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  1. This post will be covering the punishes to the moves in the title after blocking the first Pokemon move. Empoleon has three Pokemon moves that allow him to press the A, B, X, or Y buttons to follow up with a new move. These Pokemon moves are Aqua jet (5A), Defog (4A), and Drill peck (8A). Followups Aqua jet has 3 levels that depend on the distance you use them (In burst mode Aqua jet will always become level three) and each has their own damage and block data. This will mean 5 moves that will be covered with 4 followups each. Aqua jet level one Aqua jet level two Aqua jet level three Defog Drill peck Note: Burst Attack followups not included because you can react to Empoleon's Burst Attack so its not part of this mixup.
  2. chef

    Empoleon Data

    Hello! This is a Google sheet containing data I collected over the past few days with information about Empoleon! The first part of the sheet shows scaling data of some moves, missing a good few. The second part shows damage values of moves, where scattered about on the left are base damage and on the right is what they look like in game with hits and any mid move scaling or changes. The third section contains startup frame data for moves, of course a few moves (especially moves 22 frames and up) may have incorrect data though. Soon will be a fourth section containing all known optimal combo routes and theorized routes that would work using knowledge of moves and how they can all combo from my research. Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y3WStSOLEsQ85PlsNUEpqJ8FJhC3kGX9GMmJ2L0MHg0/edit?usp=sharing Empoleon Discord: https://discord.gg/7z6aeVm
  3. Bracket ruling 5 is counterproductive as the game uniquely allows you to swap your mid and anchor position characters after losing with your point. this rule removes the extra strategy that comes on with this. For stages I believe only stadium should be allowed.
  4. With the upcoming Pokkén Tournament DX, which features a brand new 3 on 3 fighting mode, with various changes to the rules for this mode you may wonder how to pick team order or what characters to choose so you can have a team of three to play. This "guide" is designed to give an outline of possible character positions and the roles they hold based on what is known of this new mode's rules. Note: "Point" refers to the first character of three, "Mid" refers to the second character, and "Anchor" is the third. Now for each position I have created multiple hypothetical "roles" or things a character does in a position to benefit their own play or to benefit the next character in line Point Roles: First up is a character that is strong without a need for burst. Characters like Empoleon and Mewtwo may not get their burst within their round(s) or have much use of it due to a lack of a good Burst Attack or just they do not need the benefits as much. A character like this can will probably have good damage and have solid game plans without their burst. This role will not need use of a meter transfer from an earlier character to knock a character down so they get moved to the Point position. Next we have a role where the character is strong with a fast burst. Characters like Pikachu Libre or Weavile get their bursts almost guaranteed once a round due to their meter sizes, and do good work to the opponent with burst. These characters will be able to get their burst quickly and use it within a round and possibly afterwards build up for the Mid character of the team. This role will not need a meter transfer from an earlier character to get their burst and use it so they get moved to the Point position. My final theoretical Point role is just plain Zoning/Long Ranged/Trap fighters. Characters like Darkrai or Sceptile who get to use their Field Phases effectively and hold extended time in these phases often have the bonus of extra built meter and some pretty good character matchups. With these characters you can take rounds while getting burst gained for use, or your next character. You can also set them point to test your opponents picks in case your usual point is someone with a few very bad matchups. This role will not need a meter transfer because they are the meter transfer! Mid Roles: For Mid and Anchor positions I will add a "best paired with" note to the end of each role to show what role in the position previous to it compliments the role best. The first Mid position role is made of characters who deal high damage with a burst that is a great resource. Characters like Garchomp and Suicune fill this as Garchomp deals great damage and burst gives him access to new confirms and better neutral, and Suicune uses his burst as a tool to better deal with burst mode opponents. These characters can take out your opponents point and have high health to carry over onto the fight with your opponent's Mid while making use of the benefits of your previous character. Best paired with Point options 1/3 for the extra burst meter before the character touches the field. My second idea of a Mid role is a more pressure based fighter with a burst gauge on the shorter end. Characters like Blaziken and Shadow Mewtwo create ways to get damage in to maybe take out a leftover point and, though the two examples have questionable health, take on the opposing Mid with a fast burst to make it harder for them. These characters use their forms of pressure to whittle down the opponent and get burst or leave it for the Anchor. Best paired with Point 2 for the ability to be less reliant on meter transferal and to just put damage on damage from your Point. In line with the Point, the third Mid role is composed of Zoning and Trap based fighters. The difference in placing this role into the Mid position is the ability to recover from a bad first round or get meter to give to the Anchor position. Best paired with... Any Point! They are just an all around followup to your first character. Final Mid role is less of a role and more of a pairing: Counterpicks. Best paired with Point 3, following Point 3's function of scoping out the opponent's team order, these characters are ones like Mewtwo with a great matchup spread to use against your opponent. Anchor Roles: Now for Anchor I wasn't able to get as many ideas as the other positions The main Anchor role will be good health characters that become great in burst. Characters like Machamp and Pikachu have somewhat of a comeback ability with how much they can benefit from their bursts. These characters use up all the resources given from the Mid + their average/above average health to stay in the fight and knock out the remaining character(s) of your opponent. Best paired with Mid 2/3 for the extra synergy to keep them alive longer and deal more damage. Also applicable to Anchor are roles Point 2 and Mid 3 These roles/positions are very flexible as can be told by the spoiler below showing how characters fill in to each of my roles. Remember that just because some characters, like Mewtwo, fit in any position and a good amount of roles, doesn't mean they're easy characters, or ones that can just be thrown onto a team because they can go there. Pokkén is a game not necessarily designed to be easy to have a full team of three at the ready, but that just adds to how fun this game mode will be! Please reply with any suggestions for new role ideas/edits to ones in this or just leave what your teams are with this post's outlines!
  5. Both because all I want to play is 3v3 at this point but 1v1 is what the game is more balanced for unlike 3v3
  6. chef

