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  1. Jetsplit

    NorCal Regionals 2019

    Northern California's Premier Fighting Game Tournament Has Returned to the Bay Area! Join us in San Jose at the DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose as the best fighting game players from around the world meet to compete head-to-head over three days of intense action. Norcal Regionals is an open event, and if you're a hardcore veteran, new to the scene, or just wanting to watch some awesome matches, we have something for you. The main lineup now features 13 titles: Street Fighter V Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soul Calibur VI Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge The King of Fighters XIV UNDER-NIGHT IN-BIRTH EXE:Late[st] Windjammers Pokken Tournament DX Guilty Gear XRD REV2 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ultra Street Fighter IV Entry into each game tournament is $10, all of which goes to the tournament pot. Standard payouts are 70%, 20%, 10% unless otherwise noted. There are two registration types: Competitor, and Spectator. Both badges include full venue access all 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun) of the event. The Competitor badge gives access to register and join tournaments at NCR 2019. Online Registration: Standard Competitor: $60 Jan 14 - Feb 28 Late Competitor: $75 March 1 – March 23 Spectator: $27.50. Jan 14 – March 23 A flat processing fee of $7.50 will be added to all transactions. Fee covers processing fees (PayPal), applicable taxes, and increased venue security. Online registration closes at 11:59PM PT March 23. After online registration close, emergency on-site registration will be available. Emergency On-Site Registration: On-site Competitor: $90 cash, $97.50 credit card/PayPal On-site Spectator: $40 cash, $45 credit card/PayPal Single day Spectator Pass: $20 per day cash or $22.50 paypal/credit Children under 10 and under are free (Spectator) with an accompanying, paying parent or legal guardian. If they want to compete, they must register as a competitor. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: SFV will be using death bracket 2.0 system, meaning all players using emergency registration will be entered into a single pool with no seeding. (random order) The winner of the death bracket pool will qualify into Pool 16 in winners, and the runner up of the death bracket pool will qualify into Pool 15 in losers. EVENT SCHEDULE COMING SOON Official NCR 2019 tshirts are now available for $20! Purchase as a part of online registration and save $5! Quantities limited. If your shirt size is not available, we will refund you after NCR 2019.
  2. Jetsplit

