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  1. Field Phase Points

    Yes! 10 for all levels of vortex, in or out of burst.
  2. Field Phase Points

    Field Phase Points FPP values based on a 24 point system. Charizard Pikachu Pikachu Libre Machamp Gengar Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo Suicune Sceptile Blaziken Gardevoir Garchomp Lucario Weavile Chandelure Braixen Darkrai Scizor Croagunk Empoleon Decidueye Aegislash Blastoise
  3. Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    My two favorite memories from Pokkén Arena were: This thread being created and everybody going into a big discussion about it all, along with reading everybody's answers How Did You End Up With Your Gamertag and Making my first big post with actual researched info Aegislash Just Frame Timings
  4. Just Frame Timings

    So I heard people were having trouble (as I was) with Aegislash's just frames. ..well let's see how they work! 6:X:X 6:X is like Pikachu's 5:Y Input forward (6) and X at the same time. 6:X:X comes in about when the blade from 6:X has fully extended. 5Y:X The 5Y:X just frame is about when Aegislash's fist connects with the opponent. 5YY:X 5YY:X is close to Aegislash's shield connecting with the opponent. 5A:A:A Remember, 5A's follow ups can only be performed when Aegislash has a buff (called "sharp" as opposed to "dull" when he has no buffs). 5A:A is as soon as the blade hits the opponent from 5A ..and 5A:A:A is, again, as the blade hits the opponent (this time from the 5A:A). GO PRACTICE! Mitchel's Video on Just Frames
  5. Gardevoir 0 to Death Setup

    Here's a chip + shield break setup after a 303 damage combo. There are some things to note: This does KO Garchomp if you leave out the 5Y before Burst, because it never puts him into rage. If they try anything between the 8As, you can just Burst there instead. The 2Y to 8X might not look like a blockstring, but it should be (as long as the CPUs are reacting properly).
  6. Hit me with those DX Lab requests! :)

    Can you react to full screen Emolga with Moonblast, then dash cancel without getting hit by Emolga?
  7. Moonblast vs Projectiles

    Thanks for reminding me to update this. Also I had no idea about that. Good stuff
  8. Pokkén Tournament DX announced for Nintendo Switch

    Split screen was shown in the Summer Trailer on Nintendo's YouTube channel.
  9. Moonblast vs Projectiles

    This is where we can create a full list of all the projectiles that Moonblast beats out and whether there's more we should know about the exchange. I will add to the list as I find out more information, so feel free to help out. Blaziken Braixen Chandelure Charizard Garchomp Gardevoir Gengar Lucario Machamp Mewtwo Pikachu Pikachu Libre Sceptile Shadow Mewtwo Suicune Weavile Supports
  10. How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    Back when I was in 6th grade, all the cool kids at the front of the bus would bring our DS and play different games with local wireless. For about a month or two, we were all really hooked on Mario Kart DS because we didn't all have to have the game (one person could let anybody with the game play). Since I didn't have the game, I had to play as Shy Guy which also happened to be the character for CPUs (computer players). One day I thought I would be funny and change my DS nickname to CPU57 so whenever I passed somebody they would think a 57th computer player was racing and destroying them (I played video games a lot more than everybody else, so I won fairly often). Eventually that day I told everybody and we all laughed about it. A little while later I started using some forums from my DSi browser (because I had no other device to access the internet). I ended up sticking my real name (Kalon, pronounced "kay-lunn" where "kay" rhymes with "hey" and "lunn" rhymes with "run") in front of "cpu57" and stuck with it because I would grow to love working with computers. Now I'm kaloncpu57 and my bot (Twitch bot, Discord bot, forum bot, Twitter bot, etc.) is CPU57.