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    Blaziken Combo Thread

    Hope I'm not necroing, but I would like to point something out about 2 of these combos: I've been labbing some of these combos, and I found that these 2 combos don't work on the following characters: Pikachu, Libre, Gengar, Machamp, Chandelure, and Weavile. Pikachu, Libre, Gengar, Weavile: they drop after 2XX, either do to their small size or fast fall rate. Machamp: drops after the first Y in each chain. I don't know why he does this. Chandelure: in the first combo, she drops after Blaze Kick. The second combo, however, completely works on her. I originally found this out when I was using Machamp as my dummy, and none of the quoted combos fully worked on him. After switching to Lucario as my dummy, they worked fine, so I got curious to see who else these combos don't work on. My input speed isn't the fastest, so I may be just missing the timing on them. Though anyone who's confident in their inputs may try and and confirm my findings.