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  2. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    really cool 322 weavile-specific combo by AlolanDurgs! Awesome!
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  5. Croagunk Videos

  6. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    concepts of j.xy oki and corresponding mixups by JoNa!
  7. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    showcase of gunk's ability to jump ken BA when ken is 0 on block(and a funny punish)! credit to boolerex once once again!
  8. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    j.y > 5Y oki concept on aegislash! especially good because aegis's f1 parry does not activate when hit by projectiles, which j.y is; thanks to boolerex once again for the discovery!
  9. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    spectacular improvement to safejump, this time using j.2Y! thanks to boolerex for the discovery!
  10. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    cool wall comboes by boolerex off 4YY! (first one shifts, second one does not!)
  11. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    apparently gunk's j.3Y hits frame 2 in this scenario..! Nice, credit to madluk!
  12. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    anti-rotom tech in field with j.X! credit to AlolanDurgs!
  13. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    another nifty Mewtwo-specific oS, this time with 5X starter! credit to Surfing_Santa!
  14. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    wonderful anti-rotom tech documentation (that's a mouthful but it just feels right) from pokedude!
  15. Croagunk Twitter Tech

    fantastic anti-AA concept from Pokedude using float, and a timing variance concept involving air swim to j.x!