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  1. ToSaix ( BlazikenMaster69 ) , Will be hosting an online Tournament on September 7 , 2018 at 6:30PM EST. (12:30 CEST) , (5:30 CST) , (3:30 PST). Entry is free and the winner gets $100! Enter for free and try to win $100! Rules: -Players can choose between code or group, but please play WITHOUT POINTS. You will be disqualified if there is proof of you using points. -Players must check in a half an hour before the tournament begins. You can not participate if you don’t check in. Additional Info: -The tournament is double elimination. -Bracket is not final until the tournament begins. Please wait to start your round 1 match until the bracket is final. -Players may choose to switch characters mid set. A player may change his support or cheer set on a win or a lose. A player may only change their character on a loss. -Sets are best of 3 matches. Top 8 (Quarters, Semis, Finals, Grands) will all be best out of 5 matches. Join the Pokkén Community Server to find your opponent. If you got problems finding your opponent, then @ToSaix in the Discord.The discord link is: https://discordapp.com/invite/4y7XGWd Here is the Link! : https://challonge.com/de/NoChillPokken
  2. Next location need better I-net the rest was amazing!
  3. Next time let Young Master in there or we gonna rant the fuck out next time!!
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    Gardevoir’s scaling % on her moves

    Great work!
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    Tier List?

    I feel there are some good points, but things like arguments/opinions why a Character is high tier or whats good about him isn't really clear. Most of the comments you did about the Characters are just inaccurate or heavily opinion based. There is nothing wrong thinking about a accurate tierlist, the better way would be talking with a lot of good player who understand the game and discussing every singel Character, Online and Offline. After quotes like " I guess I'll throw in my personal Tier List in an attempt to speed things up. " isn't the way to go. Your tier list is as I said heavily opinion based and shound't be the mark for a beta stage for the tierlist. Since it looks just really like its based on your experience and opinion. Otherwise its a start to finally talk about a good and honst tierlist for Pokkén, but if its worth doing it when Pokkén DX is that close?