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  1. Euclase

    Tri Attack 3

    Tri Attack is a monthly series that takes place in Connecticut. Tri Attack features the best players from the Tri-State Area and New England under one roof. This event is always a blast from a player and spectator perspective, and welcome to all interested. With top players like Rokso, Flegar, Burnside, Euclase, Oreo, and Kamon in attendance, the competition is always intense. Event Page: https://smash.gg/tournament/tri-attack-3 Location: Fire and Dice Games - 589 Bridgeport Avenue, Milford, CT, 06460 - Doors open at 12 PM EST - 1v1 Bracket begins at 3 PM EST Registration: -$10 Venue Fee -$10 Singles Bracket -Extra brackets may occur, and those are either free to enter or $5 Prizes: In singles, top 3 will be paid with the total entry money in a 60/20/10 split. Payouts for extraneous brackets will be decided on-site by the TO. Rules: -Round Points: 2 -Stage: Fixed Arena -Skill Level: Off -Players may ask for a "button check" to ensure that all of their controls and buttons work as expected (please limit to ~30 seconds). -All Characters, Supports, and Cheers are legal. -After a game, Loser may change characters, support, and/or cheer skill. -After a game, Winner cannot change characters but may change support and/or cheer skill. -At the end of a set, all controls are required to be set back to default & players are required to exit to the title screen to prevent controller sync issues. -Any issues that may happen during a set will be handled with TO discretion, where the TO has all rights to any ruling deemed necessary. Feel free to reach out to the TO for any questions or concerns Discord: Euclase#0361 https://twitter.com/LordEuclase The event will usually be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/fireanddicegames
  2. Euclase

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Thank you Pentao! I really appreciate you doing this so fast!
  3. I wanna know the exact scaling on each Magneton beam
  4. Euclase

    Catch Me Inside 4

    Tri-State's first Pokkén DX event will be held at The Gamers' Edge, in Stroudsburg, PA Venue fee is $10 at the door, carpool discounts are offered. If 5 or more people drive together, the driver may contact the venue or the TO, and get free venue upon arrival. If a setup is brought (Monitor, LAN Adapter, Crossover Cable, Console, Game Copy), you will get a $5 discount off venue. Entry for Pokkén is $10 Store opens at 11:00 A.M. Registration begins at 12:00 P.M. Pokkén singles bracket will begin at 2 P.M. Event Details Contact Uchi for any further questions and details if necessary: https://www.facebook.com/UchiGames/ https://twitter.com/UchiGames
  5. Euclase

    Inferno 3

    Tri-State's newest monthly series begins its third installment! Taking place at Underworld Gamez in Wallingford CT, some of Tri-State's best talent shows up to take the crown. This event will also feature a WCS17 viewing party as well as singles bracket. Event Information Registration (FREE Registration to save $5 at the door) Stream
  6. Euclase

    Inferno 2

    The revival of Connecticut's Pokkén Scene! This monthly series calls to the best players hailing from the Tri-State Area and New England, taking place at Underworld Gamez in Wallingford, CT Anybody is welcome to show your strength among the best of the best! Register online for FREE, save $5 when you pay at the door! Doors open at noon! Event Details Registration Reddit Link For any questions please DM me on Twitter, Discord (brocooli#0361) or on the forums (You have a much better chance of reaching me on twitter or discord) We hope to see you all there!!!
  7. Euclase

    Libre Tech and Combos

    In the BnB you have to walk slightly forward between the j.Y and the 5X. Then all variations work on everyone.
  8. Euclase

    Pokkén Haiku

    Three beams in the sky Debuffing my heart and soul Magneton kills all
  9. Since when can Mewtwo combo into BA?
  10. can you take on the edge master himself? don't worry he'll be hurting himself too much for attention anyways you only have to poke him once when i get to it
  11. Euclase

