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  1. Peachy

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    oh yeah libre s.y exists lol
  2. If someone tells you about your next opponent and what kind of habits they have BEFORE YOU PLAY is that coaching?
  3. Switchfest is a B rank and Burnside Brawl was an A rank
  4. isn't this why we have time limits?
  5. I saw a tweet today from Cinnpie talking about bringing back mid set coaching for local events. I thought this was interesting because i think coaching is an often overlooked ruling and hard to come up with a tournament standard for, i'd love to use this as an opportunity to have a healthy (archived) discussion about coaching in Pokkén Tournament DX. let's talk about it.
  6. It ran super well, things were organized and having 4 setups really helped to make it go quick (or at least on time) having only winners side of top 8 on stream was annoying but understandable. our T.O. was also concerned with having good lighting for player cams, but the light was too close and too bright in an honestly pretty well lit room, so it resulted in pretty much everyone looking like a ghost, the light in combination with the VERY loud game speakers made the stream setup give me a headache. as for the stream there's a lot more i have to say. It was, for the most part, unprofessional, the person running stream (won't say names but it wasn't bellsworth) made a lot of mistakes and that's fair, but it annoyed me that he participated in chat while not focusing on the stream fully and making sure transitions in between games was smoothe, sometimes he wouldn't get to game footage until halfway through the first round or he wouldn't update names and scores until the second round. commentary was eh, but for the record we did not have professional commentators, honestly the only good commentators here are skynerd and utah, but skynerd was burnt from commentating smash out and utah was being.... utah. overrall the event itself was ran very well but the stream needed some work for sure.
  7. Peachy

    Mirror Coat Cancel Tech

  8. Rashid in SFV is so damn fun, if only street fighter 5 wasn't ass ;-; he's such an interesting character being that he is literally made around just being hyper-offensive. oh, and horizontal projectiles are for plebs
  9. Peachy

    Tier List?

    "official" lul we don't have one, and i doubt we ever will, the tiers in this game don't matter at all
  10. Peachy

    Tournament Results from 5/24/17 to 5/30/17

    Cooljake isn't even that good tbh. He just got lucky this bracket cause Peachy lost to DUDE, and Storm wasn't playing smart in LF. It showed during WF and GF he didn't deserve to be in those spots.
  11. Peachy

    Libre Tech and Combos

    I got that to work after I made the video ;-; but I believe it only makes some possible, because specifically 7y on Blaziken I haven't gotten yet, but it made dealing with braixen way easier because I don't have to remember to 7y, just to take a little walk
  12. Peachy

    Libre Tech and Combos

    one of libres best bnb's is 8y/7y/9y, y, 5x, 6y, 4a but i noticed that it didn't quite work on everyone, so here's a quick "guide" on how to get it to work on everyone! (except blaziken :< ) Nothing works, you cannot connect the 5x after a j.y no matter what version of 8y you use, just finish the combo with a second j.y All three iterations of 8y work all except 7y work all except 8y work All work All work All work All except 7y Only 7y All except 7y All work All except 8y All work All except 7y All work All except 7y
  13. Peachy

    Pikachu Libre vs Chandelure:

    well then, that will be useful
  14. This is awesome! I'm so happy we still got support even though we didn't win the donation drive.
  15. Peachy

    Submission Chicken 101

    Submission chicken is like Pokkén, but 100000000000000000000 times better. If you don't know what submission chicken is, it's where you and your opponent both play Machamp and use only grabs. This means you can only grab (Jump+Light attack) Air grab (A regular grab but while in the air) and submission or "touchdown" (forward+Pokemon attack in field and 6a in dual phase), as far as other things you can do, you can obviously grab, use support (only stat boosting supports i.e. Togekiss and Eevee) you can use bulk up (5a), and you can burst but NOT burst attack. if you accidently attack you have to eat one free grab from your opponent (only if the attack hits, if it whiffs, no harm no foul) if you finish a round with an attack, you eat 2 Grabs. The Meta-Game Submission itself is pretty bad, it can be used as a bait (you can jump out of it) or as a punish for a whiffed grab. Normal Grab and Air grab are your best options they're your quickest options.jumping is a great bait since you have so much time to air grab, however, if you don't choose an option, or whiff your air grab, your going to get punished. so be scarce with jumps. When to bulk-up After a knockdown from a grab.... when to activate support *see "when to bulk-up"* When to activate burst *See "when to activate support" and also when you are about to be grabbed, it can save you from the situation. Congratulations, you're now a submission chicken master, maybe one day you can beat me B)