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  1. Wzurds

    Empoleon vs Pikachu (Notes)

    Old post but it's worth noting that pikachu totally can 8A out of rock smash if done out of either lvl 2 aqua jet or regular defog. Since both are normally -12, it's a free punish or free synergy.
  2. Wzurds

    Mew Buff Percentages

    Wasn't sure if anyone else was working on this at the moment, but I wanted to make a quick post about Mew so people have a better idea of the odds at play. The percents shown were gathered from 200 support calls in training mode. Buff likelihood % Chance of no buffs 7% Chance of both buffs 24.5% Chance of critical only 37% Chance of attack up only 31.5% Overall chance of one buff only 68.5%
  3. Wzurds

    Tournament Results from 5/31/17 to 6/6/17

    Oh sweet, im on a thing \o/
  4. Wzurds

    Throw Crushes

    It might be useful to add that 's aj.2y (or bullet seed prep into downwards j.y) can work as a throw crush as well since 5A is given properties of a regular jump.
  5. That could work as well! Usually if I just exhausted burst in the last round, I'll use victini immediately somewhere at the start of the next round as to capitalize on amount of synergy field and the next duel phase would give. Not only that but using it early gives it time to return later in the round as well. Coordinating between having the buff and using burst is how I've normally been playing it so far. Of course this doesn't offer much for the first round.
  6. I guess it was just fortunate for me that I've already been using support cheer beforehand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Waiting for victini to charge normally or without support cheer is a pretty big setback, in my opinion.
  7. Wzurds

    Lucario's Support Options: "Every Puppy Deserves a Good Playmate"

    If you want to compare eevee with victini, I think both are good for handling burst but eevee allows for more defensive play while victini is a bit more offensive. Eevee charges faster and lasts longer if you want to withstand bursts (if only by 2 seconds) but victini will build up your burst well enough to have it ready considerably sooner.
  8. I only just recently started using it but victini also seems like a pretty solid support for building up quick synergy.(especially with support cheer) It definitely allows for a more aggressive playstyle with being 150cc and how quickly crits build synergy.
  9. If you're trying to use Farfetch'd to get meter, you're probably better off taking advantage of how strong it is in field to secure that phase win lol. I usually try playing off less resets and being more shift-heavy if i need to build up the last bit of synergy quickly but depending on the mu, i'm usually content with just waiting for it normally/getting it second.
  10. Wzurds

    Lucario Vs. Sceptile: "How to Eat a lot of Grass Without Consequences"

    While I will always agree that Jirachi is a solid support, it's probably worth noting that Whimsicott works very well against Sceptile as well. Both bullet seed and leech seed are completely nullified by this support, making it a solid way to approach/remove pressure from traps in duel. J.Y, Neutral Y, Forward Y, and Side Y all lose to Whimsicott in field as well.
  11. Wzurds

    Lucario's Support Options: "Every Puppy Deserves a Good Playmate"

    Any thoughts or comments on Umbreon as a potentially strong support option for Lucario? It's already commonly seen as a good way out of most pressure situations but also makes for a pretty decent punish tool too. Outside of zoners or other matchups that highlight approaching/mobility, Umbreon's overall usefulness seems to remain the same for the majority of the roster. Paired with support cheer, it's still very possible to get burst every round with Lucario as well as two chances with umbreon in both rounds 2 and 3. A pretty well rounded support for an already well rounded character, right? \o/
  12. https://youtu.be/OjS42OXAoUw footage of what pentao is talking about
  13. Wzurds

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Wzurds (or just Wz) 2. US Southern California 3. Lucario/Sceptile 4. @Wzurds on Twitter but don't really use much else. 5. I'm mainly using youtube for sharing whatever sets I happen to record but haven't really thought about streaming. 6. Been a Pokkén player since day 1 but never really followed the arcade scene before that. Pokkén's the first real game I got into "competitively" and I'm still trying to make the most of it. I'm always down to play whenever.
  14. Probably going to get swatted for this S: A+: A: