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  1. Hello there Pokkén community. Remember me? I’m that guy with a Mewtwo fetish who spent more time talking about his body than spending time trying to be good with him in Pokkén….alright I hope that’s not all I’m remembered for, but regardless, I used to be here for a long time. I’ve since decided to move on from Pokkén and pursue other things, but I feel I ended it on a sour note. I had a rough experience at NA Internationals and I really felt out of place being there, which is what made me realize that competitive gaming was not for me anymore. So I started taking steps to separate myself from the community, and in essence, tried to act like I was never here. But it eventually hit me that going out like that is completely disrespectful to everything this community has done for me and taught me. So I felt I needed to say one last thank you to the community because I can’t ignore how great my time here was overall. Firstly, I feel that my mentality from when I first joined here, and my mentality now, is like night and day. I was straight up an immature, mentally-challenged person when I first joined here. And it took a lot of trial and error, AKA, getting people mad at me, to grow up and mentally improve. I still have more work to do on it, but I’ve noticed so improvements, not only in my mentality towards Pokkén, but just throughout normal life. I look at things in more positive ways than I did before. Secondly, I’ve learned a lot about human interaction from being here. Something I’m looking forward to applying in my real life. Being a stutterer, plus being home schooled through high school, being in the Pokkén community was my biggest exposure to conversation, friendship, and other things, that I’ve had in a long time. I’ve kinda been taught what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to that stuff. I would get into arguments, I would be rude, and this goes along with my improvement in mentality as well. I’ve had good friendships, and in some ways, let them slip away a little. I feel because of mistakes I’ve made in the past and how I’ve made less contact with people, my chance to regain those good friendships is very small at this point. But the way I see it, if you’re going to make mistakes and learn from them, it’s better to do that here than in real life. I’ve learned a lot of good life lessons, but those aside, let’s focus on the fun now. My life these last 2 ½ years would have been so boring without you folks. I had one of the best experiences in my life which was the Evo 2017 Pokkén side event, my first Pokkén event. I’ve had countless nights of laughter from reading the Discord chats, I’ve played a game that allowed me to connect with people like no other game has. And tbh I never actually loved the game. What I actually loved the whole time was the community and it took me awhile to realize that. So I feel that leaving on a sour note isn’t proper for a community like this. Let me shout out some names of people in particular I’ve enjoyed or helped me a lot: Ghostgodzilla, M.o.D, GenoGunkMain, Mewtater, Aegis, Thulius, Psyanide, Allister, OsoheGhost, N8, SKDale, Niko, RickyThe3rd. And if your name wasn’t mentioned, don’t worry, I still care about you too. I will likely still show up in the Discords every now and then so it’s not like this is a farewell. But if this was going to be a final message, I had to make a thank you, one of the many I’ve given to the community. So again, thank you guys. I’ve appreciated my time here, and I won’t rule out the chance of there being another chapter of RoyIsOurBoy. But for now I will continue my journey through other adventures that life brings me. See ya later. - Roy
  2. RoyIsOurBoy

    Hey my Dudes

    GALLIVANTZ! I thought you were dead or something. Glad to see you've returned. Yeah Komachi can help you out, I believe he has an Australian local going now. Just get on Discord like Laggalot said.
  3. RoyIsOurBoy

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    I go by the name Roy and I used to play Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee when I was a casual. As many people know, Roy's chant in that game when he was at high percent is "Roy Is Our Boy", which became a meme. Then I decided to go to my first Melee tournament. Unable to think of a tag, I just took RoyIsOurBoy and ran with it. It wasn't a good idea, because everyone at Smash tourneys that met me started asking if I played Roy, and the answer was "no, I play Marth and Ice Climbers", which was confusing, and even more confusing when they find out I love Mewtwo. But nonetheless, it stuck. Luckily that hasn't been a problem in the Pokkén community, because I've made myself pretty well known as Roy the Mewtwo lover
  4. RoyIsOurBoy

    How to tell if you're an FG Pokkén Player, and how to improve.

    Looks like I'm on my way to being a successful Mewtwo then. \o/
  5. RoyIsOurBoy

    Who are you favorite players to watch?

    Any good Mewtwo player. Duh.
  6. I want to start a thing called "My Pokkén Community Story", where you share your story of finding the community, what it has meant to you, and any interesting experiences you want to talk about. Here's my story. It was a unique journey of fun, regret, and whatever cliche you want to add. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spgand?new_post=true - Roy
  7. RoyIsOurBoy

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey, it's ya boy Roy. I'm a rather infamous member of the old Pokken Arena forum. I'm a stubborn Mewtwo main from Indiana, a place where Pokken is dead, and with the inability to travel. I don't play any other characters except for (eventually) Shadow Mewtwo. I love Mewtwo way too much, as many already know. Other than combos, I'm kinda a newbie scrub at the game, but still working to improve. I'm (hopefully) most known for my Mewtwo combo videos, which you can see on my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqhuyY8p--DQ2pchdlihAmQ. I also have plans to stream on http://twitch.tv/RoyIsOurBoy_TTG, once I git gud. And I'm very foul mouthed, so it should be entertaining. I'm relatively active on Twitter, where you can follow me at https://twitter.com/RoyIsOurBoy_TTG. I've never been a real Pokemon fan, so I feel very different from everybody else in terms of taste in entertainment. That is all.
  8. RoyIsOurBoy

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Never played it < Dawn of the Dead is my favorite Christmas movie v Weeb
  9. RoyIsOurBoy

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Correct <is not better than the guy above me v Furry
  10. RoyIsOurBoy

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ is cool too < Would caress Mewtwo's tail v is better than me
  11. RoyIsOurBoy

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Liberal < has no locals v Doesn't like Mewtwo
  12. RoyIsOurBoy

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Weeb < I love Mewtwo....too much v Weeb
  13. RoyIsOurBoy

    Best PokéWaifu.

    All waifus and husbandos are irrelevant compared to Mewtwo. It's the perfect choice for anyone because it's genderless, so you can treat it as whatever gender you prefer . From the sexy tail, breastplate, and big juicy thighs, I don't see how anyone could resist her amazing appearance. The question that I ponder every day is what place of Mewtwo's body I'd put my tongue first. I'd probably choose the tail or the thighs.
  14. RoyIsOurBoy

    Indiana Pokken

    Calling anyone from Indiana who plays Pokken. Does anyone in this state still play? Well for anyone in Indiana who does, I made a discord for us to chat: https://discord.gg/ZPWFJw8 Now I wait for nobody to join