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  1. Hyperdon

    FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup: What You Need To Know

    Do you know how long I've been waiting for this cup!? FINALLY!
  2. A cup involving my main. I WILL BE THERE. Posting this to ingrain it into my being. I SHALL BE THERE.
  3. Whoa. That's getting patched out.
  4. Hyperdon

    Gunk j.A Outcome Probability

    Yeah it didn't work out like I'd hope. I was still getting plenty of rocks and even self-destructs. Considering the recent discovery of consistent boulders with perfect canceled j.X attacks, I think there are more mechanics going on behind the scenes that determines what comes out.
  5. Blastoise board when/where??
  6. So far I see Rapid Spin, Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse, and even Rain Dance for his Up Stance. And obviously the usual Water-type moves. He does look and move oddly though. I like that he's pretty much a heavy tankish fighter though.
  7. Hyperdon

    Community members explore new Croagunk exploit

    By "perfect cancel", does that mean entering the input on the first cancelable frame?
  8. Hyperdon

    DLC Pack 1 Wave 2 Information!

    Dem legs... o_O
  9. Hyperdon

    Garchomp 1.1 MU Chart

    Okay, no. That's not "constructive criticism" or even information. This is your personal opinion with nothing to back it up. Which is not useful to lakenzu or anybody else. Not to mention your disrespectful attitude. You were credited for some sort of assistance in the development in this current chart, so do you actually have anything substantial?
  10. Hyperdon

    Gunk j.A Outcome Probability

    I... I want to try this now. Just get to the point of Rage, activate Burst, and spam the ever living mess out of Gunk Shot. See if I can chain Boulders and even reach a predefined limit.
  11. Missed a note: Espeon: Charges faster and recovers even more HP when time is low. It was noted here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xbyATWXGKr7lerkPVzGvMavPhJEaQ2rPA1UZdVmri_s/edit#gid=1913854574 Unless the link above is incorrect. Just watched the Aegislash/Patch video clip, and Espeon wasn't mentioned either.
  12. Hyperdon

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    Most of the tags I use online come from original characters and creatures I've created. Hyperdon is the species name of a group of characters that can transform into ludicrously powerful beasts of their namesake. I also go by Gigaraver, a monster of great power and absolutely titanic proportions (the "Rave" part means to roar loudly since a gigaraver's roar sounds like countless waterfalls) (Lately I've gone by Giga-Hyperdon in some places). And on Smashboards my decade+ old account goes by Anomilus, another character I made. While playing Pokkén I typically go by Hyperdon. But occasionally I'll change to a female character named "Galiaverse". That one's a eldritch creature known as "The Living Universe" and as such can barely be comprehended in its true form. That's also the name I go by on YouTube. ...Speaking of Pokkén, I occasionally also play as a female named "Giga_Slave!". That's not an original reference. That's a Slayers anime reference, referring to the **SPOILERS** spell the character casts, which turns out to be a summoning spell that calls The Lord of Nightmares. **END SPOILERS** Did that specifically for playing Darkrai. Ultimately, I have a huge well to draw from should I want to be known by a different name.
  13. Hyperdon

    AGDQ Battle Against Cancer Tournament

    Didn't realize this happened. But I was mainly focused on the AGDQ runs themselves.
  14. Hyperdon

    Coaching Discussion!

    ... This probably doesn't contribute to this discussion, but I've always wonder what a fighting game tournament would be like where a 2-man team made of a player and his/her coach would actually coach the player during the match. Literally having headset on and two coaches guiding their respective players as they face each other down. Just kind of wonder what kind of matches that would produce... But nobody's gonna try that it seems.
  15. Yeah, I was excited for this mode, yet I've only seriously used it once and not even for long. It's just me being lazy. I pop the game in and just wanna run online. And when something does come up that could require Recording Mode, I just brush it off. =/