    Final Round 2019

    FINAL ROUND LLC proudly presents: FINAL ROUND 2019 WEBSITE: www.finalround.org Date/Location: March 15-17, 2019 Hilton Atlanta Airport 1031 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30354 Tel: (404) 767-9000 Due to the outcry and general love shown towards the event, we’ve decided to continue the tradition that is FINAL ROUND. We can't wait to host you guys/girls again! And of course I personally would like to thank the players of the FGC, vendors, sponsors that have supported FINAL ROUND throughout the years because without you guys there wouldn't be any FINAL ROUND or scene! We’re going back to our old home at the Hilton Atlanta Airport. This will make it easier for everyone who is staying at the hotel because the event isn't separate from the place you will be staying! We know this is a smaller venue than what we have used the past two years, but we have already started planning to better utilize all of the space including the pavilion area! We also will be enforce a hard cap for each game due to the limited space we have to ensure a quality event at this venue so don't be left out and pre register today! Let’s get this out in all caps: THERE WILL BE NO DOOR REGISTRATION FOR OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT GAMES AT FINAL ROUND! The past two years FR has ran smoothly due to not having door registration. This has helped to ensure that we have a good schedule and that nothing changes in the last minutes before the event. With that said, please make sure you put all of your correct information in the smash.gg registration form in order to properly seed you by state/region/team sponsor. Make sure you use the proper tag name if you're a sponsored player. The full schedule, floor plan, and streaming schedule will be released in a timely manner so those who plan to attend can do so properly. Some games will have TWO-day pools to avoid the possible scheduling conflicts. So, if you are going to compete, I would advise you plan to be here for all three days if you're attending FR2019! More information, such as specific pool times, will be added to this as we approach the event. Online Registration for your games are up now and you will receive a discount on the badge price based on the schedule below: $45 Early Bird Online special Player Badge if you register BEFORE October 19, 2018 $60 Player Badge if you register online BETWEEN October 20, 2018 - December 31, 2018 $70 Player Badge Registration online BETWEEN January 1, 2019 - March 3, 2019 The Spectator Badge will be $40 for the whole weekend. You can pay and pick it up at the event. Children under the age of 10 (accompanied with parent) are free to spectate unless they are competing and elderly (ages 50 +) are also free to spectate. We will also have a lost badge fee of $20 for those that misplace your badge during the event, but you must show "PROOF OF PURCHASE" to receive the lost badge fee. If you CANNOT SHOW “PROOF OF PURCHASE”, you will have to PAY THE FULL BADGE AMOUNT TO ENTER THE EVENT AGAIN! If you are competing in ANY Singles/Teams/Exhibition/Side Tournaments at FR2019, YOU MUST GET A PLAYER BADGE TO COMPETE! Refund policy: You will receive a full refund if you request one before January 18, 2019. Between January 18, 2019 - February 18, 2019, you will receive a partial refund, the full game fee and half of the venue fee due to several operational cost. No Refunds of any kind will be issued after February 18, 2019 since it's within the last 4 weeks of the event. IMPORTANT MESSAGE INCOMING: "We will have a clear bag policy at Final Round throughout the three day event schedule. You will need a clear bag or a mesh bag to enter the tournament area. NO EXCEPTIONS! With that being said, we at Final Round LLC will provide the first 75 people who register a FREE clear Final Round Stick bag! It's big enough to not only hold a joystick, but it will also have room for other things you may want to carry. Spectators must also have clear bags in order to enter the event area! The clear Final Round bags will be $10 until the end of the Early Bird Option. Afterwards it will be $20 which you can purchase when you register online or at the venue. Thank you for understanding why this is happening moving forward. At FINAL ROUND LLC., we care about our attendants and we have gotten a reduced room rate for everyone that will attend FR2019. To reserve a room under the FINAL ROUND 2019 group rate you would need to click on the following link: https://book.passkey.com/go/FinalRoundVideoGameTournament or call the hotel directly at: (404) 767-9000 2 DOUBLE QUEEN BEDS = $115 PER NIGHT Remember that they will not charge your credit card when you reserve the room online. The only time they charge you is when you arrive to check into your room! Please go to the link to reserve your room today. Please reserve them ASAP. They will release more rooms but only if we sell our group out early and the more we sell these rooms, the more likely they will keep releasing rooms to our group. Remember, they sell rooms to other people outside of our group rate. Here's the list of games that are on the official tournament line up and the days pool play will start. The games will be 1vs1. The games are on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or an Arcade cabinet and cost $10 per game to enter (unless noted otherwise). Some games may have 2 days worth of pool play. Those games are listed below: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition: PS4 (Fri-Sat) 512 cap TEKKEN 7 : PS4 (Fri-Sat) 512 cap DRAGON BALL FighterZ: PS4 (Fri-Sat) 512 cap SOULCALIBUR VI: PS4 (Fri-Sat) 512 cap Dead or Alive 6 TBA (Sat) 128 cap Injustice 2 PS4 (Fri)128 cap Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 PS4 (Fri) 128 cap BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle PS4 (Sat) 256 cap Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) (Sat) 256 cap Pokken Tournament DX (Switch) (Fri) 128 cap Street Fighter Alpha 2 "aka Old Man Problems" (Arcade) Fri 128 cap Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Arcade) Sat 128 cap Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Arcade) All team/community events will be must held on Friday, March 15, 2019 or Sunday, March 17, 2019 as this is the only day's we have available to run them in a timely manner. All team/exhibitions/community events must get approved by Shin Blanka to be ran at FR2019 period! Any "community event" will be ran by the communities that requested their game to be played at FR2019. We would just need some help with the systems/games and you will have an area to play and run the tournament. All community events registration will be at the door only, but you can register for your badge online. Team/exhibitions/community events that are confirmed as of now are as followed: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) – Doubles: 2vs2 Possible side tournaments: Fighting EX Layer (PlayStation 4) Capcom vs. SNK 2 (TBA) SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (TBA) Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] (PlayStation 4) Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom (PlayStation 4) If you've been to FINAL ROUND, you know we always have an arcade for everyone to enjoy as it helps remind our younger generation where this scene came from! With that being said we want to bring back the old school arcade tournament at FR2019. Just like the old school arcade scene you will have to register for your game at the event, but you can take advantage of the early bird online pay for your badges. We will have multiple streams for FR2019 for those who cannot attend the event to get a small taste of the event, but we will not have dedicated game streams unless the producers of the game sponsor those streams. We will try our best to give equal time for the games being ran at FR2019, but if you want to see everything at FR2019, you should attend so that you can take it all in. The cosplay event will be back at FR2019. Cosplay contest will be on Saturday March 16, 2019. We cannot wait to see everyone back this year and hopefully some new faces as well! We are looking to improve on each year’s event to make sure you guys have a great time at Final Round every time you attend! We really thank you and appreciate the continued support. Let’s make this the BEST FINAL ROUND YET!
  3. Jetsplit

    Thermodynamic Throwdown

    Details The brilliant scientists at Team Calyptus are eager to share their latest project with you! The Thermodynamic Throwdown! A dedicated grand scale Pokkén Tournament DX major, that focuses on a unique and fun player-experience. This tournament aims to draw in Pokkén players from around the world! We will organize donation drives and competitions to make sure that a lot of people can attend! The main event will feature a base 750€ potbonus which will be open to further contributions! Side events will feature special rewards as well! The entry-fee includes all non-alcoholic drinks! Soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and more are completely free of charge. - Stay Hydrated! Our 20 monitors are there to guarantee a smooth tournament experience! The Tournament will be livestreamed on twitch.tv/TeamCalyptus! Side events and exhibition matches will be streamed too! Tune in all weekend. If you are interested in our venue: Pictures of our previous events can be seen on our website. Side-Events: TDT will feature Soul Calibur 6, BlazBlue Crosstag Battle and Smash Ultimate as Side-Events! Registration for these events happens on site. Registration The entry must be paid upon registering. You will also have to pay an additional entrance fee for the 3rd-party venue. This fee amounts to 7,90€ per Day. Spectators don't have to register online and only have to pay the entrance fee at the venue. Registration will be closed on Monday, the 4th of March at 11:59 pm. Prizes Aside from the pot fee of 10€ per person and the potbonus of 500€, there will be other prizes sponsored by our partners! You can see the prize-split at the "Prizes"-Tab. Travel-Guide We have written a travel guide for all international travelers: https://calypt.us/travel-guide FAQ Q: I'm not particularly good or experienced in Pokkén, should I even attend a tournament? A: Yes definitely! Tournaments are a great way to get to know people with similar interests as you and to be introduced into the community. If getting good at the game is important to you, make sure to introduce yourself to the top-players, as they can assist you with advice and practice matches. Q: What about Housing or Hotels? A: In terms of housing, it's always nice and cheap to have larger groups house together somewhere close to the venue. If you need help with coordinating this, please contact "TCL Gintrax#8178" on Discord. Recommendations for Hotels will be available very soon! Q: What are my opportunities in regard of getting food close to the venue? A: You can get good food in the venue itself for a pretty cheap price. Directly next to the Venue, there is a Burger Bothers and a Korean food place. And not even 5 minutes by foot, there is the Limbecker Platz, where you can find all kinds of different food stalls.
  4. Jetsplit

    Winter Brawl 3D Edition

    Winter Brawl 3D (WB3D) Event information WHEN: February 23-24, 2018 WHERE: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 76 Industrial Hwy, Essington, PA 19029 610-521-9600 HOTEL REGISTRATION INFO: You can book your rooms at the following website: https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/og63r4?checkInDate=2019-02-22&checkOutDate=2019-02-25&ratePlanCode=BWAFEW REGISTRATION INFO: https://smash.gg/tournament/winter-brawl-3d-edition/details TOURNAMENT DETAILS: 3D Fighting Game Event With 2 Anime Fighting Games 2 Side Tournaments (To Be Announced) Casual Set Ups Vendors Additional Info Coming Soon... MAIN TOURNAMENT GAMES ($10 entry fee per game, unless otherwise specified below): Soul Calibur VI (PS4) Tekken 7 (PS4) Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (PS4) - Free Entry - $250 Prize Pool Pokken Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch) Virtua Fighter V Dragon Ball FigherZ (PS4) Blazblue: Cross Tag (PS4) SIDE TOURNAMENTS (2 Games): Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) Soul Calibur 2 HD IMPORTANT RULES REGARDING CONTROLLERS: All converters, except for the XCM Crossfire 3.0 and Brook super converters, are banned on PS4. You must use an USB extension cable with your Brook converter to prevent damage to our consoles' controller ports. Legacy PS3 controllers are banned for Street Fighter V. OFFICIAL RULES: http://bigegaming.com/game-rules/ EVENT AND STREAM SCHEDULE: The Event/Stream Schedule will be provided closer to the event. POOL ASSIGNMENTS & BRACKETS: Will be posted and made public after pre-registration ends. SPONSORS: If you’re interested in being a sponsor for Winter Brawl 3D, please contact the Big E Gaming Facebook Page via DM to discuss further. VENDORS: If you’re interested in being a vendor for Winter Brawl 3D, please contact the Big E Gaming Facebook Page via DM to discuss further. BIG E GAMING ADDITIONAL LINKS: http://bigegaming.com/ http://twitter.com/BigEGaming https://www.facebook.com/BigEGaming http://www.instagram.com/bigegaming
  5. until
    The Pokémon Oceania International Championships are returning to Melbourne for the 2018-2019 Championship Series! The event, one of the largest of the entire season, will take place at the Melbourne Exhibition Center in Victoria, Australia from February 15-17, 2019. It will feature high Championship Point payouts and tens of thousands of dollars in prizes (based on attendance), spread between the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and Video Game Championships (VGC), as well as the returning Pokkén Tournament Championship Series. More information: https://internationals.eslpkm.com.au/
  6. Jetsplit

    Heart of Battle

    The answer lies in the heart of battle! Date & Location Date: February 9th, 2019 Location: DoubleTree Hilton Norwalk Address: 13111 Sycamore Dr, Norwalk, CA 90650 Event link: https://smash.gg/HeartofBattle Events Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles - $10 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles - $5 per person (Capped at 64 Teams) Pokken Tournament DX - $5 Mario Tennis Aces - $5 Splatoon 2 4 VS 4 - $5 per person (Capped at 20 Teams) ARMS - $5 If you're looking for a teammate, we suggest asking in our Discord Amenities Free Parking Free Water Stations Free Charging Stations The Vine (Full Bar) Concessions and Snacks Free pool, Jacuzzi, a gym, and more are also available for people who will be staying at the hotel. Registration Competitor Pass $20: Main Registration - (12/27/18 - 1/31/19) $25: Late Registration - (2/1/19 - 2/6/19) $30: Emergency Registration - (2/7/19) Spectator Pass $10: One Day Spectator Pass (In Person & Online) Note: Spectator Pass will also be available for purchase at the door. Schedule (PST) TBA Broadcast 2GGaming More TBA Forms Volunteer Media Vendor and Artist Booth Hotel & Parking The Norwalk Hilton is the official Hotel as well as the venue of the event. CLICK HERE to book or reservations can be made by calling the hotel at 562-863-5555, and requesting the GAM group rate. Room Rates: 2 Double Queens Bed Room is $135 a night. January 15th is the last day to book the rooms under this deal. Parking is free. Refund Policy Refunds must be requested by January 27th. If you paid for doubles and don't have a team by the event or we hit the capped, you'll be given a $5 credit for a future 2GG event.
  7. Jetsplit

    Nietplay Tournament

    Details When: Saturday 9th of February 2019, 10AM - 6PM Where: Hilton Leeds City Europe needs more Pokkén Tournaments, so let's do this! Registration Pot fee: £10 Early Registration: £10 (available until January 9th) Registration: £20 (January 10th -- February 6th) Late Registration: £25 Equipment While we will provide monitors for the event, we would like to call upon your help for the provision of consoles. Bring your setup (Switch, dock, power cable (with UK adapter if necessary), HDMI cable, LAN adapter, LAN cable) and get £5 off your registration fee, refunded to you when you arrive with your gear. Prizes In addition to the pot fee, the 1st place winner will receive reasonable expenses towards travel and accommodation for TeamCalyptus' Thermodynamic Throwdown taking place March 9th. This replaces a cash prize. Furthermore a pot bonus will be added according to the number of players: ≤8 players: £50 9-16 players: £125 >16 players: £200 Travel Guide Suggested airport: Manchester (Coming from London is technically easier, but far more expensive!) Take a train to Leeds, the venue is right next door to the station. At the time of writing, the venue is actually the cheapest hotel in the area for the dates around the event, so that's the suggested place to stay! Misc. All players, no matter how good or experienced, are welcome! Tournaments are a great way to get to know people with similar interests to you, and to be introduced into the community. If "getting good" is important to you, make sure to introduce yourself to the top players, who are always more than happy to help with advice and practice matches. The event will be live streamed and VoDs of the feature table will be uploaded shortly after. Side events to be determined!
  8. Jetsplit