    Pikachu Libre vs Garchomp

    General Overview: 60:40 The general consensus is that Libre wins this MU, due to her natural ability to "cheese" Garchomp. Cheesing is essentially preventing Garchomp from doing anything useful because with proper "cheese" technique Libre takes very little damage. Yes, he may get in, and yes he may hit you pretty hard. But the cheese increases Libre's survivability by so much, giving her a fairly sized advantage over Garchomp. You "cheese" by having your defense buff on (wall jumping) whenever possible, and Jirachi while in Burst Mode makes Libre turns Libre into an impenetrable block of aged cheese. To give you an example, your classic Garchomp combos do on average about 260 damage, including wall. With every possible defense increase, which includes Defense Buff, Synergy Mode Buff, Jirachi Buff, and Rage/Guts, those once terrifying combos turn into a tickle, with wall splat doing about 40% of the total damage. In this MU, the best option is to wait for Chomp's approach, and punish that appropriately. Garchomp possesses only one, quite sub-par projectile, and that's only in field. Garchomp lacks a structured neutral game, and his only option is to go in. As you can literally just sit there and wait for him to move his approaches are very reactable and punishable. The chomp player would have to do some next-level stuff to get in safely. Garchomp's general mixups are reactable. They are very difficult to react to, but they are possible. The best advice I can give you for this MU for ANY CHARACTER if you struggle with Garchomp is to work on your reaction times. Having good mind games and reads also really helps in this MU. If you know what Garchomp is going to throw out you can just push that button and relieve some of the pressure in your head in those couple seconds of time. Many Garchomp players like to go for jabs then cancel directly into sand tomb, hoping you will be too scared from the Garchomp shenanigans so they can grab you with a pillar of sand. makes sense yea In this MU, net is very important. A slow Garchomp in running stance looks really pathetic so you can laugh in the face of your opponent as they baywatch right to your face TL;DR: Wall jump, Abuse defense increases, NET, Wait for them to come to you. I learned the hard way playing 50/50's with Garchomp generally isn't a good idea Advantages: If played correctly, Libre is tanky and should be able to take on Garchomp better. Timeouts are a viable option in this MU, just slow Chomp down and run for the hills if you have an advantage with <15 seconds left. You can just sit there and wait and react to Chomp's approach options. Popular Options in Field: j.X: First off, j.X can always be countered. After the counter, you can either release the CA, or CADC in for a grab. If you shield j.X the height at which the attack started is VERY IMPORTANT. A j.X started high off the ground is -15 on block, meaning you can punish it pretty easily with any 9 frame or 13 frame move, generally grab is the best option, as it does good damage and enhances. A j.X started low to the ground is SAFE ON BLOCK DON'T GRAB THAT. Half the time tho the chomp player expects you to think it's punishable, so they'll throw it out to bait you into a grab, so they get a free homing. Dig: Let it be known, Dig is bad. As Libre has no prominent projectiles, Garchomp should never be using dig anyways. But right as Garchomp pops out of the ground, you can just do a f.Y (the big yellow ball move) and get a free phase shift. Why does this work? Dig is bad duh In addition, never counter while Garchomp is underground. They can react to the CA and hit you with a j.X, regardless if you CADC or let it rip. If you CADC the cutter will catch your backdash, and if you let it rip you'll get hit during vulnerable frames. Stone Edge: lol Popular Duel Options: 5X/4X: The most important thing to learn here is to distinguish between 5X and 4X. They both look similar but are very different moves. 5X, the standard, travels a fair distance and makes for a good combo starter. However, 5X is -16 on block, leaving you free to punish it through most means of your choice. 4X is visually similar but very different. 4X travels a shorter difference (It's very noticeable after getting experience with the MU), and also makes for a good combo starter. However, the important factor is that 4X is only -4 on block, meaning that it isn't punishable. Many players (including me) see the spinny move, block it, and try to grab/jab/whatever. But as 4X only puts you at a slight frame disadvantage, your options will most likely be beat out, most likely by a jump back and a divekick if you tried to grab afterwards. Learn the difference between 5X and 4X, and if you didn't counter, don't try and punish 4X. Dig: Dig is bad please Running Stance X (RN X?): This move is a very potent combo starter and can lead into a lot of damage. However, most Garchomps tend to use that as an approach tool. Many will running stance straight at you, and often fire off that move. The best thing to do is to just shield it. Countering it can be risky, since they can always cancel running stance into a Sand Tomb, and a Crit Sand tomb can do big damage from any part of the screen, not just in the corner. Or like everything else you could CA on reaction when you see the windup and the big blue claw coming down to hurt you. 5A: Pretty much the same as RN X. It's reactable, punishable, but makes a very strong combo starter. Slowly Walking Forward: Any Garchomp player that has the capability of slowly walking forward without pushing buttons is automatically the best Garchomp in the world. Electroweb: This is my best friend, what I like to refer to as my good ol pal NET. Web is one of Libre's best moves, and it really shines in this MU. Web gives a speed debuff, making your opponent's approach even harder and funnier as you watch them run but go nowhere. All of Libre's combos can be finished with a net, allowing you to increase the cheese you pull on Garchomp. Normal web does fair damage, and forces another 50/50. Just if you're playing any of the Tri-State folks don't try a brocooli special they'll see it coming before bracket was even released. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what it is. Enhanced web does very good damage, phase shifts, and often gives wall damage. Electroweb is vital to slow down Garchomp's approach, making the cheese sharper than ever. Libre mains have a hair advantage, Garchomp players will eventually go bald while Libre mains keep a full head of hair. rokso is a mook Disadvantages: Garchomp is essentially the trash can grouch mixup character of this game. Once Chomp has you in the corner or any situation that will result in a wall splat, they can pick between the three major offensive options of Pokkén, Attack, Counter, and Grab. If Chomp will attack, they will generally do basic jabs (5y) or Running Stance X (RN X). Grabs will almost always be Sand Tomb, it can lead into nasty damage, loops, and other bad stuff. Garchomp doesn't have a normal grab don't worry about that one. Counter will generally be Stone Edge, but the normal CA is possible as well. Just keep in mind that all of these options can lead to huge damage if they hit you, but 2 out of 3 of them can be beaten by a fully charged counter. If you can't react to Garchomp's mixups consistently or you don't have a good idea of what move will be thrown out next, these can be deadly to everyone. Garchomp's mixups are superior to Libre's and far more dangerous. Garchomp's large health pool and high damage output requires the Libre player to deal a much larger amount of damage, so essentially the Libre player has to play much better than the Garchomp player. Garchomp is able to kill every character with only 3-4 confirms. However, Libre takes about 5-7 confirms to kill most characters on the roster. Garchomp is tied with Machamp for the highest base health in the game, so Libre has to land a lot of damage in order to win the match. While cheese applies and increases your longevity, Garchomp has a large amount of health and can afford to make a couple of mistakes. The Garchomp mains are the popular kids and I'm just here, idk about the other Libres besides cool hype whitey. The crowd will root for the Chomp player and make you feel forgotten and unloved which will put you on tilt until you lose and retreat back into your personal corner. Useful Supports: Emolga: Emolga is arguably the best general support in the game, as it charges quickly to be used more than once per round, and it grants a very long speed debuff that lasts for 15 seconds, a crucial period of time that could change the entire flow of the game. If you don't have Garchomp slowed, Emolga can be used to fix that. Simply catch them pushing a button and call support on reaction. Now they're slowed for 15 seconds, making your life much easier. Umbreon/Fennekin: These 2 supports are generally used as a get-off-me button. They are used to alleviate pressure and give you some wiggle room. Against a pressure character like Garchomp, this is a luxury. It is very nice, but not necessary to win the MU. Personally, I use Umbreon in this MU, but my opinions aren't what's important here. There are major differences, between the two. Fennekin has larger reach, does slightly more damage, and results in a knockdown if hit correctly. However, there is a slight delay between the Fennekin call and when the attack comes out. This is normally more than enough time for your opponent to finish their move and block in response. Umbreon has some major differences that result in it being generally regarded as the better of the two. Umbreon comes out on Frame 1, meaning that ANY action your foe makes will be interrupted and punished. Umbreon also removes a small amount of Burst Meter, 15cc, if I remember correctly. In addition, Umbreon gives a debuff that results in your opponent being unable to perform critical hits. While the debuff doesn't sound very useful, it has some niche applications. Non fully charged CA's meeting an attack will not result in a crit. Confirms that normally only work following a crit no longer work. This has costed me games before and while being very situational, the debuff comes in clutch at times. Both supports can be punished on whiff, just not from Libre since Libre's range kinda sucks. Supposedly you can punish an Umbreon whiff with a BA but the spacing is very tight and difficult. In general, Umbreon is regarded as the better support, as it steals meter, comes out instantly, and comes with a nifty debuff.. Jirachi: While being absolutely adorable, Jirachi is also incredibly useful for Libre players, just giving me another reason to use it. Jirachi is generally used as the generic support for Libre, and co-founded cheese land due to its immense power. Libre's burst mode is already nice, and a fast-charge meter and a broken support like Jirachi only makes that burst stronger than it already is. Jirachi deserves a nerf but that's not coming for a while, if ever. Cheese land will remain intact for the foreseeable future. Ninetales: Now, I'm not putting this here since Ninetales is a good support against Garchomp. I figured it's worth mentioning since people also use Ninetales as a safety button, and it DOES NOT work as one in this case. Ninetales functions as a get-off-me button, and it works in that regard, but it also has a crippling weakness in that it doesn't provide invincibility. If Ninetales is popped in the corner, Garchomp can simply charge Sand Tomb and catch you through that big fruit loop. While you could use it to bait and break a grab, it sounds incredibly situational and impractical. Ninetales does not function as a get-off-me button for Garchomp. Please don't do what I put down here: Go in towards Garchomp while you have a good lifelead Try and punish stuff like 4X, a low j.X in field, and a BA that doesn't put you against the wall Don't push a lot of buttons. Keep calm and maintain your composure when Garchomp is in on you. Magneton. I don't even have to explain myself here if i missed something let me know
  12. in my defense i was really drained but no johns so whatever the rest late r
  13. the only advantage suicune has over libre is its amazing hair libre is bald, like bosshog just cut off the hair and you win ez u will learn how to use scissors when i get around to it
  14. Euclase

    Pikachu Libre vs Chandelure:

    why did the stupid lamp lose to the rat in pants because it wasn't very bright aha hhhaaaaaa gottem tbh this mu isn't fun and is hard learn next friday it'll fill ur jojo void