move will count as a normal attack. Every other attack will have counter frames. You can still avoid grabs (and other moves) using the iframes from R while switching to Blade Forme. You can also jump. Jumping a very fast cancel that can extend certain combos into Blade Forme. It will leave you vulnerable otherwise, but it's an okay option with a safe enough distance, especially if speed is a concern. A strong exit option (assuming your opponent can't grab you) is 4A (Sacred Sword), coincidentally the second move from Shield Forme 5YY in Duel. If landed, your opponent falls in a hard knockdown. Regardless, you will leave behind a mist which "explodes" the next time you enter Shield Forme. Super handy for making Blade Forme safer and adding pressure in general. 6A (Flash Cannon) and 5A (Shadow Sneak) are good in their own ways, though quite slow. 5A lingers where your opponent was at the time of activation, thus they can run right over it. 6A can be jumped over, depending on the distance and character. Both 6A and charged 5A can pierce counter, whereas 4A does not. As mentioned in the intro, any way you exit Shield Forme will grant you an attack buff/ leave you sharp for Blade Forme *except* calling support. Shift to Blade 7+ times you'll get 2 buffs! The Dangers of Shield Forme This is how I often die… don't let these happen to you. There are times where I will use a move that is blatantly unsafe and puts me in Shield Forme (read: any time I use 8Y). This is bad. Well, unless your opponent is mashing attacks; you'll counter them, of course. Grab punishes can be remedied by having mist to protect you. Recall that when a move like 8Y forces you into Shield Forme, it activates mist. Thus they can't grab punish you like they would otherwise. My other biggest kicker in the beginning is accidentally cancelling homing while in Blade Forme. You can certainly stop the homing attack string and shield normally, but if you push it too fast, you will cancel into Shield Forme *in their face*. Do not do this unless you're trying to call something out (Frenzy Plant, Lucario b.y… something that isn't a grab). Be extremely careful about sitting in Shield Forme while your opponent is in burst. The form alone will not save you from any of them. It is possible you can stuff them with an strong or piercing attack, and it is also possible to iframe through some of them using R (in fact, there are videos on this). But! Being! In! Shield! Forme! On! Accident! While! They're in! Burst! Has! Gotten! Me! Killed! More! Often! Than! You might! Think! As people learn to counter this character, bells will probably go off if you enter Shield Forme in any way that is unsafe. Definitely keep track of how close your opponent is, and choose your exit wisely. -- This wound up being less of a pro-strat guide and more of a note-taking session so I would forget this stuff less often. Hopefully it's useful to people passing by. I tried to keep this mostly factual with sprinkles of advice, but don't hesitate to correct me on stuff. ><; As for the burst punishes, I didn't find them and I'm bugging the person who did to post them here >3>
  12. You can find a bunch of combos with the moves written down the Aegislash subforum in the Characters section of this site. However, I think people are still experimenting with his neutral/approach/defensive options before we can make a reliable guide on how to play him overall. I think what we really need is help with confirms, since we have a healthy stack of combos. Aegislash is one of my favorite Pokemon, too. Like... I hecking *love* this guy. I've been playing Weavile sinve maybe month 3 of Wii U and later Darkrai up until now. Aegislash has been quite a frustrating switch from both of them, what with the shield transitions getting me murdered by grabs and bursts. Yet I really want to be an honorable sword knight. I kind of feel your pain. D: The higher up players can probably make better guides than me, but maybe they need some guidance (hehe) from us struggling players on what to write? I started typing up notes on Shield to keep track of wtf kept throwing me into shield, but I was thinking people might benefit more from a guide with generic notes on all forms (factoring in buffs)? Hmm... and I really wish I could help with neutral but I know nothing, not as any of my mains. x_x; But a lot of what's been said is true: a lot of the frustrations involve both the difficulty spike and how Aegislash just happens to be one of the hardest characters to learn. He has one of the strangest playstyles, if not THE most unique playstyle in the game.
  13. I would be grasping at straws to complain about Pokkén; it seemed like it went on schedule and ran smoothly. I guess I'd've personally been going insane if I was in the first pool and had to stay through grand finals. But if I anticipated being that good, I should just get the hotel there to nap or something. x_x Is it fair to mention Puyo here? Pokkén headphones worked out perfecto because of the jack being in the Switches, but the lack of place to plug in headphones on Puyo kinda made it stressful when I miss the audio cue from the opponent's side. Either needed some speakers or audio splitters for headphones, I think... not sure what other single-screen fighting games do. Also, the rumor that games were potentially behind a patch. x_x Would've liked if all the characters were unlocked, too, but you don't need it for Swap. All of that was fixed for top 8, though. There might've been some miscommunication between TOs and people being in two brackets, as somebody else got DQed into losers for being in a mystery game match. It seemed as long as I was in constant contact with the TOs, they never forgot me, haha.
  14. PaperSak

    Coaching Discussion!

    I mostly agree with Pentao, didn't even think about how it looks on stream, though. I think if people keep it short, it doesn't add a ton of extra fluff. That's how actual sports roll, isn't it...? They go off into a corner where we can't hear them and discuss something in the middle of a game/set. But it would def help people improve if we shared knowledge often. It comes down to, what are you trying to measure in bracket? Are you testing their knowledge exam-style or are you testing their ability to implement what they've learned? If the former, coaching would be off limits. Period. I understand this perspective because there are people doing "all" the work researching things before the "test" that is the bracket. If the latter, we need some "fair" way to implement coaching so the coachless people aren't screwed in what looks like a 2 v 1. People have to earn them one way or another, I guess. One factor in other sports coaching is either everyone or no one has a coach. And they all probably get to pick their coach, though. As someone who doesn't look anything up, I certainly couldn't rely on coaching to win brackets. People shouldn't feel obligated to help me if I look like a slacker or a lost cause. But I'm a little more motivated when people offer help despite that. Like the Weavile mains have occasionally reached out to me and tried and correct some of my bad habits, but they also don't hand hold me and I gotta accept the mistakes I still make. That all being said, I don't know enough to take brackets, so I'm not sure I can even give an unbiased verdict on coaching. I'm either on the extreme of "please help me" or "please let me drown in pools and let the person who knows what they're doing take the match."
  15. PaperSak

    Streaming needs

    A lotta people recommend the Elgato capture card. I def second the wired connections, too. Pokkén is more enjoyable for everybody when you're on a wired connection to with a LAN adapter, and the ethernet cable from my PC keeps my stream from falling apart. I also recommend getting a mic or something. Bonus points for a webcam. Something to make your stream personalized and set apart from other streams.