    Frostfire 2019

    Carleton is proud to announce the return of Frostfire! With contributions from local organizations such as Streamland, Ottawa Smash and Downtown Rumble, this 2-DAY OVERNIGHT BYOC LAN event is Ottawa’s largest competitive gaming event to date. Featuring tournaments for Super Smash Bros. (Melee and Ultimate), Pokkén Tournament DX, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 and more with over $1500 in pot bonuses and tons of awesome prizes to be won! PRICES Venue - Console Tournament and Spectator Early Bird (Ends January 7th 11:59PM EST): $25 Regular (Ends January 20th 11:59PM EST): $35 Late (Ends January 24th 11:59PM EST): $40 Spectator 1-day: $20* *At door only. Venue - BYOC* Early Bird (Ends January 7th 11:59PM EST): $35 Regular (Ends January 20th 11:59PM EST): $45 Late (Ends January 24th 11:59PM EST): $50 *BYOC ticket includes registration for one BYOC tournament (TBA). Console Tournaments Melee Singles: $10 per person ($350 Pot Bonus) Melee Doubles: $5 per person Melee CSL Collegiate Crews: $25 per team Ultimate Singles: $10 per person ($350 Pot Bonus) Ultimate Squad Strike: Free Ultimate Doubles: $5 per person Ultimate CSL Collegiate Crews: $25 per team Pokken Singles: $10 per person ($600 Pot Bonus) Street Fighter V: $10 per person ($100 Pot Bonus) Tekken 7: $10 per person ($100 Pot Bonus) Dragon Ball FighterZ: $10 per person ($100 Pot Bonus) Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2: $10 per person ($100 Pot Bonus) BYOC Tournaments CS:GO Hearthstone Overwatch League of Legends Rocket League Smite LOCATION Palais des Congrès de Gatineau 50 Boulevard Maisonneuve, Gatineau, QC J8X 4H4 Palais des Congrès de Gatineau is at the heart of downtown Gatineau. Located right across the bridge from the Parliament, it is a 25 minute walk from Rideau Centre, and a 10 minute bus ride). There is parking to be found at the venue ($5) and all around (free on weekends). Palais des Congrès de Gatineau’s beautiful Deschênes convention room is 831 m2. This room, with a capacity of 500 to 1000, has more than enough room for all your gaming needs. There is a cafeteria on-site offering pizza, sandwiches, etc. There are many restaurants nearby. However you cannot bring outside food into the venue. STAFF MEMBERS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EJECT ANYONE THAT THEY DEEM INTOXICATED FROM THE VENUE. Schedule Saturday 11AM: Doors Open Sunday 6PM: Event is over (Any ongoing tournaments will be completed) STREAMS Stream Schedule: TBD Melee: http://twitch.tv/streamlandssb Ultimate: http://twitch.tv/ottawasmash Pokken: http://twitch.tv/munsterrtv Street Fighter V, Tekken 7. Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2: http://twitch.tv/downtownrumble SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES Contact compete@carleton.gg for additional information. EXHIBITORS REGISTRATION Contact compete@carleton.gg for additional information. COMMENTATOR REGISTRATION Melee: https://goo.gl/forms/4DsHsX90DBsnkJmY2 Ultimate: TBD Pokken: TBD SFV, Tekken7, DBFZ, GuiltyGear Xrd: https://goo.gl/forms/lkFqpczeE8dlv9q82
  9. The Pokémon Company International has revealed information for the 2019 Pokkén Tournament Championship Series, with a prize pool over $20,000! To the surprise of many of us, The Pokémon Company has elected to run the 2019 Championship Series using the game's Team Battle mode. This means that all competitors will be required to use three Pokémon in every match! It will be very interesting to see how this affects competitive Pokkén, because many players only specialize in one or two Battle Pokémon. Only time will tell! Below is everything we know about the 2019 Championship Series: Mode: Team Battle First player to knock out all three of their opponent’s Pokémon will win the game Bracket Style: Double Elimination Masters Division: Competitors born in 2003 or earlier Senior Division: Competitors born in 2004 or later Sixteen Masters Division and eight Senior Division players will qualify for the World Championships Two Masters and one Senior from Oceania Internationals Four Masters and two Seniors from the Europe International Championships Four Masters and two Seniors from North America International Championships 2018 Pokkén Tournament World Champion Jacob “ThankSwalot” Waller Five Masters and three Seniors from Japan and the Last Chance Qualifier Last Chance Qualifier Player Cap: 256 players No Nintendo Switch Pro controllers permitted, even with a USB cable That's right, ThankSwalot has automatically received an invite to this year's World Championships! Congratulations, ThankSwalot! The 2019 Pokkén Tournament Championship Series schedule is as follows: Oceania International Championships Melbourne, Australia February 15-17, 2019 Europe International Championships Berlin, Germany April 26-28, 2019 North America International Championships TBD TBD Last Chance Qualifier Washington, D.C. TBD Pokémon World Championships Washington, D.C. TBD The prizes for the 2019 Pokkén Tournament Championships Series are as follows: Regional and International Championship Events Masters Division 1st place: $1,250 and Worlds invitation 2nd place: $1,000 and Worlds invitation 3rd place: $750 and Worlds invitation* 4th place: $600 and Worlds invitation* 5th place tie: $450 each 7th place tie: $250 each *Note: Only two players from the Oceania International Championships receive invitations. Senior Division 3rd place: 36 Pokémon Trading Card Game booster packs 1st place: Nintendo Switch console, 72 Pokémon Trading Card Game booster packs, and Worlds invitation 2nd place: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, 36 Pokémon Trading Card Game booster packs, and Worlds invitation* *Note: Only one player from the Oceania International Championships receives an invitation. Pokémon World Championships Masters Division 1st place: $6,000 2nd place: $4,000 3rd place: $3,000 4th place: $2,000 5th place tie: $1,500 each 7th place tie: $1,000 each Senior Division 1st place: $3,000 Pokémon Visa® Prepaid Card 2nd place: $1,500 Pokémon Visa Prepaid Card 3rd place: $500 Pokémon Visa Prepaid Card The rules for the 2019 Pokkén Tournament Championships Series can be found here. More information can be found on the official Pokémon website here.
  10. To include others like himself who don't own a Nintendo Switch, AURA|AIdrake hosts online Wii U Pokkén brackets! These happen roughly once per month. To learn more, contact AURA|Aldrake#9498 on Discord.
  11. To include others like himself who don't own a Nintendo Switch, AURA|AIdrake hosts online Wii U Pokkén brackets! These happen roughly once per month. To learn more, contact AURA|Aldrake#9498 on Discord.
  12. To include others like himself who don't own a Nintendo Switch, AURA|AIdrake hosts online Wii U Pokkén brackets! These happen roughly once per month. To learn more, contact AURA|Aldrake#9498 on Discord.
  13. The next FSBC Cup will be a rerun of the official Group Match featuring Machamp! The rerun of the FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup will give players a second chance at the Dynamic Fury title. Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors. Also, if you already participated in the first FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup, you will receive PokéGold for participating in this official Group Match. You can find the full details for the second FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup below. Ranking Times NA: Start: 1/4/19 8AM PDT End: 1/6/19 10PM PDT EU: Start: 1/4/19 10AM BST End: 1/7/19 12AM BST JP: Start: 1/4/19 10AM JST End: 1/7/19 12AM JST Note: Battles will only be ranked during the Ranking Times each day. Format VS Mode: Basic Battle Skill Level: Off Rematch: No Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena Participation Prize Participants will receive the special "Dynamic Fury" title. Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the ranking times listed above. Ranking Prizes Places 1 - 10: Places 11 - 30: Places 31 - 60: Places 61 - 100:
  14. It's Christmas Eve, meaning it's the time of year for good food, good cheer, and good times with friends and family! No matter what your plans are for the holidays this year, the Pokkén Arena team wants to wish you a safe and happy holiday, and a happy new year. It's hard to believe that the Deluxe version of Pokkén Tournament has been out for over a year now... It's been a great year. Here's to many more! From all of us at Pokkén Arena, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.
  15. Jetsplit