    Aurora Beam is so laggy...

    Aurorabeam is so laggy I could use it, get up, make North Florida exist, walk from North Florida to socal, wait until 7 wnfs have passed, go to the next wnf, say hi to rudafuda, swim to Japan, get a job, play empoleon until he comes out on console, use my leftover money to buy a rowboat and circumnavigate the globe on that rowboat, go back to north Florida, make it stop existing again, and then I still won't have recovered from the lag
  7. chef

    Coach Steve's Garchomp Guide

    During a Livestream on April 3rd, Coach Steve had a viewer interested in picking up Garchomp. He made his own guide for the viewer on the spot and then highlighted the section of his stream on twitch, and posted the same highlight in a Youtube video. The YouTube video is found here if you wish to pick up the character yourself. His twitter: @PG_CoachSteve
  8. chef

    Chomp Loops

    Garchomp as of yesterday has been found to actually have standing move loops. Both of these are only possible against tall characters: , , , , These loops require the use of Instant Jump Y, which is why it's only possible on those characters. The first of these loops is possible at anywhere on the stage, and is a simple series of repeating ij.YX The latter of these loops requires your opponent to be against the wall, and is also extremely precise (2 frame window if not frame perfect). It is repeating 5YY then performing a sand tomb cancel into ij.YX. 5Y2AR does not work because the hitstun type of 5y pushes the opponent's hurtbox down and out of ij.Y range.
  9. chef

    Garchomp Data

    This is a Google Sheet that when it's finished will have everything you could ask about chomp, from character specific combos, to low PSP combos, to how to punish every move that you can high stance, resets, etc. etc. Anyone who views this can create a comment and give a suggestion, or make a note on any combo or cell that may have incorrect information. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G0BW-CYw8aieh-5ghnUF0IYisapR31oVJlf5dOKekqg/edit?usp=drivesdk
  10. chef

    Pokkén Haiku

    Spinning and spinning Hecking three frame buffer window Nine frames off snivy
  11. chef

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    you see it's very complicated chef is 4 characters TheDuckman0 is 11 and contains 2 capitals and a number chef is shorter that's it
  12. SUPPORT POKEMON COMBOS An underlined asterisk * where the damage would bemeans the listed moves after confirming are to setup/close distance S means the support the combo is under Confirms off of supports Emolga: Close range S (walk forward) 2XX j.Y(3) 5YY2A (121/126 EN) / Long range S 5A 6[X] * / Wall S j.Y(1) 2A (176/201 EN) Fenniken: Close range S 2A (134/139 EN) / Mid range S EN5A (125) / Long range S 6[X] * / Wall S 2A (212/237 EN) Snivy: Close range S 6YYYX (117) / Mid to Long range S Forward Dash * / Wall S 2Y 6YY (105 No phase shift) Lapras: Close range S 2XX j.Y(4) 5Y2A (224/229 EN) / Mid range S 1. 6X (141) 2. 6X EN5A (191) / Long range S EN5A (209) / Wall S 5Y2A (270/282 EN) Frogadier: Close range S(3) j.Y(3) S(1) j.Y(4) 5Y2A (207/222 EN) / Mid range S(2) Forward Dash j.Y(3) S(1) j.Y(4) 5Y2A (230/245 EN) / Wall S(3) 2A S(3) (232/257 EN) Cubone Close range S (30) * 5X S 2A (212/232 EN) / S (30) * 2X S j.Y(4) 5Y2A (222/235 EN) / Long range S (30) * 1. 9A S (104) 2. S (30) * S [CA](2) EN5A (139/155 (3 hits of CA)) / Wall S (30) * (delayed) 2X j.Y(4) 2A (277/284 EN) Diglett Close range S
  13. chef

    Aurora Beam is so laggy...

    aurora beam is so laggy You can go Sit down Open twitch Go to supermcgamer and watch Zeldathon, a 6 day charity event, this time for St. Jude, where a group of people play Zelda games Yes even the CDI ones Then wait for the next Zeldathon, in the summer Watch that Hopefully donate And aurora beam will still be recovering.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    1. chef / "gyr 2. North Florida 3. Machamp and Garchomp main 4. @Theduckman0 on twitter, theduckman0 on twitch 6. Nobody has ever seen me play without lag. soon™ at final round
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    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ doesn't regularly shoutout monster hunter < loves gambling v might regularly shoutout monster hunter