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  1. While DLC for Pokkén DX is certainly an interesting topic, I think it should be done as adding new characters would increase the game's lifespan and potentially draw in more new players (I'm not saying DX isn't drawing in more new players now but it would add onto it). As for whether it should be paid or free... I say it should be free, whether it be new fighters or supports kinda like Street Fighter 5's character dlc and/or like Splatoon's weapon dlc, but hey, idk if they'll do paid or free DLC or not. I strongly believe that Pokkén DX should get dlc. I know it's a little early to talk about considering the game isn't even out yet, but it's certainly fun to talk about. Also, if I had to pick what Pokemon I want, it'd be my boy Golisopod.
  2. I guess we'll just have to wait and see once the game comes out.
  3. Today is a great day for everyone in the Pokkén community!
  4. A full move list whether it be on a document or a video would be nice to have for a reference to have when looking at combo documents, I've still had a little trouble figuring out which move is assigned to which button and I feel it could clear up some things for other players.
  5. Ion

    Operation: Synergy

    Agreed, there's nothing wrong with a bit of a discussion, but it's not really a discussion anymore if people keep saying the same things back and forth like they're trying to force them onto others. This has turned into an argument more so than a discussion and I really don't want this to escalate any further.
  6. Ion

    Operation: Synergy

    Dude chill out! Just because his thoughts clash with yours doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it!
  7. Ion

    Share Your Pokkén Community Story

    Before finding and joining this awesome community, I was a part of the Smash community beforehand (I mained Wario in case you didn't know.) And when I saw Pokkén tournament, I was hyped because I've been a die-hard Pokémon fan since Diamond and Pearl and I thought it looked cool as heck. Although when I started playing, I had difficulty picking a main but I eventually settled on the edgelord himself Shadow Mewtwo. I was looking around in so many different places to find more info on this character but I had no luck. Eventually I heard a lot of players on YouTube who played Pokkén competitively talk about this place! So eventually I got around to finding this place in late December and I'm glad that I became a part of this humble community. Now I feel less left out now that I know there's more people out there still playing as most of my friends who had it stopped playing a while ago. I'm just so happy that I've found Pokkén arena and find so many people to talk to.
  8. Ion

    Operation: Synergy

    Let's make this huge change together, we can make this possible!
  9. Ion

    Announcing Operation: Synergy

    So happy to see something like this turn up, let's hope this works!
  10. Ion

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. The name's Ion, The Ion, call it what ya like. 2. US Northern Indiana 3. and a little bit of 4. @TheIon13 on Twitter but I'm not on it that often. 5. I have a YT channel but I haven't really used it for much so, you're not really gonna find it... 6. Been playing since release, been wanting to get competitive with this game since then as well. I also hail from the smash community as a Wario main. I tend to joke around alot so don't take me too seriously. Also feel free to hit me up if you wanna play against me, I'm free weekday afternoons and weekends.
  11. Ion was a nickname given to me by my friends from 2010 onward and since then the name just stuck and I've used it in just about every gamertag I've had.
  12. Ion

    Scizor Video Thread

    That video isn't available anymore
  13. As much as I want my boy Croagunk on Wii U, the devs most likely will go with the Switch port, as the production of the Wii U has been brought to a close recently. But as I said before, I'm not holding my breath.
  14. I've lost more and more hope overtime due to the lack of info on the possibility of DLC, I'm 50/50 on this and I'm not holding my breath after Tokaigi.