    Grand Capital Smash #13

    Grand Capital Smash is back with its 13th edition! We will be in the fantastic venue of Tailgators for this GCS, a venue many of you are likely familiar with. For those of you that aren’t, Tailgators is a pool/sports bar that hosts us out of its large, open private space with dedicated streaming rooms for some of our games. If you're just coming to spectate, feel free! There's no spectator fee at this tournament, so come check it out and play some friendlies if you can't enter! Both Paypal and Cash at the door are valid payment options All players that make payout will be paid in cash the day of the event! Run as a collaboration between : Seyar A (Crow) - Event Manager, Smash Ultimate TO Mike Bozak (PND) - Smash Ultimate TO Brandon Clark-Brennan (TRI) - Smash Ultimate TO Liam McGrath (Big ol' Guy) - Melee TO Ryan Butler (RustSka) - Project M TO Zayd Salter (Munster) - Pokken TO ===================== SCHEDULE 10:00AM Venue Opens 11:00AM Registration Opens Tentative Event Schedule Smash Ultimate 12:00PM Smash Ultimate Doubles begins 2:00PM Smash Ultimate Singles Pools begins 5:30PM - Smash Ultimate Singles Bracket Begins Melee 11:30AM Melee Doubles Begins 1:30PM Melee Singles Pools Begins 3:30PM Melee Singles Bracket Project M 11:30AM Project M Doubles Begins 12:30PM Project M Pools Begins 3:30PM Project M Bracket Begins Pokken 12:00PM Bracket Begins Mario Tennis Aces 12:00PM Mario Tennis Aces begins ===================== RULESETS Ontario Smash Ruleset Melee Project M Circuit Ruleset Pokken Tournament DX Official Ruleset ===================== PRICES Venue - $10 Venue - $15 (Late Fee After 23rd of December) Smash Ultimate Singles - $10 | Doubles - $5 (per player) Melee Singles - $10 | Doubles - $5 (per player) Project M Singles - $10 | Doubles - $5 (per player) Pokken Tournament DX - $10 ===================== STREAM Smash Ultimate: Ottawa Smash Melee: Iconoclast Gaming Pokken: Munster ===================== FAQ/Other Parking: The venue is attached to a mall with a large amount of FREE parking! Pay at the door with cash is acceptable but you NEED to register online! Setups: Bringing setups and monitors would be greatly appreciated.